What To Pack: Mountain Getaway

Can you feel it? The overwhelming energy from within pulsing through you, telling you to go… anywhereWanderlust seems to be whirling its way around us, touching everyone in its path. The release of our new catalog and short film, The Cabin, has us wanting to just get away… to a cozy little cabin in the mountains.

Nestled in the middle of the woods among nothing else but pure nature and beauty…where fresh air is plentiful and hikes are on each day’s not-so-structured agenda. We’re dreaming of a getaway to the mountains, and this is what we’re packing:

The Through the Woods Corduroy Overall and Brooks Ankle Boot make the perfect ensemble for a casual morning hike. Strap the Wonder Pocket Belt around your waist filled with the essentials (maybe some lip balm to protect you from the cool air) and pop the Capsule Slouchy Beanie on top of your head. Swing the Plaid Pieced Crochet Ruana over your shoulders — it’ll double as a blanket when the sun goes down and you retire to the cozy interior of your cabin… which is the perfect place for slipping on the Hunting for Fairisle Tall Sock and snuggling by the fire. And don’t forget a camera to capture a few sweet moments along the way.

Poncho, camera, thigh highs

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9 years ago

The Wonder Pocket Belt is rad!!! <3
xoxo Annejelina

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9 years ago

Those socks are totally the number one item on my Christmas list.

9 years ago

Isn’t the Wonder Pocket belt a fanny pack..?

9 years ago

ooh I want so badly to go on a getaway to the mountains and wear everything in this picture and hike amongst the tall trees and cozy up by the fire. : )

9 years ago

LOOOOOVE I’m headed to the mountains for NYE….

9 years ago

Great selections Brigette.
I live in the country…in the Catskills with beatiful mtn views. Anyone that is heading this way in the cold winter months, please do layer up. Layering is key since it so much colder here in the hills…
I was in NYC yesterday celebrating my daughter’s birthday and we stopped in the 49th St. store across from the tree…that store is breathtaking! Happy Holidays FP!

9 years ago

what kind of camera is that?

9 years ago

I can use a get away right about… NOW!!

9 years ago

what camera is it ad where did you get it??????