Girl Crush: Madisyn Of Madisyn Avenue

Allow me to introduce you to Madisyn Fecko, the beauty behind the blog, Madisyn Avenue. I had the pleasure of meeting Madisyn when she came to visit our offices back in May for a special FP Me experience. Since then, I’ve been following this girl on her blog and social media, lusting over her inspiring images and style. Madisyn is sweet as ever, and you can see the amount of drive and passion in her eyes when you talk to her.

As one of our most loyal FP Me customers, Madisyn recently collaborated with Free People Pittsburgh to host a special FP Me styling event where people were welcome to come and style outfits, set up FP Me accounts, and snap pictures. Leading up to the event, Madisyn posted a series of images on her blog, shot by one of our FP girls who works at the Pittsburgh store! The images are beyond gorgeous, and I wanted to share them with you all here. Have a look below, and get to know a little bit more about Madisyn herself!

Photos by Alyssa Florentine.

madisyn avenue double exposed

madisyn avenue in record store

madisyn avenue record store

Get the look: FP ONE Ruffle Me Up Blouse, Donovan Sweater Flare, Matador Hat , Multi Charm Rosary , Stacking Ring Set, Diamond Night Ring.

Where do you go to school and what are you majoring in?

I’m a senior majoring in Communications at William Peace University which is located in Raleigh, N.C.

What are your plans after graduating?

Well, graduation day, I’m buying myself a really stinkin’ cute puppy. Then, I guess I have to grow up! Hopefully I’ll be working somewhere in the fashion industry, doing what I love: creating, styling, writing, capturing, traveling, and inspiring.

b&w madisyn on roof

madisyn close up color

Where are you from? How did where you grew up shape the person that you are?

I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Growing up here has kept my feet on the ground in so many ways. The diversity yet intimate culture of the city has exposed me to so much throughout the years. Andy Warhol was born in my gritty city, I mean, how cool is that?

madisyn smiling on roof

madisyn posing on roof

Get the look: Rendered Denim Parka, Plaid Crinkle Trouser, FP X Gibson Long Sleeve Top, Thick Stitch Pom Pom Beanie.

When did you start your blog, Madisyn Avenue, and what inspired you to do so?

I visited the Free People Home Offices this May, and literally created Madisyn Avenue the day I returned home. I was blown away by the creativity from the offices and the drive of each person I met. I’ve always wanted to have a blog of my own to express my style, and the trip gave me the final push to do it! When I was little I used to love walking up and down Madison Avenue in NYC and looking through the windows at the beautiful couture clothing. I’ve stumbled down a different street since then, and have developed my own “Madisyn Avenue” way of dressing, which walks to a different beat than that famous street, and allows my chameleon soul to change each step of the way. My blog is a place I can dress to please my crave of freedom, a place to write and open some space in this dizzied brain of mine, and a place to capture and inspire others.

What was your favorite part about your collaboration with FP Pittsburgh? The photos from each shoot are beyond gorgeous!

Thank you! This collaboration is one I’ll hold close to my heart. The girls at the FP Pittsburgh store are beautiful inside and out, and the event was so much fun! My favorite part had to be blogging the looks from the shoot and sharing the FP Me concept to my followers. I’m really passionate about FP Me and love being able to help our style community grow!

dark night city shot

Where do you find inspiration for your blog?

I find inspiration all around me: travel, music, art and street style… I’m just trying to take it all in.

What blogs do you read religiously?

The BLDG 25 Blog is my morning breakfast go-to. Also, Natalie Off Duty and Color Me Nana. Who knew such a genuine, stylish set of sisters could exist? I’m always leaving their blogs feeling fashionably refreshed with a grin on my face.

madisyn in the street

sitting in stairwell

What is your go-to outfit?

Black everything. Skinny pants, tee, leather jacket, booties, BEANIE!

What is your favorite band musician of all time, and what music are you currently listening to?

This is a tough question for me because music is such a big part of me. I grew up listening to everything from Bob Dylan to The Runaways. I can’t survive without it. For this one I’m gonna have to go with Prince. Listen to “I Wanna Be Your Lover” and just be happy. Lately, I’ve been listening to my boyfriend, Dylan Reynolds. He’s incredible, check him out!

madisyn in street

black and white streets

Get The Look: Lightweight Stretch Ankle Skinny, Center Front Paisley Buttondown, James Lace Up Boot.

What FP items are currently on your must-have list?

The new Rebel Rising lookbook has my heart melting. The edgy punk color palette with metallic embellishments… incredible. My must-haves are the We The Free Oversized Fleece Moto Jacket, some Vegan Leather Skinnies, and the Solange Heel!

I noticed that you recently cut your long locks into a pixie cut… What inspired this change? It’s beautiful!

Yes I sure did! Thank you! I did the big chop chop and kissed my messy hair goodbye over Thanksgiving break… it was getting in the way of my eating. Just kidding :) I actually went into the salon for a bang trim and came out with a pixie. I’m always up for change and trying new things, so I just went for it! The cut was liberating. It has been keeping things interesting by challenging me to experiment with my style, and I love that.

madisyn sitting in chair

madisyn in velvet top and necklace

posing on a chair

Get the look: Fortune Tellers Top, Solstice Sequin Skinny.

Favorite meal of all time?

Oh goodness, this question stumps me 10 times to Sunday so I’ll just create my dream supper. Hushpuppies & butter + chips & guac + peanut butter & jelly + eggos…+ cornbread. Pizza? I just want it all! S’mores for dessert sounds nice :) Wow, I love carbs.

happy madisyn

Thank you Madisyn for inspiring us and being such a wonderful part of our FP Me community! xo

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8 years ago

Such a stunning girl! And SO cool. Definitely popping over to her blog to check it out.

xo, Juliette Laura

8 years ago

Totally crazy! I didn’t realize her blog was so new as I have only been checking out these past few months. Good work girl.

Lizzie Manley
8 years ago



8 years ago

She’s a beauty…I follow her on FP me – and now I will follow her blog! She has amazing style!

Jessica Halso
8 years ago

This is my go-to blog for inspiration! She is amazing!!

8 years ago

She’s so inspiring and lovely! I follow her on instagram and her blog. Very big fan, great interview!

Yes! Finally something about shopping discounts.