Beauty Tips From Our Model Farah

Meet Farah. You may recognize her from our weekly Models Off Duty posts… or perhaps as one of the lovely girls who appears all over our website, bringing Free People pieces to life. Originally from Cornwall, this English beauty has an eclectic style that’s certainly inspiring, to say the least. I always love to see the way she mixes vintage and new pieces; how her outfits are overflowing with a bit of this and a dash of that, with everything coming together in perfect harmony. A style that she refers to as busy, it’s definitely not the easiest to master… but Farah does so effortlessly.

Today we’re not talking clothes with Farah, though. Today, it’s all about beauty. One interaction with this girl in person and you’ll soon recognize the natural glow that she has about her. It’s a glow that surely comes from within… but that won’t stop us from inquiring about her beauty routine! Without further ado, allow Farah to bring you into her world of beauty.

Model Farah suede coat

Beauty… What does this word mean to you?

Beauty to me means something or someone effortless, someone’s natural vibe that puts a smile on your face when you see them. A beautiful person is someone who glows positivity and inspires your curiosity when you are around them. I think all beauty is stronger when it’s raw and un-tampered with.

Tell us about your skincare regimen.

My skin care regimen is very simple: 

– I try not to wear any makeup when I’m not working to allow my skin to breathe.

– I always cleanse with the French Bioderma because it’s very gentle on the skin. I have been using that for years — I think it’s probably the most essential beauty product in the fashion industry!

– I carry good natural face and hand cream with me everywhere. I have dry skin so taking care to moisturise is very important — don’t want to end up looking like a Sith Lord at a casting.

– I can’t stand to have my eyebrows going wild so I usually have a little eyebrow gel with me, too.

Any new beauty products that you’ve recently come to love?

My favourite new beauty product is ‘Heritage Stone’ rose water spray. It’s completely natural and only has two ingredients. I’m a bit addicted to using it! It’s a great way to refresh your skin and the scent of the rose oil in it is super calming. 

Farah beauty products

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received?

The best beauty advice I ever received was, “Get your hair cut — your split ends are growing up faster than your hair is growing down, hun,” from a very frank hair stylist friend of mine. Don’t be afraid of a trim, ladies! 

Have you always been a blonde? Share your secrets on keeping your hair so healthy and bright!

I have always been blonde. I had platinum hair for almost two years — which I loved — but I had to constantly go for treatments. It was a lot of up keep. I’ve been trying to get my natural colour all over for around a year now and it’s pretty much there, but shock horror: I’m not very blonde anymore! I’d been dyeing my hair blonde for so many years I thought I was still that blonde 9-year-old, but mouse is the reality. I go for scattered blonde highlights every month or so and regular treatments. I NEVER use heat on my hair outside of work — I think that’s the most important thing if you want to look after your hair. Run a little oil through the ends with your fingers and let it do its thing!

If you had do away with every beauty product you own… which would you have the hardest time giving up?

I would find lip balm completely impossible to give up. Having dry lips is the worst! Various lip balms are strewn around my house, pockets and all bags to avoid any kind of dry lip situation.

When do you feel the most beautiful?

I would say I feel most beautiful when I am laughing with people I love. The people who I love bring out the best parts of me and I really feel complete and free when I am around them.

Any other tips you’d like to share with us?

My beauty tip would be to use as natural and organic products as you can. people pay crazy money for creams full of chemicals I can’t even begin to pronounce and I think thats a little scary to be putting on your skin! Some of my favourite natural brands are ‘Ren’ and Weleda. Aesop is great too.

Farah black and white

Thanks for giving us a taste of your beauty world, Farah! xox

Psssst: You can follow Farah on Instagram here!

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10 years ago

Eee my family is from Cornwall! She is so beautiful. I love her definition of beauty, and her tips are perfect.

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

It’s really refreshing to see this side of a model. She clearly knows herself and is honest to both the world and herself. Going makeup free? Hell, most non model women won’t do that, even though it is very important to give your skin time to breath, detox, and heal.

10 years ago

Yes! Loved this post please keep them coming FP:)

10 years ago

Very nice tips :) Definitely Staying natural is the key. Thanks for the sharing