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Which holiday? I see you wished Happy Halloween and Happy Thanksgiving… did you wish Happy Hanukkah a month ago when it happened? Guess which holiday it is now? Say it with me… MERRY CHRISTMAS!

i am very happy to eid celebered films and says all of christans very happy chimachs

Ohhh wishing those shoes would be under my tree! Happy Holidays to all the FP girls (and boys!) and your families!

xo, Juliette Laura


I love FP so much, FP is my all time favorite store ever. if i only can buy clothing in one store for the rest of my life, that store would it be FP. Can you guys open a store in Jakarta, Indonesia? Pleasee. OH! and happy holiday!! xoxo

Here’s to hoping there are some FP gifts under my tree tonight. :) Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to my favorite peeps…of course I just had to buy myself some FP clothing!!! xoxo

Merry christmas FP team!! im the happiest because I just got a freepeople giftcard for xmas!



Merry Christmas! I’m Jewish but i wish you all happy holidays! hugs and kisses from mexico!


merry christmas to you and all your loved ones!

Happy holidays, FP! Thanks for being awesome :)!