About A Girl: Meet Kelley Ash

Kelley Ash is the bewitching beauty who we had the pleasure of working with on our recent Blues Traveler shoot. Spending the day with her was like taking a road trip out to the desert with an old friend. Easy, fun, full of laughs and good tunes. Stunning model…. yes, surely she is. Behind the beauty lies depth and humor that I appreciate with my all. Bohemian spirit through and through, every inch of this girl is California lovin’….There is something magnetic about this girl, and we knew we had to delve a bit deeper into her enchanting world… 

First, my dear… where are you originally from?

I grew up in a small town in South Jersey. My family is still living there. I needed a change, always been a gypsy at heart. I jumped in my car with my 2 pugs and drove across country to LA. I have been here almost 7 years. It’s the best decision I ever made.

What are your parents like? How would you say they raised you?

My parents are pretty laid back. They let me become my own person, not what they wanted me to be, and I respect them for that. My mom is my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Tell me about Wild at Heart… where did it stem from and where do you envision it going?

My favorite thing in the world is taking road trips. I feel alive and free when I am on the open road. I take a lot of pictures to capture all the beauty I see and I needed a home for all my images so I started a blog and called it Wild at heart. While on the road I’d stop at every possible thrift/vintage store and I quickly started to become a hoarder so I decided to sell vintage clothes and awildatheart.com was born! One day I will take all these experiences and items I collected along the way and use them as inspiration to launch my own clothing line.

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

French Courtship Slip

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

If you could invite one designer, one artist, one musician and one writer to put in a room and have a meal with… who would come? who would be eating what?

Halston, Margaret Keane, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen. I’d order a pizza!!

Your morning ritual?

Wake up and snuggle with my pugs.

An ideal evening…

Staring at the stars with Mary Jane.

What is the greatest piece of advice you have received… by whom did you receive it?

Trust your instincts. My mom taught me this as a young girl and it has helped me in so many ways.

Tell me a day in the life of Kelley Ash…

Every day is a new adventure.

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

In your next life… you’ll be happy coming back as a: unicorn

Favorite meal… Pizza

Best place in LA to chill?  Chad’s house.

What you love most about LA ?


Some of your favorite bands/artists?

Here are my top five. Joy Division, Bob Dylan, The Black Angels, Neil Young, Biggie.

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Infinity Lace Onepiece

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Bat Your Eyelash Bra

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Live anywhere in the world… where would that be?

I am in love with California and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Your greatest dream?

A house on a lake with 25 rescued pugs.

One thing you wish every woman would take home as far as body image goes?


Chasing your dreams and believing that you can do ANYTHING… What does it take?

A strong mind, big heart and the power to never give up!!!

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Gilded Caravan Maxi

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Gilded Caravan Maxi

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

How would you describe your style? 100%  me.

Has your style evolved? What other styles have you tried that just didn’t work?

I used to prance around in short shorts, half tops and cowboy boots. It worked for a while but now I wouldn’t try it. The older I get the more I’m into looking sophisticated and less trashy.

One style you wish you could pull off, but would never try…

A bleach blonde mullet. I want one so bad but my agent would kill me.

Favorite items in your home?

In no particular order… my harmonica, my huge dream catcher, my poster of Johnny Depp and my peacock wicker chair I got from Craigslist for 100 bucks.

Kelley Ash Wild at Heart

Gilded Caravan Maxi

Thanks love! See you soon… looking forward to the next collaboration.

See Kelley in action from our recent Blues Traveler shoot.

Follow Kelley on Instagram @awildatheart.

Photos by the talented Graham Dunn

Hair/Makeup by lovely Emily Nickrent

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funky, cold Medina
9 years ago

mary jane & biggie.

9 years ago

OMG we share the same dream with the exception that I want bully breed dogs. Yay, an island of best friends.

Also, I love that she paired Chucks with that fabulous dress. Chucks, maxis, and dogs? A woman after my own heart.

9 years ago

She seriously ooozes cool. Perfection.

xo, Juliette Laura

Shady lady
9 years ago

Love this! Thank you for sharing.

9 years ago

love this interview…beautiful girl, home and I LOVE all the plants in her home!!!

9 years ago

One of my favorites interviews and models!!

9 years ago

I am so Proud of you Kelley.
Keep on living the dream.

9 years ago

Amazing!! You inspire me more and more girl!! So so happy for you beautiful!!

9 years ago

an inspiration indeed, confidence, strong mind, big heart and power to never give up I take that..thanks happy holidays

9 years ago

Great interview. Amazing what you can achieve when you follow your dreams and stay true to yourself! xo

8 years ago

Every time I come across Kelley it is a dynamic and positive experience. Amazing creativity and strength I feel and a real understanding of the benefits of fun and adventure as part of life. I know for sure that Kelley’s inspiration reaches far and wide. Her humanity, so real and expressed through natural love of life, is what we all need to be present in our world (a species essential ingredient I think). When I visited freepeople.com for the first time ever (today) I had no idea you have a feature on Kelley ! All the best to you all and of course to Kelley from: ♥dave in liverpool/england ☼