Pet Accessories For A Cause

It’s no secret that we love animals here at Free People. Our home office is filled with pups of every kind, and they light up our days with the simple wag of a tail. So of course when it comes to the pet products we sell, we want to make sure we’re working with vendors who are just as in love with animals as we are. Today I wanted to give a big shout out to Found My Animal. They’re a pet accessories company who handcrafts their product in Brooklyn – and they’re huge supporters of adopting, just like we are!

Free People Found My Animal pet accessories

The company was actually founded by two incredible humans who met one another on a street in Brooklyn while walking their rescue dogs — both named Walter! Their products are handmade from the finest materials – and built to last. We have a ton of their accessories available on our site, from beautiful overdyed collars and leashes to adorable plaid pouches, and even a collapsible canvas water bowl.

Free People Found My Animal pet accessories

Found My Animal’s mission is to promote animal adoption by letting your pet wear your values. Their site states, “By encouraging rescue over purchase, we support animal welfare by asking pets and their owners to help deliver our simple, important message.” Each leash has an individually-numbered tag (so no two are the same!), which allows them to keep track of all the animals their customers have helped thus far!

Free People Found My Animal pet accessories

Free People Found My Animal pet accessories

Another reason we love them is because they’re constantly supporting animal rescue organizations — like 2 Million Dogs, Big Dogs Huge Paws, Rock and Rawhide, Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue… the list goes on and on. And as if that weren’t enough, they currently have a pup featured on their site in order to find her a home. My heart is melting. Thank you, Found My Animal, for all that you do!

Free People Found My Animal pet accessories

Free People Found My Animal pet accessories

Products pictured: Overdyed Rope Collar, Overdyed Rope Leash, Buffalo Plaid Canvas Pouch, Colorblock Water Bowl.

Find out more about Found My Animal!

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This is soo awesome! I love how they help with supporting animal rescue organizations <3 Way to go Walter & Walter =)
xoxo Annejelina

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These are great! Such cute little pups!

Its a great! use such accessories to your pets and make easy to found them. this is very great work done by the rescue or pet welfare socities.
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How awesome!

We rescued my childhood pooch almost twelve years ago and she’s getting on in age. It’ll be a sad day when she passes away, since she was around as I (and my brother) was growing up. But here in a couple years, my brother wants to be somewhere that allows pets and I already told him I’m taking him “dog shopping,” when that happens. He’s wanted a dog for a long time and I just know he’ll want to adopt one just like our parents adopted Macey all those years ago.


awesome!! definitely gonna check out their website. both of my little (big) angels are rescue dogs:)

Wow! Wonderful DIY idea for my dog! But may be much easy it’s to write a phone number? :-)

i really wanna buy the same collar for my dog. thanks for sharing such an great post. keep on sharing good posts with us.


love this-i just adopted a puppy and i really need this collar/leash combo for her!

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