For The Love Of Clogs

I can always appreciate a girl in clogs. These wooden-soled shoes are so… funky, which is a word I never really find myself using, but when it comes to clogs I just can’t help it.

There’s something about a girl in clogs that boasts an air of confidence. She knows what she likes and you’ll want to know, too. She’s layers upon layers deep; she has a lot to her and a lot to teach. There are a handful of girls here in our home office that always seem to pull off the clog look so damn well. Allow these ladies to offer you some clog-wearing inspiration this winter!

Clog definition


Sam, Designer (wearing the Daubs Clog)

I love pairing my clogs back to cozy socks. Comfy socks and clogs pretty much go with everything!


Alex, Web Merchandiser (wearing the I’m With A Dreamer Clog Boot)

I wear my clogs with vintage denim and shorter or tucked in tops.




Casey, Blog Intern (wearing the Belmont Leather Clog)

Clogs are a great add-on to any outfit! I usually pair clogs with skinnies or a great pair of boyfriend jeans. I love to wear a lacey shirt to add a feminine touch and sometimes even wear them with a long, flowy skirt for a bohemian feel. They add that “cool girl” edge to any outfit. 


Jodi, Customer Service Specialist (wearing the I’m With A Dreamer Clog Boot)

I wear clogs or clog boots with almost everything, because they just seem to give every outfit that little extra something. I am always on the hunt for the next perfect pair!


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