Office Style: Black & Red

All black outfits in the fall are always my go-to. Black on black on black is chic, slimming, and gives off that cool girl edge. I like when some red gets thrown in the mix, too, here or there. From red coats and shoes to pretty black dresses, our girls were looking edgy and confident this week at home office. Have a look!

casey in the snow

Our blog intern opted to add in some white to her red and black look. I love how she layered a white button down underneath the Chunky Oversized Pullover.

all black look with hat

black hat and smile

Our graphic design assistant completed her all black look with a cute, wide-brimmed hat.

red shoes and rocker look

red shoes

The red shoes and leather jacket add in a bit of rocker girl to this look.

black dress with leather jacket

gold jewelry details

Our business assistant made her all black look stand out by piling on some gold and silver statement jewelry.

black boots and lacey slip

black and red casual

Our PR intern went for a comfy and casual look by pairing the Johnny On The Spot Top with a pair of black harem pants.

black and red casual detail

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8 years ago

Love this color combo! The red really pops against the snow. ;)

8 years ago

LOVE the red boots and the hem on the long dress.

8 years ago

I love all black! And I do love some red thrown in there as well! Great outfits!

xo, Juliette Laura

8 years ago

Looking good Alistair!! Loving the black hat

Love love love the second outfit!!
wooden stamps + invitations

8 years ago

Love the third outfit! The red boots are gorgeous!

8 years ago

I love the lace detail on the black dress on the forth look, it gives an effortless feel! Gorgeous.