Scenes From The Office

Philly had its first real bit of snow this past week! Everyone is really getting  into the holiday spirit, and on Thursday we had our all company holiday party! It feels like I was just posting pictures of our summer party yesterday, I can’t believe the holiday one is already here! Time is flying by so fast. The theme this year was winter white and faux fur, and everyone was decked out in some killer outfits. Here is a look at the past week!

setting up for the party

Setting up for the party.

plants and things

More party prep.

rock bin

melting snow circles

balloons in a tree

christmas tree truck

string of lights

bells in the lobby

graphic design cubby

setting up lights

candy for stores

girls walking through office

Have a great weekend!

More scenes from the office.

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10 years ago

Beautiful photos. I love the blue crystals you guys are using for the party, their really magical looking <3
xoxo Annejelina

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10 years ago

I don’t know if I could resist at all of that candy, and do not touch!!

10 years ago

I saw some pictures of the party on instagram last night! looked like a blast!

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