New Year’s Dressing: Underneath & On Top

In just two short weeks, we’ll arrive at that one night of true celebration. A night where we reflect on all that’s happened in the moments that have passed, and look forward to those up ahead — while simultaneously taking thorough enjoyment in the here and now. Although New Year’s party plans often seem to be last minute, it always seems that outfit planning for that very night happens long before.

We sift through our closets, deep into the back, trying on every combination of each last piece until we create something new and exciting… or we say “forget that,” and go out and acquire something we’ve had our eyes on. Whatever your strategy, why not focus some attention on what also goes underneath and on top? I always find that when I pay careful attention to every piece of my look, it gives me that extra bit of confidence that I didn’t even know I needed… like I’m on top of the world with a smile on my face; ready to take the night under my wings.

This year, try pairing intimates and accessories together… tie them in to the vibe of your whole celebratory look. Maybe your dress is flowy, free, and extra feminine… go with a light-colored lacey bra beneath and a stack of shimmering bangles on top. Maybe you have more of a cool, bohemian look… choose a pair of high-waisted velvet undies and some gorgeous statement earrings. It always seems to be the little things that bring happiness to every moment, don’t you think?

Bohemian earrings

Velvet High Waist Undie, Coin Drop Statement Earring.

Dried roses on wallpaper

Purple lace bra, wall paper, dried roses

Lace Plunge Underwire, Filagree Skinny Hard Bangle Set.

Gray lace halter bra and panties, necklace

Galloon Lace Halter Bra, Lacey Basic Hipster, Groupie Layered Necklace.

Suede and silver necklace

Black underwear, necklace, cuff

Stretch Lace High Waist Undies, Cieyara NecklaceFundo Cuff.

Black lace underwear, window

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That is actually really good advice, definitely how I get dressed 90 percent of the time. Lovely photos as well!

xo, Juliette Laura

The Velvet High Waist Undie &Coin Drop Statement Earring’s are amazing!! Love <3
xoxo Annejelina

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those bras’s are gorgeous. I think that’s the direction that I need to go in because my husband said that the last bra I bought looked like a grandma bra. These look sexy and comfy.


Those earrings!!! I need them.

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