Inspiring Artist: Meet Romina Bacci (+ A Giveaway!)

We first introduced you to Romina Bacci on the blog about a month ago here… when I pretty much forced you all to follow her Instagram — not that I really had to force you. Her photos are amazing. But I’m not going to stop there.

When I come across an artist whose work really speaks to me, I always have the urge to find out more. What types of things do they like? How do they stay inspired? What do they like to eat? Today we’re diving into the beautiful world of Romina Bacci, who has been so generous to give away one of her brand new prints and a set of cards to one of you!



To enter the giveaway, follow Romina’s shop on Facebook and Instagram, and then comment below letting us know what you love about her work! This giveaway is open internationally. Be sure to leave your email address in the comment form. We’ll select a winner at random one week from today. Good luck and enjoy!


When I first discovered your work, the words that came to mind were simple, natural, and beautiful. How would you describe your work?
I see my work as raw and honest, organic and clean. 


Where do you find the feathers, pebbles, leaves, flowers, and other bits of nature that you set up so delicately in your photographs? Do you have a go-to spot, or do you collect things whenever you may cross their path?
Many things I find them while taking a walk, or where I parked the car, or while just being outdoors. I buy some of the flowers or they are gifts from my husband. Also, something really nice started happening since I opened my online shop: very lovely people started sending me bits of nature from where they live for me to photograph or collect. Such as feathers, dried flowers, leaves, pieces of wood, seeds, sea shells, snails, corals, etc.


Surely you’re inspired by nature, but what is it that inspires the setups you create with the natural elements you use? Do you find that this inspiration comes from within or from without?
It comes from within for sure, the minimal organized structure floating in all that white space is something that resonates with myself. I guess I tend to isolate the elements to represent their uniqueness, their differences, their complexity or simplicity. This doesn’t happen in the wilderness, the elements are mixed and all together. I think that they deserve a close up!



When you’re styling one of your little creations, what is your ideal atmosphere? Are you alone? Listening to music? Barefoot?
I would like to paint you a pretty picture but in reality the moment of creativity has become more integrated with my daily activities since I started. Sometimes I think of creating an image and look for the right elements, and other times I create the images with the elements I have or I’ve found. The light is key so I know what time is the best to take the pictures. I’m generally alone, in silence, and it’s funny you ask if I’m barefoot because I always end up barefoot, for some reason during the process my shoes start bothering me :)

What’s your proudest work of art thus far?
I don’t really have one in that terms… I just feel happy I found a way of representing nature’s beauty. But my all time favorite is The Hug print.



What’s your favorite time of day?
It depends, but generally the afternoon, between 3pm and 6pm

…Time of year?
Spring and autumn.

…Favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
Toast with mozzarella and homemade fruit spread, currently pears.



If you took a snapshot of your life 10 years ago, a snapshot today, and a snapshot 10 years into the future, how do you think these moments in time would differ?
In experience for sure, and the ability to become more patient.

And finally… what does free mean to you?
A fearless mind and heart.


Make sure to follow Miles of Light on Facebook and Instagram, and then comment below for a chance to win!

All images courtesy of Romina Bacci.

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9 years ago

Love that the nature is so important aspect in her work! I could watch these forever!

9 years ago

Her work just tells so much about harmony to me <3

9 years ago

I love love love her work, never seen anything so brilliant!


Jana schik
9 years ago

Beautiful and inspiring.

9 years ago

i love the natural elements and the way she represents natures beauty <3

9 years ago

First things first, I was an immediate fan of the artwork! It is so simple and beautiful, it reminds me of Henry David Thoreau, or Annie Dillard. It brought me back to my childhood of collecting pine cones and leaves with my sisters! I would cherish any piece of artwork from this wonderful woman. Even if I don’t win, I’ll be buying some prints here soon! <3

9 years ago

For me, her art is the pure expression of loving life and nature. So simple, but yet so brilliant!! xx

9 years ago

Wow I love the simple mess and clean beauty she brings out the elements.. N just show cases them thxs for the give away but I’m more inspired to have found her!! Ty B

9 years ago

Oh my goodness her art is everything that I love. It is beautiful, but real. She finds the beauty in nature and captures it. Breathtaking! And yes, I have followed her on each! (even logged back into my rusty facebook I pretend not to have hehe)

9 years ago

Her work is really inspiring and a reminder to me to get outside and enjoy everything before me.

9 years ago

I love how clean and simple her artwork is. It reminds me of my own inspiration of the beauty in nature. It is almost as if she has captured something in my mind that I haven’t been able to put out on paper. I love it so much!!!

9 years ago

As a photographer myself, I find your work truly inspiring. Mixing nature with your simplicity reminds me how people should stop and take in the scenery around them. Thank you for inspiring me to push my limits!

9 years ago
Gilda Ramos
9 years ago

I loved her definition of free: a fearless mind and heart, she reflected on her work. Those elements from Nature are simply and inspiring.
Thanx FP for introduce us great artists like Romina :) Happy Holidays!

9 years ago

It takes a beautiful soul to show even the smallest pieces of nature are the most extraordinary. Her work makes me smile :)

9 years ago

beautiful work :)

9 years ago

I love how she allows the natural beauty of the elements to be main focus of her work. I love scrolling though images. It’s so easy to get lost in their beauty.

Jessica Smith
9 years ago

Her artwork makes me connect emotions to objects in nature. I connect well with nature on a daily basis. However seeing it in such a raw way reminds me of how detailed everything is in this life. How we can look at something once and still miss multiple levels of depth in the true nature of that object or person

9 years ago

Everything about this is wonderful. I love art incorporating nature, I have been picking up feathers everywhere I go since I was a child and to have it on my walls all around me brings me back down to the earth. Where sometimes we need to realize it’s okay to be. Embrace it! Ah! Lovely! Following!

Dina Francis
9 years ago

I love when an artist inspires me to look at the simple things as pieces of art! Appreciating the beauty that is around us! A feather can be so much more!!

9 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about these nature inspired pieces of art! AHHHHMAZING!

9 years ago

I love seeing nature captured in such a beatific way,. She tends to capture these simple elements in a way as to where if I were walking on the street I wouldn’t stop to look at these items like I do in her pictures.

9 years ago

i loved her definition of free and how she finds things to photograph. she doesn’t search for them, they find her in her daily activities — the way art should be! not forced, but natural. i think it is also amazing that “fans” are sending her items. i would appreciate these gifts so much! it’s like seeing the world through another’s description and experience. such a way to learn!

9 years ago

Her work is so simple yet it speaks so much. You can literally feel something different coming from each photo. There is a feeling of peace that comes from her photographs that would fill any room!

Emily Harris
9 years ago

Love this!!