What To Pack: City Getaway

Few things compare to the feeling of exploring a brand new city. Stepping onto that unknown street – be it pavement, cobblestone, or dirt – you look around with bright eyes, letting it all soak in. The only familiar feeling is that of the clothing on your skin… and perhaps the feeling of unfamiliarity altogether. We’re dreaming of a getaway to a brand new city… here’s what we’re packing:

Hit the streets in the Dolli Ankle Boots — they’ve got a decent heel to them to keep you on top of your game, yet they’re actually comfortable enough float through the streets for hours without thinking twice. The Jess Dress is a go-to for exploring. It’s extremely light so it won’t weigh you down… and those flared 3/4-length sleeves are just way too adorable to pass up. Set the wide-brimmed Matador Hat atop your head, throw the beloved Jericho Backpack over your shoulder, and top it all off with the Fringe Moto Knit Jacket… ’cause you’ve gotta wow them just a little bit. ;)

Boots, backpack, tights

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9 years ago

Seriously the perfect new city exploring outfit!

xo, Juliette Laura

9 years ago

I’d love this look for everyday wear! Those boots are just too cute!

xx Kelly

9 years ago

love this!!!


9 years ago

The Fringe Moto Knit Jacket is amazing!!! I love this outfit too <3
xoxo Annejelina

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9 years ago

I love this!! That dress is amazing..
Halfway to Harmony

9 years ago

I do love a good bootie with some tights; comfy and cute!


8 years ago

Oh wow, this outfit is simply too have feelings, I have Xiangnong a walk in my spare time in various cities.

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