About A Guy: Meet Devin

Our web production assistant is the type of guy who just looks like someone you’d want to get to know. Tatted up, style on point – always in some form of denim, whether it be a vintage jacket or a pair of perfectly worn-in jeans.

Every time I pass through our web studio, we always have a quick exchange of banter… which usually ends with me laughing as I walk away. Although always professional and very polite, I’ll bet this dude definitely cracks himself up when no one’s looking.

One step into his Philadelphia home and, yup, this all makes sense. Orange walls, an incredible green couch. You’re instantly intrigued and wanting to see more. His bedroom? Forget it. It’s filled with found objects perfectly arranged in such a way that captivates you with every shift of your eye. Here’s a look into Devin’s world.

Oxfords, oriental rugs

Free People Devin - web production assistant

This tattoo artwork was all done by tattooer friends of Devin’s. I love how he has it displayed on his living room wall for all to admire.


Free People web production assitant


Tattoos, patterned kitchen floor

I was totally infatuated with the pattern on the kitchen floor. How beautiful!


Devin’s cat Edwina is a precious little being. A heart melter, for sure.

Guy's closet

A+ on the contents of that closet.

vintage cameras

Guy reading book on bed, tats

Guy's nightstand

Male decor

Compass on books

Devin questionnairre

Free People web production assistant bedroom

Thanks for letting us in, Devin!

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