5 Ways To Bring Jasmine Into Your Life

Jasmine is a gorgeous plant native to certain areas of Asia, Africa, and Europe, most known for the beautiful aroma of its sweet-scented flowers. It’s been used for centuries for many different purposes, from cleansing the atmosphere to alleviating nervousness and promoting fertility. It’s been known to aid headaches, respiratory problems, coughs, and premenstrual syndrome, and is also used to enhance libido in both men and women.

Jasmine illustration

I find myself being drawn to jasmine in its many different forms. Its scent is my absolute favorite, and I’m constantly doing all I can to surround myself with it. For those of you who are as infatuated as I am, here are 5 ways to try bringing this lovely plant into your life.

1. Burn it

Jasmine candle

Jasmine-scented candles and incense are some of my favorite things to burn inside my home. In the evening, I love to burn both a candle and an incense stick in the same room at the same time and let the varying notes of the jasmine plant waft all around me. The sense of calm and happiness this brings after a long day is truly magical.

Jasmine mixes well with many other scents, so you can burn it alongside other candles and incense, as well. Some of my favorites to mix with jasmine are lavender, sage, sandalwood, rose, and geranium.

2. Sleep on it

Vintage textured pillow case

Jasmine essential oil

Once the incense burns its way out and the candle must be snuffed, I continue to get happiness from this plant through the use of its essential oil while I sleep. I pour a few drops onto a paper towel, fold it over a few times (to protect my pillowcase from the oil), and place it inside my pillow. Jasmine’s stress-alleviating properties lull me to sleep, bringing me to a jasmine-filled dreamland while the aroma gets to work delivering the plant’s many other benefits with each inhale.

Since jasmine is such a sought-after plant, it will normally be found cut with other oils (often jojoba) instead of in its pure form. This is totally fine, and its benefits will certainly still be felt. I would just advise to take a good whiff of the oil before purchasing it to make sure you like the scent mixture!

3. Drink it

Jasmine green tea

Jasmine’s benefits can also be experienced by drinking the herb in tea form. I love drinking a mixture of jasmine and green tea, which together can bring energy and alertness, while also calming the mind and soothing the soul. Even just getting that first whiff of the gorgeous jasmine aroma while the tea is steeping can bring an immediate wave of relaxation.

4. Wear it

Jasmine soild perfume

If you love to surround yourself with jasmine, why not wear it on your body? I found this solid starr jasmine perfume at an exotic shop in a quaint little town outside of Philly, and have carried it around with me ever since. I love the ceramic container it comes in, as well as the fact that I never have to worry about it spilling in my bag. If you don’t have a jasmine-scented perfume, essential oil can also do the trick! Just dab a tiny bit on yourself in the morning and enjoy the scent throughout the day. (Psst, here are 4 tricks to make perfume last all day).

5. Bathe in it

Jasmine bath tea

Is there anything more relaxing than a nice hot bath in the evening? Add some jasmine to that bath and you’ll be living in the clouds. It just so happens that we have a DIY up today on how to make bath teas – try it out by including some dried jasmine in your mixture!

Now, I must know… is there anyone out there who loves jasmine as much as I do? How do you like to bring this wonderful plant into your life?

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8 years ago

Ahhh I love Jasmine, great tips and beautiful photos.

xo, Juliette Laura

8 years ago

I absolutely love Jasmine! Never thought of mixing it with sandalwood which is one of my favorite scents. I can’t wait to get some essential oils to do this!

8 years ago
8 years ago

My all-time favorite scent too! It’s sophisticated yet playful!

8 years ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST. <3 Jasmine is the best.

8 years ago

I have always loved Jasmine and its amazing aroma. I use a Jasmine candle, but I had absolutely no idea that there are so many other options of using jasmine! The idea of mixing green tea and jasmine is an interesting, yet excellent idea. I will definitely try it sometime. Does using jasmine based products have an health benefits to it? With all the problems linking parabens to cancer, I’ve been double-checking everything to make sure nothing has parabens. Since jasmine is a natural plant, I doubt that jasmine-based products would have a problem with that. Thank you for this post!

8 years ago

I became obsessed with jasmine on a trip to Hawaii. Ever since, I’ve cherished the few moments I discover it – whether it be at a shop near my father’s house or at my boyfriend’s school campus. I plan on making jasmine the center of my floral pieces in my wedding.

5 years ago

Try champa which is a strong scent but lights you up, try only organic & natural incense

Nesstate Flora
4 years ago