Song of the Week: Lianne La Havas “No Room For Doubt”

I can barely talk and walk straight at the same time. This video — besides its utter pure perfection in pitch and tone — always amazes me for this very reason. Walking, singing, playing guitar and wearing 4 inch heels. Multi-tasking at its finest. Bravo, Lianne… bravo.

No Room For Doubt had me sparked at the title, then I dove head first, finding myself lingering on each lyric, hanging there to feel each moment as she tells it… “We all make mistakes, we do, I learnt from you”. Pauses are placed for purpose. Her pure soulful voice sings lessons of the wise as she strolls down the streets of Paris.

“You caught me, guilty
Taking the pieces of you
That night, you took flight
I couldn’t decide what to do
I won’t let a safe bet
Continue to make me go blue
I could go solo
Would that be the right thing to do?”

Tourists, painters, waiters, street performers… they either smile in awe or simply walk past without a care. I for one, I would be trailing behind this beautiful lady, soaking up every word, every strum. When I first saw this video, I was knocked off my feet. The quality and haunting truth behind her voice is unreal… this can’t be live… or so I first thought.  Do yourself a favor and watch this video, eyes open or closed. Appreciate Lianne La Havas’s incredible gift of poetry and song.

Born in London, 24 years old… Lianne La Havas, it has just begun. Thank you for the honesty your voice brings us. Keep rockin.

LianneLaHavasLianne la havas

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9 years ago

This is SO perfect. She is so talented and not to mention stunning..

xo, Juliette Laura

9 years ago

She is a beauty with an amazing gift!

9 years ago

The first song I ever heard of hers was “Lost and Found”- I literally teared up, so beautiful- highly recommended!

9 years ago

Such a talent and a beautiful soul too. Great write up x