Beautiful Couple: Noot Seear & Jacques Naude

Today is quite the exciting day for us – it’s the launch of our December catalog, as well as the premiere of our newest short film, The Cabin! Both star one of our all-time favorite duos: Noot Seear and Jacques Naude. Being in the presence of these two is certainly something special. They have such a relaxed, fun vibe together, and when you catch a glimpse of them locking eyes with each other from across a room, it’s almost as if you can feel the connection between their souls. I had a chance to catch up with this adorable pair of humans and find out a bit about the relationship that’s so beautifully portrayed in the film and catalog – at the cabin itself! Great actors really have the ability to take on and live their characters, and when I chatted with these two, their words felt alive and straight from the heart.

So tell me. How long have you two been together?

N: We’ve been together almost three years now.

…Best three years of your life?

N: Life just keeps getting better and better, so yes! So far, the best three years of my life.

Noot Seear and Jacques Naude interview 5

How’d you meet?

N: We met at a barbecue… we have a mutual friend in common – Kaitlin – and she has a beautiful house in New York. I had just moved to the city, and I went up there and I saw him manning the grill. He was so charming and sweet.

Who noticed whom first?

J: I actually ran into her as she was coming up the stairs. We kind of (hits hands into one another), it was one of those.

So did you say something to her?

N: He didn’t until I saw him at the grill. (Turns to Jacques) I think I came over while you were… marinating some beef. (Both giggle)

J: That was a fun evening.

N: We just hit it off right away. We went to a concert after… we ended up having so much fun, and that’s how it all began.

Noot Seear and Jacques Naude interview 2

What’s your favorite thing to do together?

J: She likes to cuddle.

N: I like to cuddle… I like to cook. We come up here a lot… upstate… it’s so nice to just chill.

J: We do quite a bit of hiking… and she likes to swim.

N: I paint and write poetry… Jacques takes pictures.

J: I watch her dazzle about.

Noot, if you had to pick something that annoyed you about Jacques, what would you say?

N: Well… sometimes when I’m trying to write, he just…

J: I need a bit of attention (smirking).

N: Yeah, he needs a lot of attention (nudges him). But, all in all we’re pretty chill.

Noot Seear and Jacques Naude interview

So Jacques, you’re a filmmaker. What’s brings you the most enjoyment to shoot?

J: It depends… mostly her, though.

N: We make a lot of movies upstate. Sometimes I’ll write little scenes and we’ll shoot them together. We’re always playing around with cameras and film.

J: But she doesn’t like it when I shoot her without her knowing it.

N: He’s always shooting me, it’s like the Truman Show (giggles).

If you could describe your relationship in 3 words, which would you choose?

J: Beautiful, spontaneous, and… I guess a little crazy.

If your relationship were a song, what would it be?

N: Tiny Dancer. I’m the tiny dancer and he’s singing about me.

J: Notice the “hold me closer” part.

Ha! So you’re the tiny dancer… and he always wants you to hold him closer.

(All laughing)

Noot Seear and Jacques Naude interview 3

Thank you so much, you two. The beauty and fun you two share is an inspiration to us all!

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This interview is so stinkin cute, and I didn’t realize you guys we’re a real couple! Romance all over the place. Love you two! <3 xoxo

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Okay this is WAY cute. I didn’t realize this was a real couple, makes the video even more charming. So lovely and beautiful!

xo, Juliette Laura


absolutely obsessed with the video and reading this article made me love it even more.
so beautiful

The reality of their relationship made watching The Cabin more interesting! Love to think that these kind of couples still exist. <3


soooooo cute. just makes me think of me and my man:) going on 3 1/2 years!


I really wondered when I looked at the Dec catalog if the models were a couple out of modeling. They had a sort of belonging-to-each-other vibe, even in photos. It’s a wonderful kind of love…

i LOVE them. they are adorbs…


I thought he’s still married with another female model.