What The Woods Have Taught Me

This guest post comes from our contributor FP Naomi.

As children we could get lost in the woods for hours. It was there that innocence thrived, and as adults we find ourselves returning for that very same feeling. Sometimes the soul needs to revisit the comfort of childhood innocence, and put effort into a different sort of education. That, my friends, is what the woods are for.

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I don’t know if you remember the moment when you were no longer that kid getting lost in the woods. But I do. As soon as I graduated college, the world suddenly smacked me in the face with adult responsibilities. I now return to the woods as a short asylum from that weekly worry, to revisit a time before I realized what a car payment or a gas bill was.

I find myself back there, not only finding innocence, but also learning lessons to take back home with me. Here, I am the observer, not an active partaker. I watch what she does, Mother Nature. Her vines twist up the trees, fungi sprout from a fallen log, and magnificent light ignites the glow of green leaves as they slowly turn to yellow. Everything has a purpose, not only to thrive itself, but to help those around it as well.



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She doesn’t care about helping you to find the way or making you comfortable. Out in the woods, you’re left with yourself. It’s a place to test your strength and exercise your instincts. It may at times even feel like suffering, but it’s not without purpose. Mother Nature always has a purpose. When you return to the world from which you came, how good that bed will feel under your body, that shower washing away the dirt, and the warm clothes covering your back. You will have a new found appreciation.


Heading out into nature, going for a walk in the woods, is all of it – a return to innocence, a break from the everyday life, and a test of physical strength. Watch how she lives, Mother Nature, and there is a lot to learn. She may not be overly complicated herself, but she still has the wisest advice to offer for your world that is.

Here is what the woods have taught me:

what the woods have taught me

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  1. actually we didn’t all get lost in the woods as children, that’s a gross generalization. I grew up on a tropical island.

  2. i love this post!!

    Just today i spend many hours in the woods. I go there everyday if i can. there is something so very soothing to wander in the woods. to be part of the nature. it just makes me so very happy. magical things can happen on any moment while wandering in the woods; a sight of a deer among the trees or a fox watching me on top of a hill.

  3. This post was wonderful! I would love to have the chance to go explore in the woods as I did as a child…

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