The Perfect New Year’s Eve Outfit For Every Girl

It’s less than two weeks away. New Year’s Eve, that is. Now, I know that you’ve probably all had your party outfits picked out, styled, and neatly hung aside your window for weeks now, but for those of you who haven’t had a chance to even think about what to wear (AKA me)… here’s some inspiration!

Many of you may be familiar with our 5 Free People girls… Meadow, Ginger, Sandy, Lou, and Candy. These “girls” are each unique in their own way – and each one of us can identify with one or two or three of them. I asked our stylists to create one New Year’s Eve look for each girl in hopes that one will spark a little fire to help you create your own!

Maybe you’re that bohemian wanderer. You travel from here to there and everywhere in between, decked out in layers upon layers of textured fabrics and gemstone jewels you’ve collected along the way. On New Year’s Eve, here’s what you’ll find Meadow wearing…

New Year's Eve outfit - Meadow

New Year's Eve outfit - Meadow

New Year's Eve outfit - Meadow

Meadow’s look: Tulle Maxi Slip, Embellished Lurex Corset, Tapestry Cardigan, Remedy Zip BootWanted Brimmed Hat, Dripping Coin Pendant, Quartz Rosary Drop Earrings.

Or maybe you’re that sexy party girl. You slip into your favorite form-fitting outfit and shimmy the fabric off your shoulder just a tad. With a fun time on your mind and a swipe of red on your lips, here’s what Ginger’s wearing on one of her favorite nights of the year…

New Year's Eve outfit - ginger

New Year's Eve outfit - ginger

New Year's Eve outfit - ginger

Ginger’s look: Engineered Striped Cowl, Kyra Sequin Short, Maud Opaque TightAthina Ankle Boot, Paint The Sky Statement Necklace.

Could you be the beach babe? With sand in your hair and salt on your skin? You live to be by the water and gravitate towards easy outfits and fabrics that feel soft against your skin.

Or maybe you’re the guy’s girl… with a carefree spirit and a laid-back vibe, you feel best in your favorite denim and tees that you’ve borrowed from the boys.

Here’s what Sandy and Lou will be wearing on this night of celebration…

New Year's Eve outfit - Sandy

New Year's Eve outfit - Sandy and Lou

Sandy’s look: We The Free At The Seams Tee, Little Runaway Skirt, Cuddle Up Jacket, Mandi Mid Sock, Truemay Lace Up Boot.

Lou’s look: Shake Senora Sequin Jacket, Sleeveless Tuxedo Buttondown, Majestic Detail Short, Kantell Lace Up BootMaud Opaque Tight, Noir Massai Necklace (coming soon!).

New Year's Eve outfit - Lou

Quite possibly you’re that girl who’s feminine in every way…  you wrap yourself in lacey fabrics in a romantic color palette and flash a sweet smile while you skip off into the distance. Here’s what you’ll find Candy wearing on New Year’s Eve…

New Year's Eve outfit - Candy

New Year's Eve outfit - Candy

Candy’s look: FP New Romantics Always Forever Tunic, Tribal Arrows Embellished Shift, Lace Heart Necklace, Side Diamond RingSelective Heel, Woven Lace Kimono (coming soon!).

Which of these outfits could you see yourself in for New Year’s Eve?

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