What To Pack: Zen Getaway

As we near the end of another year, it’s natural to become a bit introspective… our attention turns inside ourselves as we recall what’s behind and ponder what’s ahead… and feel all that’s present inside of us at this very moment.

It’s a wonderful thing to treat ourselves with the gift of a calm mind — especially during the hectic time that is the holiday season. We’re dreaming of a getaway filled with gratitude, happiness, and peace… of rising with the sun, eating purely for energy, appreciating all that surrounds us, and re-connecting with nature. Maybe that getaway can even happen in our very own homes. Here’s what we’re packing for a zen getaway.

Wake up and stretch in the FP One Smocked Bike Shorts and Stone Top Bra. Slip into the Boho Tribal Kimono and Nub Yarn Legwarmer as your pour that first cup of steaming hot tea. Sit down in your favorite sunlight-filled spot and write to someone. Write anything to anyone, even if it’s to yourself. The Zodiac Notecards are too beautiful not to put to use. When you’re ready to step out into the world, clasp the Dripping Coin Pendant around your neck, grab the Santiago Patchwork Backpack, and welcome the day with that beautifully relaxed smile on your face!

Zodiac notecards

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This is my ideal getaway. Lovely pieces, I adore that Bra!

xo, Juliette Laura

Looooove that bra!!

wooden stamps + invitations

Tan And Shy

Love the outfit!! I have a bunch of Free People clothes but have troubles putting it all together – thank you for the inspiration :)

I Especially love the Zodiac note cards!! & Dripping Coin Pendant!
Micci Cohan