Creating A Sacred Space

This post comes from contributor Kristen Hedges.

A few years ago, I didn’t know that I was a writer.

I had always wanted to write – from the time I was maybe six or seven – but it was quite a taboo profession to choose. During grade school, I often lied whenever a teacher would ask about my possible future. An archaeologist, I would say. A doctor, a composer for big screen films, a historian. Anything but writer. After all, I didn’t want to worry them. I didn’t want them to see me starving, pockets picked clean, alone with my art, allowing it to tear me to messy, exposed pieces.

Luckily, I accepted myself as a writer – as an artist. And suddenly, having a sacred, creative space to do my work meant more than it ever had.

creating a sacred space

I believe that everyone – writers, painters, creatives of any kind – should have a space where they can completely be themselves. A little nook or room that feels like an external expression of the voice that fuels their work. Entering this space is a sigh of relief. A soft smile, a subtle nestling into the atmosphere. Somehow, this space makes you feel as though you can create absolute wonders. As if you could dip your fingertips into watercolor and spill your entire heart out onto the canvas.

Since we live in a tiny studio apartment, the entire room seems to be my creative space. Whenever I choose to start a new project or pick up one that I’ve been toying with, I set an intention, out loud for all the world to hear.

I say, “I am a writer.” I don’t whisper – I declare. I believe it. I feel it swell from my throat, out to my fingers and down to my toes. Your intention can be similar – an ‘I am’ statement. Or, it can be different entirely.

creating a sacred space

I also use tingshas – the little cymbals you often see in a yoga class – to clear the space of negative energy & unpleasant sound. A few other energy clearing practices include burning sage, lighting incense, allowing soft music to fill the air, and holding your hands to your heart while taking a deep breath.

Decorate your space for no one but yourself. Cut flowers and arrange them in a jar, roll out a rug, hang chalkboards on the wall to scribble sudden inspiration. Pin photographs the the plaster, display maps with thumb-tacks marking the places you’ve been, the places you ought to go. Keep the lighting natural, if you can. Open a window, allow the day to roll in.

creating a sacred space

Keep the space clean, and free of clutter (unless, of course, clutter is what inspires you the most). Shake the dust from your curtains and wipe the day from the tabletop. When your space is fresh, and full of renewed energy, your work will turn into a reflection of that.

It’s also quite nice to find something small that you can carry with you when you take your craft on the go. I like to hide my little bronze Ganesha in my purse and bring him with me to the café when I collect my stories about strangers. He reminds me of my sacred space at home; of the sacred space within.

creating a sacred space

While burning sage and ringing bells can certainly help you to feel more at ease and open, it’s nice to remember that any space can be sacred. The airport, the coffee shop, the last seat on the bus that’s covered in someone’s old chewing gum. All it takes is a positive intention, a smile, a deep breath, and the willingness to work with what you have. After all, there’s nothing more sacred than the still space that you cultivate within.

Now, tell me: what helps to make your space sacred?

creating a sacred space

You can find Kristen here, and at If you need a bit of stillness in your life, join her free Monday Night Meditation Group.

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9 years ago

This is an incredible post. Accepting ourselves as the wonderful thing that we are is so powerful.

xo, Juliette Laura

9 years ago

Wow this was one of my favorite posts I’ve ever read on here…something about it was so comforting and soothing. Simple yet powerful…thanks for sharing! Cheers to 2014, a year filled with many sacred spaces

9 years ago

I make my space sacred through filling it with as much natural light as I can, and surrounding myself with positive, inspiring words. I find that if I put my favorite sayings, quotes, and words around myself I begin to unconsciously take them in everyday and live them. I have a small chalk board by my door that says “smile” right now, and every time I see it I do just that, smile.

I love these posts. They’re such a good way to start the day!


9 years ago

I absolutely loved this post!! My bedroom is my sacred place. I keep a dim lamp at my bedside for night time that casts a yellow glow over the walls. I always keep my things incredibly organized and neat. I couldn’t agree more with keeping the room free of clutter. It clears my head to walk into a clean organized room.

9 years ago

You know it’s time to practice what I preach, Kristen. As a Wedding Officiant and Pre-Marital Counselor I certainly encourage my couples to be mindful of their space during counseling, but I tend to forget about the physical space. Thanks for your simple suggestions. I have definitely created a nurturing space with my favorite art and notes from friends displayed in my tiny NYC studio, but it’s not really sacred. There’s usually too much clutter around and I am certainly not mindful of the sacred before I work. I look forward to cleaning and preparing my home today! Thank you.

9 years ago

My room is my sacred space- it’s where I can go for undisturbed hours of writing. I keep things pretty simple- no art on the walls or wordy articles pinned to my cork board- because my mind wanders like crazy. The blinds stay shut, but there are jars of shells, feathers, and dried flowers to bring the outside in. Colorful patterns in the form of blankets and the outline for whatever new book I’m working on in pinned up. I like turning my cork board into a theme board for my latest novel, that way when my eyes need a break from the screen, they can at least focus on something that has to do with what I’m working on. :)

Great article, Kristen!

9 years ago

I really love this. I too am a writer and believe in clearing negative energetic spaces – it’s all about the intention.

9 years ago

My room definitely is my sacred space. I always sigh a breath of relief when I enter it, no matter what I did or where I was before. It’s the place where I can totally be myself and where I feel embraced the most. In my room I have surrounded myself with inspirational illustrations, my own paintings and drawings, books, small things I collected in the course of time, lovely clothes and other fabrics, a little blackboard for quotes to remember, but most of all the colors that I love the most. I feel loved and thankful when I’m in my room :)

9 years ago

My closet is my sacred place. I have music playing and light a calming candle. I turn off the lights and sit on the floor. When I need a little more inspiration I touch my clothes that are hanging, I love being able to tell which piece of clothes I have in my hand just by the touch.

9 years ago

This is absolutely my favorite post of 2013.
So inspirational. I don’t have a creative space in my home, and I really believe it would increase the frequency of producing art.
Thank you!

7 years ago

I love your little Ganesha! Where did you find it?