DIY Glass Ornament Inspiration

We’re almost halfway through December (eek!) and I hope that you’re all well into the spirit of the season… hanging lights by day, drinking hot chocolate (this kind) by night, and scheming up creative gifts for those extra-deserving people in your lives. When it comes to decorating, I’ve never really been the type to buy a decoration and use it as-is. I’m always manipulating it into something new… adding personal touches here and there — and that’s why I love plain glass ball ornaments. They’re like a blank canvas just waiting to be made into something extraordinary. Today I have a couple ideas for using these guys. They’re really simple ideas (great for last-minute decorating) and they don’t require much, but they allow you to be really unique.

The first way uses just some transparent glass paint and a napkin. Pour your paint into a dish, and fold your napkin to get a thick, flat edge. Then, dip the flat edge of the napkin into the paint.

DIY glass ornaments

Starting at the bottom of the sphere, drag the napkin upwards in short strokes until you reach the half-way point. Do this all around until the bottom half of the sphere is covered. The small strokes form petal-like textures with uneven edges, almost resembling a flower.

DIY glass ornaments

When the paint dries, much of it will become transparent, and the varying paint thicknesses (especially at the edges) will add to the floral look. I tried the same technique on a solid white ball, as well, but went up a little bit higher with the paint.

DIY glass ornaments

DIY glass ornaments

My next thought was: Why have I not filled one of these guys with some nature yet? And then I did just that. I placed a tiny piece of a dried flower in one of the spheres and then coated the outside in a really thin layer of black transparent glass paint to make a semi-cloudy look.

DIY glass ornaments

But of course one little flower was not going to do it for me. For my next mini work of art, I filled a sphere with all different kinds of nature: dried flowers, dried leaves, tiny twigs, and more.

DIY glass ornaments

It’s like a mini terrarium — just with non-living plants. This was my favorite one. I would love to make one of these for someone and include a tiny little rolled up note inside. Actually, I just might do that.

DIY glass ornaments

I hung a few on one of the beautiful “trees” our display team made for the lobby of our building. So sweet!

DIY glass ornaments

How would you guys decorate glass ball ornaments? Share your ideas!

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  1. I actually have a box of clear glass ornaments that I bought last year but never used. This is so simple and pretty. I might just try it. :)

  2. OMG you guys… I got the real life fpbrigette ornament with a note inside!!! I wonder what it says! Idk if it’s better to wait to read it till next Christmas or open it this year! Killin it b.


  3. Please bring back the holiday craft exchange that Free People has done a few times before! It’s so much fun!

  4. Last year with some clear ornaments I bought on clearance from Michael’s, I had filled the inside with glitter paint (an idea I found via Pinterest), but it didn’t turn out like the photo online did. So with the remaining ornaments, I filled them with pieces of blue & silver tinsel garland.

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