Makeup Tutorial: Smokey Eye For New Year’s Eve

The smokey eye is a timeless look. It’s sexy, it’s sultry, it’s moody… it’s perfect for New Year’s Eve. We wanted to find out how to create the perfect smokey eye for this night of ultimate celebration, so we turned to our makeup artist Deanna Hagan to show us how it’s done.

Read on to see which products she used, and how to get the look for yourself!

The key to smoking eyes is a blending of lighter and darker shades. Lots of blending! Start with a darker liner — black, brown, wine or navy — and pair with a lighter shadow. For Kylee, I chose black liner and a shimmery chocolate shadow to complement her features. L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner is great for smudging, and I used NARS Shimmer Eyeshadow in Fez for blending.

Smokey eye products

As for brushes, those with natural bristles are best. You can use an angled brush with soft bristles, or a more tightly-packed rounded brush.

Makeup brushes on wood

Step 1: Rim the eyes, including lower and upper inner rim through the lash line. Squeeze the eyes together a couple of times, naturally smudging the liner.

Smokey eye

Smokey eye

Step 2: Begin blending in the shadow, intensifying as you go. Make strokes in upward motions, starting from the liner. Blend the liner into the powder — you shouldn’t see a clearly defined line. Vary the shape according to what’s flattering on your eye.

Smokey eye

Smokey eye

Step 3: Curl lashes and add lots of mascara.

Smokey eye

Smokey eye

Will you be joining us with a sexy smokey eye this New Year’s Eve?

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9 years ago

Oh my goodness this is the perfect smokey eye! Love it!

xo, Juliette Laura

9 years ago

this tutorial is one of the worst for smokey eyes i’ve ever read.

Arunima Jamwal
8 years ago

Oh wow. Need to try this!