Free People Presents: The Cabin

We are so excited to share our latest short film: The Cabin, featuring Noot Seear and Jacques Naude! The film begins when videographer Jacques unexpectedly comes across old film from his past.  We see snippets of the footage, as memories flood back of Jacuqes and his girlfriend Noot.  Facing life changes that threaten to tear them apart, the couple escapes to where their love began: a rustic cabin in Maine.  We get a glimpse into the couple’s happiest times, as well as the difficult times as they decide the fate of their relationship.  Will they hold on to each other, or will they set each other free?  The emotion in this film is so real, so beautiful, it has brought me to tears each time I’ve watched it.  Watch for yourselves and tell us…what comes next for Noot and Jacques?


Actors: Jacques Naude and Noot Seear
Directors: Guy Aroch and Carlos Veron
Director of Photography: Carlos Veron
Edit: Ryan McKenna
Art Direction: Free People
Producer: Carl Walters
First Assistant Director: Ben Kahn
Hair/Makeup Artist: Deanna Hagan
Boom Operator / ADR Recordist: Anton Gold
Colorist: Damien Van Der Cruyssen
Sound Editor/Mixer: Dan Flosdorf
Performed by Volcano Choir
Courtesy of Jagjaguwar
By Arrangement with Bank Robber Music

Special Thanks: Morgane Bernier, Coline Jourdana, Mikey Van Beuren, Filipp Penson, and Matt Sprout



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7 years ago

So beautiful! I love Noot <3 my Meadow girl!

7 years ago

oh my the chemistry between the two of them is sick…I can actually feel it. I love everything about this film. They are two beautiful souls…Great job FP!

7 years ago

Oh my gosh what a beautiful film, loved it!! XOXO
<3 Annejelina

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Maria Guzman
7 years ago

Lovely! Shouts to my girl Coline Jourdana! Congrats doll you look amazing X

Meghan Mac
7 years ago

I love FP short films! Noot is beautiful and the feelings are true, especially for people who have been in the same situation and had to make difficult life decisions about their future. Beautifully done and inspirational.

7 years ago

Great film! Awesome story and actors. The clothes definitely helped form the characters they were playing. Props to FP. The French girl in the beginning was super cute too!

7 years ago

this film is absolutely beautiful! the entire setting is just amazing, brought tears to my eyes. love shown, so freely

7 years ago

Loved the film. But in 3:18, 3:55 and 4:14.. Does anyone know what kind of camera it was?

Thanks! xx

7 years ago


7 years ago

Oh my goodness I absolutely adore this! First of all I am from Maine so that makes me way happy, second of all wow beautiful people, third yes i cried as well, four the clothes are BEAUTIFUL. FP does it again!

xo, Juliette Laura

7 years ago

This is beautiful. I thought no one new about Volcano Choir!

7 years ago

Lovely ♥

7 years ago

It’s impressive the number of times she takes off her clothes. Rock on objectification of women. I thought Free People would be better than that.

7 years ago

this is amazing!
too bad she takes off her clothes that often, they’re so amazing she should wear them 24/7 !
anyway, im in love!

7 years ago

Fallen in love with another FP short film!

7 years ago

I didn’t notice what others mentioned about taking off clothes, now that its brought to my attention, I believe that is liberation and celebrating the beauty of women! gorgeous film, a little sad, and thought provoking. Thank you :)

7 years ago


7 years ago

fp is amazing, i absolutely adore the brand but after all it is a brand and they sell lingerie so it makes sense that she gets undressed to show it off and also so she can switch outfits. Regardless this video is so darn cute, best video yet!!!

7 years ago

September – Volcano Choir comes on Sirius XMU every day :) One of my favorites!
This was a lovely short film. My first thought when they ran into the woods naked was “I hope they checked themselves for ticks afterwards”. I am a country girl though so I can’t help it haha

7 years ago

This past summer my boyfriend of four years and I bought 11.2 acres of our own wilderness in Northern Canada. We built our own cabin and live without power or running water. We also have two dogs and a handful of chickens. Things have gotten pretty tough for us financially and I feel like this short film mirrors our relationship. It has inspired me to maybe give our relationship some time. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day stress and not take the time to show those you love, how much you love them. Thanks FP.
Love Cassandra

7 years ago

What is the green shirt she’s wearing when she hops on the car?

3 years ago

alguien me podria decir el nombre de la pelicula