Ayurveda Journal, Week 7: Gratitude For Your Hands

Much of what Ayurveda is about is focusing your attention inward to feel your body and realize what’s going on inside. This will better help us to figure out how to give our bodies exactly what they need in order to keep us at our healthiest. Last week, during Lilavati’s very insightful and spiritual Wednesday yoga class, she had us direct our attention directly to our hands. She spoke of how our hands do so much more than we may even realize, and how they’re an extension of our hearts — how they put into practice that which comes directly from our hearts.

This really struck something within me, and I felt a big wave of gratitude come over me… gratitude for my two little hands… my ten little fingers, and everything they do.

I’m thankful for them for pushing my covers off every morning. For reaching to the sky when I need that very first stretch. For turning faucets, flicking light switches, rotating doorknobs, petting my cat. For scratching itches and massaging sore muscles. For sorting through every piece of clothing in my closet until they land upon that day’s chosen piece. For taking that chosen piece off its hanger and finagling it onto my body just right. For clasping necklaces and buttoning buttons. For being my shield when a threatening object is headed for me. For breaking my fall when I trip on that wooden plank that just never seems to sit right in the floor. For lighting candles and picking flowers.

Hands tarot card

Hand kitten blanket

For doing things for others. For reaching down and grasping the keys a stranger dropped on the floor, for grabbing that beer out of the refrigerator to hand over to my friend, for moving my pen along a piece of paper to deliver a sweet message to a special person. For stretching outward as far as they can in preparation for a tight, tight hug.

Hands soup table

Hands nest flower

For typing every single word you’ve just read — and will ever read — from me. Today, pay attention to your hands. Take note of everything they do… and thank them for it. Whenever you get the chance, let them rest. Know that they’re resting. Feel what it’s like for them to just be still. Allow them to bask in this well-deserved break. And thank them again.

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  1. Found myself nodding and mumbling yes as I read through your post. So true!
    During some moments of clarity, I also find myself feeling grateful over and over again for all my senses and body parts, particularly the eyes and the hands. And recently, I find more joy in stroking my two cats and 9-year-old dog.
    I just want to share with you, a very coincidental post I published today on my blog, something that has to do with art done with the help of hands.

    Here’s the link! :)

  2. Thank you, I really needed this reminder today:) My hands are tuckered out from everything they did today–I might not have appreciated all that they did or known that they are tired if I hadn’t read your sweet post! Now it’s time for some love and rest for these puppies!

    Much love, http://www.myomlife.com/

  3. I juist discovered your Ayurvedic Posts and I really love reading Aboutaleb your experiences. I’m also really interested in Ayurveda en your posts want to dive into it. Thank you so much for sharing!

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