Your 2014 Forecast From Tracy Allen

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Your story is not simply written in the stars. From the moment you drew your first breath on this planet, you—who are made of the same stuff as stars—have been co-writing the story of your life. And that story is indelibly woven into the fabric of the universe. Make the choice each and every day to express the energies embedded in the divine blueprint of your birth chart on the highest level you can. You will be making the world a better place in 2014.


zodiac sign illustrationARIES

March 21–April 19

Despite individualistic Uranus’s ongoing presence in your autonomous sign, the planets are directing you to heed John Donne’s words of wisdom: No man is an island. On February 18, the moon’s south node enters Aries, where it will stay until November 2015. Overdoing the south node (which in this case means only doing your own thing) can have a draining effect and keep us in an endless loop that fails to bring satisfaction. You don’t need to resist the allure of independence; Uranus is daring you to revel in it and rebel against the status quo. But recognize your limits and lean on others when going it alone isn’t working. You undoubtedly don’t want to feel needy and dependent, and yet the south node has a suppressive effect on your ego, while the north node in your relationship angle says your path of growth most definitely includes key people. With your ruler Mars parked in that same house until July 25, partnership will be an important mode of operation—more so than usual. Much of your energy will be directed toward others, and when Mars goes retrograde March 1–May 19, you may reconnect with people from the past. But considering that Mars only retrogrades about every 26 months, you could feel off your game during this period and displace your frustrations onto others, especially in April when tensions rise. You’ll feel progressively more yourself on and following these dates: May 19, May 31 and July 21. During his retro phase, you’ll experience apathy, as your will naturally disengages and your momentum slows. This is a perfect time to question what you’re doing and sort out what you should persist in pursuing and what you should give up on—especially when it comes to friendships, business partnerships and romantic relationships. You can act on such revelations after Mars gets back up to speed. With buoyant Jupiter entering your pleasure house July 16, you’ll have more joie de vivre in the second half of the year and be willing to take risks for the sake of happiness. This benefic planet can bring you luck with love and creativity (and procreativity if you’re trying to conceive.) Note that if you need support from your family, such as a favor or a loan, you’re better off asking between March 6 and July 16, when Jupiter is traveling direct and still in your home sector. Although you’ve been hearing about Uranus shaking up your life for a few years now, those of you born around the middle of Aries may only start to notice it in 2014. If your birthday is in the last few days of March or the first week of April, you’ll feel it more than other Aries. Uranus wants you to experiment with your identity and healthy forms of rebellion. Ephemeral Neptune is still in the last house of your chart, and even though you’re a life-affirming sign, you may have a strong sense of the existential void now, causing you to feel a bit lost and wistful. For relief, find a spiritual practice that resonates with you. And speaking of lost, your life direction—and possibly the industry you’re in or want to be in—has been evolving in a major way, giving you a strong compulsion about your career. You’re focused on goals and professional status at the beginning of 2014, but you won’t feel the payoff in January, with valued Venus retrograde there. You’re more likely to be rewarded in February. Serious Saturn is still in your sharing zone until December 23, so you’re finishing up lessons about trust, intimacy and making relationships work. May this year put you exactly where you need to be on the path to becoming your authentic whole self.


zodiac sign illustrationTAURUS

April 20–May 20

2014 begins with your ruling planet retrograde, so you may not feel like things are going your way. But Venus turns direct January 31, and before then, you have an opportunity to contemplate what you want to draw in next. Venus is about values and attracting what you desire. Since she’s in your expansion sector, take some time to ponder what types of growth you should prioritize this year. Education, travel, philosophy, religion and exposure to different cultures and belief systems can all open up your world and give you a broader perspective. Venus lingers in that part of your chart for another five weeks after coming out of retrograde, so you have time to go after the growth experiences you crave most. With the lunar south node leaving Taurus on February 18, you’ll start to feel more capable of standing on your own two feet. That’s a fortunate turn of events, because doer Mars will spend more than half the year in your efficiency zone, keeping you quite busy. Apply your efforts to your job, health, fitness, diet, daily duties, skills and time management. While Mars is retrograde March 1–May 19, you’ll be less efficient and productive. During these weeks of iffy progress, assess the equilibrium in your daily life and do what you can to correct imbalances. Eliminate time wasters and bad habits, and think about how you might do certain things more effectively. Optimistic Jupiter is in your mindset house, and you’ll need to fall back on positive thinking when the retrograde frustrates you. Jupiter is helping you to learn better communication and writing skills, and you’re probably more hopeful these days about making yourself understood. All forms of learning are enriching now, and you also have travel on the brain, thanks to Jupiter’s love of journeys. Keep in frequent contact with plenty of people, and go on small trips if you can’t manage a big one. Note that Jupiter is retrograde until March 6, so all of the aforementioned things will go more smoothly after that date. Jupiter crosses your domestic angle July 16, meaning the rest of the year will bring some of the following: an underlying optimistic mood, the support of family, expansion of your home or family, a move, enthusiasm over home decorating, learning about your roots and real estate, meeting people whom you feel at home with and personal growth from a better understanding of childhood issues. A solar eclipse in Taurus on April 29 is another significator of personal renewal in the second half of the year. The solar eclipse on October 23, however, falls in your partnership angle, suggesting change is necessary to move relationships forward. This echoes Saturn’s stay in that part of your chart from October 2012 until December 23 this year. Your close connections have been tested, and you’re seeing them as a very serious matter. If you’re in a committed relationship, a business partnership or a best friendship that has grown more solid in the past year, it’s the real deal. If you’ve gone through a breakup or face one this year, know that the relationship’s time was up and you were meant to part ways. It’s hard for you to understand where you’re coming from or what you really believe anymore, with Uranus disrupting your subliminal sector and Pluto overhauling your truth house. You may perceive change coming at you via external events, when actually you’re doing unconscious things that trigger liberating shifts and overthrowing entrenched views that don’t serve you anymore. With ethereal Neptune in your group sector, seek out more spiritual or creative friends and organizations and aim to be of service to the world. You’re naturally releasing inorganic friendships to find a more symbiotic fit with people. May this year put you exactly where you need to be on the path to becoming your authentic whole self.


zodiac sign illustrationGEMINI

May 21–June 20

Your year starts off with half the planets gathered in your hidden-matters sector, emphasizing trust, sexuality, mortality, psychological issues and merged resources. Venus is retrograde in this part of the chart that rules money we derive from others, so outside sources of funding such as loans, grants and tax refunds may not be forthcoming until after Venus moves forward on January 31. With responsible Saturn in your tasks zone and transformative Pluto in your joint-resources house, you may be working to pay off your debt or to earn a grant or attract investors. With generous Jupiter in your finance zone since last summer, hopefully you’ve been prospering. Jupiter is retrograde until March 6, so you should be reviewing your finances and learning what you can do to maximize wealth. Making full use of all your talents will also help you to get the most out of this time. If you’re overspending due to Jupiter’s optimism, curtail that behavior and instead, take some reasonable calculated risks to make more money when your intuition gives you the green light. Jupiter can help increase your income, and it can also bring luck with the lottery and investments. Action-oriented Mars is in your personal-fulfillment zone until July 25, also stimulating an impulse to be a little daring. Go after what makes you happy and helps you to express a joyful, childlike spirit—be it romance, creativity, play, hobbies, sports or time with kids. When Mars is retrograde, though, from March 1 to May 19, don’t be surprised if you feel the buzzkill. It will seem like you’re spinning your wheels trying to enjoy yourself, and your passion and joy are waning. This is an ideal period to revise a creative project or rediscover a previous source of pleasure. Stop and think about how you spend your free time and what you do to please yourself, then consider redirecting your energy if you find you’ve been chasing the wrong things and people. Speaking of retrogrades, Mercury is backtracking February 6–28, June 7–July 1 and October 4–25. Don’t make any life-changing decisions or major purchases (especially technology) during those periods, and avoid signing contracts. Expect the usual communication and travel snafus, and try to be patient. Twins and Virgos are affected more than others by Merc retro, since the messenger planet rules your signs. Keep your chin up, because Jupiter enters your cognition-and-communication house on July 16, the natural house of a Gemini’s chart. You’ll start to see more people and will learn a lot between then and August 2015. Writing, your local community, daily social contact, education and travel will all enhance your life during that time. You’ve had more responsibility and work since October 2012 when Saturn entered your duties sector, where he’ll stay until December 23. Try to keep a steady schedule and take care of your health, recognizing the limits of the body. Get even more serious about self-improvement, and avoid the temptation to take shortcuts. Take it in stride, with erratic Uranus in your group zone, when friendships come and go and people don’t behave as you expect them to. Elusive Neptune is in your public-position angle, and you may be confused about your career as a result. Release old goals that don’t pertain to who you are today, and even be willing to sacrifice your prior life direction if doing so opens up your true path. Contemplate some type of metaphysical career or the possibility that service to humanity and the world may be an element of your calling—and pay attention to dreams about your vocation. May this year put you exactly where you need to be on the path to becoming your authentic whole self.


zodiac sign illustrationCANCER

June 21–July 22

Since Jupiter entered your sign last summer, you homebody Crabs have been more into travel, and you’ve also been on another kind of adventure—a personal journey. You’re taking more risks and daring to be wildly optimistic about your future. You’ve expanded the possibilities of who you can be, and now, with Jupiter retrograde until March 6, it’s time to assess all that growth. Jupiter leaves Cancer July 16, so you have four and a half months of it moving forward to wrap up what you started. It’s not leaving your chart altogether of course, but this phase of developing a bigger and better self-identity is coming to a close in July. Making the most of something is pretty much Jupiter’s mantra, so enjoy this positive period that you can build on for years to come. When Jupiter moves into your worth zone mid-year, you can align with its intention to grow your worth by beginning to make full use of what you already have going for you. Tap into all of your natural talents to increase your earning power. With Jupiter here, your income could very well increase, but so could your spending if your concept of your assets becomes overly inflated. In the second half of 2014, you’ll benefit from developing a strong sense of your own morals and values and using that to guide what you hope to gain in terms of money and possessions. You might want to think about how you could earn or spend your money in a more ethical manner. You’ve come to understand yourself better lately and your self-image has acquired more meaning. Given this self-knowledge, what do you truly want to have? And what do you already have that means the most to you? Mars begins the year in your domestic angle, the natural house in the chart for Cancer, and stays there until July 25. During this time, you’ll be working on your home or working from home and may also run into conflict with family or housemates. Your efforts will be concentrated on matters related to home and family, but with Mars retrograde March 1–May 19, you may not feel like you’re getting anywhere. This house also rules emotions, memories, comfort and roots. You could get rather moody during this two-and-a-half-month span and will likely need private time to decompress. You’ll almost certainly stumble upon your own repressed anger, so try to be conscious of your issues and welcome the chance to process important feelings. This is also a chance to stop and evaluate a course of action related to family or your living situation. This area of life could well be a source of opportunities in 2014, with the moon’s karmic north node crossing your domestic angle on February 18, where it will stay until November 2015. Relationships are another potentially positive area, with stabilizing Saturn in your love sector and transformative Pluto in your partnership angle. You’re ready to commit to what makes you happy (and who), and you’re taking your personal fulfillment seriously, with a more disciplined approach to romance or creativity. This isn’t so much a time for spontaneous fun as it is a time for vowing to get more out of life and to express your unique self. As methodical as you’re being about those things, you may be bored with your career and want more freedom and variety, thanks to revolutionary Uranus in your goals angle. Try studying something metaphysical or mystical, to satisfy the vague longing that Neptune is stirring up in your education house. May this year put you exactly where you need to be on the path to becoming your authentic whole self.


zodiac sign illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

Big news for Lions in 2014: Lucky Jupiter shows up in your sign on July 16 for a 13-month stay that will launch a new growth cycle for you. Because Jupiter rules knowledge and the sun represents your core identity, this will be a period of getting to know yourself better. Jupiter brings confidence and optimism—things that aren’t usually in short supply with Leos—and helps you to realize your full potential. You’re encouraged to expand your definition of yourself during this time. So seek out new experiences, foreign cultures, unfamiliar beliefs and people who are very different from you. Travel and study and open yourself up to all the possibilities of the world that can inform who you are becoming. Meet halfway the opportunities that Jupiter is known to bring, and embrace its spirit of freedom. Jupiter has been in the last house of your chart since last summer, preparing you for this journey. You’re currently learning from your unconscious, having private revelations and experiencing spiritual and internal growth. Something exciting is gestating in your imagination. Meanwhile, Uranus is already revolutionizing your worldview, since he’s been traveling through Jupiter’s natural house in your chart the last few years. You’re pulling away from old beliefs and should jettison one in particular around September 25 that’s limiting who you can be. Education will eventually offer you more independence, but due to the sporadic nature of Uranus, you may only be interested on and off in learning. With mobile Mars in your thinking-and talking sector until July 25, your brain is busy and so is your social life. Get active in your community, maybe beautifying the neighborhood in some way, since Mars is in aesthetic Libra. If you have siblings, you’ll be interacting with them a lot, but you could have some conflict, due to Mars’s combative nature. Writing and communication are emphasized, though you should expect crossed wires when Mars is retrograde March 1–May 19. Try to bring your mind into better balance during this time, and be aware of the temptation to lash out verbally. Use these months to rethink a course of action rather than take one and to mentally process repressed anger and buried drive. Sobering Saturn has been at the bottom of your chart since October 2012 and will remain there until December 23 this year. You’ve been taking care of your home or taking on responsibility for your family and have perhaps dealt with some form of hardship in this area. Since this house also rules comfort, work on learning to read your own mood and nurture yourself. Organizing your living space would prove very useful now, too, as an orderly base of operation can give structure to your life. Neptune is about dissolving structure, not building it, and this intangible planet may have given you an interest in the occult and a yearning to merge with someone on the spiritual plane, especially through sex. But you could also be somewhat confused about or disillusioned with closeness and trust, due to Neptune’s ongoing presence in your sharing sector. You might feel better if you reserve intimacy for people with whom you have a meaningful connection. You’re undergoing a long-term process of transformation concerning your health, your daily duties, your job or your routine, and though it can feel oppressive, you need to go through something deep and dark wherever Pluto is. And Pluto happens to be camped out in your time-work-and-health house. Jupiter in your sign later in the year will do wonders to buoy your spirits no matter what else is going on. May this year put you exactly where you need to be on the path to becoming your authentic whole self.


zodiac sign illustrationVIRGO

August 23–September 22

With mover-and-shaker Mars in your worth zone until July 25 you’ll be taking action that affects your finances, but you may make some less-than-brilliant money moves when Mars is retrograde March 1–May 19 if you’re not careful. Mars can be impulsive and risky even at his best, and when he’s retrograde, he’s not functioning optimally. However, this period gives you the perfect opportunity to balance your budget, since Mars is in Libra, the sign of the scales. You could also do something about your possessions, such as cleaning out clutter and donating things you don’t need, because Libra rules aesthetics and fairness as well. Check your urge to argue over money, stuff and values during these months, instead examining your own behavior as it relates to self-esteem and financial strategy. Your attitude about finances is connected to your attitude about yourself. Erratic Uranus has been in your sharing sector for the past few years, making funding from outside sources unpredictable, and Mars is calling you to focus on how to get what you want for yourself without relying too much on others. The house Uranus is transiting also rules intimacy, and his presence there is associated with sudden or unusual sexual encounters, closeness and trust being shaken up and experimenting with one’s sexuality. If any of that describes what’s been going on with you, rest assured that this part of your life is supposed to be radically changing and you’re not meant to stick to a norm when it comes to closeness now. As far as more general relationships go, your circle has been expanding since Jupiter entered your group zone last summer. You may have more luck with friendship and networking, or you may simply have more people in your personal and professional lives. The potential for learning from these people is very high now, and they can not only teach you, but can also help you to aim higher in your goals. Your belief in teamwork should be fairly strong at this point, and your dreams are bigger than usual. Another way to max out Jupiter’s stay in this part of your chart, which will come to a close on July 16, is to get involved with charitable organizations. In the last five months of the year, your internal faith will build, your imagination will open up and your spiritual attunement will be heightened, as Jupiter unlocks the doors to the unconscious. You’ll also have to rely on your intuition more when your ruler Mercury goes retrograde, slowing down your analytical brain February 6–28, June 7–July 1 and October 4–25. Don’t make any life-changing decisions or major purchases—tech especially—and avoid signing contracts. Expect the usual communication and travel snafus, and try to be patient. Saturn in your cognition-and-communication house has been pushing you to speak responsibly, making sure you know what you’re talking about before you open your mouth. And though Saturn may spell challenges with your siblings or neighbors, overall he’s giving you a more mature mindset, which is a plus. Honest communication with romantic partners and creative expression are also facilitated by his harmonious connection to Pluto in your love-and-art zone. Idealistic, foggy Neptune in your relationship angle is drawing you to more spiritual people, but also exacerbating a tendency to see others as flaky or spacey. You may be confused by people, alternating between seeing them through rose-colored glasses and seeing only their flaws. You long for a meaningful connection and need to start listening to your intuition about people more and tuning out your inner critic sometimes. May this year put you exactly where you need to be on the path to becoming your authentic whole self.


zodiac sign illustrationLIBRA

September 23–October 22

Your ruler Venus is retrograde until January 31, so you may not be going into 2014 expecting too much, but this year stands out for Libras for many reasons. The karmic north node of the moon enters your sign on February 18, where it will remain until November 2015. During this time, you’ll make beneficial connections that bring opportunities into your life, and people will turn to you more, as the north node signifies a path of growth for all of us. When it’s in your sign, you’re like a beacon. You’ll have more confidence and get increased recognition during its 21-month stay. And speaking of extended stays, Mars is spending nearly seven months of the year in Libra, compared to his usual two-month visit. That’s because he’s going retrograde from March 1 to May 19. Between now and March 1 (and then again between May 19 and July 25), Mars lends you vitality, passion, drive and assertiveness, and you can expect to get a lot done. Be careful not to steamroll people, though, and keep passive aggressive tendencies in check. That may be particularly challenging during the retrograde period, when Mars’s energy is reversed and everyone gets frustrated with the loss of momentum. Use these months to get in touch with your inner will, neglected passions and bottled-up anger, perhaps by tuning into your body and homing in on a fiery sensation. It’s not the best time to express or act on these feelings, but rather, a time to sift through them. April will be especially intense, with planets in Aries opposing Mars throughout the month and Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto taking turns squaring him—not to mention an emotional lunar eclipse in your sign on the 15th. But this is an important phase when you can stoke the fire within you and put it to more appropriate use after Mars gets back up to speed. Your expectations of success have been heightened by Jupiter’s transit of your ambition angle that began last summer. Your career has expanded, you’re keeping a higher profile or you’re aiming for a big position. When Jupiter transitions into your hopes-and-humanity sector on July 16, your social and professional circles should grow, and teamwork will become favorable. You’ll turn your sights to bigger and better goals and might feel the urge to do something that makes a positive contribution to the world. As a Libra, you’re supposed to be a people person, but with Uranus in your others angle, you’ve probably had people entering and exiting your life rather quickly of late and you’re encountering more unusual—possibly unstable—people as well. A close relationship could seem uncertain or you could have entered into an unconventional arrangement with someone. In addition, Pluto has likely stirred up family issues or a crisis in the home such as plumbing problems or perhaps a major renovation. You’re undergoing an internal death-and-rebirth process as you gradually move away from the past and old patterns. Your income may be restricted by Saturn’s visit to your worth zone, which will finally end on December 23. But part of Saturn’s purpose there is to force you to get your finances in order, which will be to your benefit in the long run. Keep a detailed budget and control your spending, and while Saturn is retro March 2–July 20, you may want to restructure your finances altogether. Mystical Neptune is still in your wellness house this year, encouraging you to make the mind-body-spirit connection and maybe delve into alternative health. Treat your body as a temple, and consider adopting a daily spiritual practice. May this year put you exactly where you need to be on the path to becoming your authentic whole self.


zodiac sign illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

The karmic north node leaves your sign on February 18, but Saturn stays in Scorpio until December 23, assuring you that your growth spurt isn’t over by a long shot. Saturn doesn’t believe in long shots. He’s the master of calculated success, and since October 2012, he’s been compelling you to grow up and structure your identity more definitively so you can reap the ultimate reward of becoming your true self and thriving in the world. In 2013, you withdrew and painstakingly unlearned inaccurate aspects of your self-image. You’ve probably felt isolated and tired, but the perseverance, hard work, accountability, responsibility, authority and maturity are making you strong. Saturn goes retrograde March 2–July 20, giving you time to assess your growth and prepare for the home stretch, and the Scorp solar eclipse on October 23 will symbolically kick off the last chapter. Saturn is in mutual reception with your ruler Pluto, meaning each planet is in the sign that the other planet rules. Neither of the planet-sign combos are fun, but both are incredibly powerful, and they’ve been working together to help Scorpios and Capricorns do what they have to do. Omnipotent Pluto in your cognition house is empowering your mind, while Saturn is rebuilding your ego, and the three of you are collaborating. You understand in your core what you’re going through. Those of you born in the last third of Scorpio will start to feel Saturn more in 2014 than you did in 2013, and earlier Scorps should feel it starting to resolve. Mars, the planet that ruled your sign before Pluto was discovered, will be in your subliminal sector more than half the year. This is a time for toiling behind the scenes, cleaning out the closet of your unconscious and doing spiritual work. But, especially when Mars is retrograde March 1–May 19, you may catch yourself doing things you don’t understand and acting against your own best interest, since the action planet is hiding beneath your radar. Use the retrograde period to process repressed anger, motivation and passion and to reestablish spiritual equilibrium. Your outer drive naturally disengages during this time, as the Martian energy turns inward. Reengage your will more appropriately after May 19, based on what you intuit during the retrograde. Until July 16, Jupiter will remain in its favorite house in your chart, where it’s been since last summer. It starts off 2014 retrograde, but will turn direct on March 6. Learning, travel, optimism, mind-opening experiences, a broad perspective and faith are all emphasized for you. When Jupiter reaches the top of your chart in July, that will further reinforce your Saturnian focus on ambition and success. But unlike Saturn’s insistence on earning everything you get, Jupiter is known for its generous spirit. Career prosperity, public recognition and big opportunities could be coming your way between July 2014 and August 2015. Uranus has been a wild card in your chart the last few years, making you want more freedom and variety in your day or your job and introducing unpredictability to these areas. Despite the discipline Saturn has imposed on you, thanks to Uranus, you can’t quite get a handle on your daily life. Happily, dreamy Neptune has been in your joy sector the last couple of years and will linger there for many years to come. Because of all the heavy stuff you have going on, Neptune’s subtle effect could go unnoticed. Try to locate this elusive ethereal energy, and tap into spiritual bliss, romantic love, inspired creativity, natural playfulness and a beautiful feeling of merging with people who awaken your heart. You need it now more than ever. May this year put you exactly where you need to be on the path to becoming your authentic whole self.


zodiac sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Your ruler Jupiter begins 2014 retrograde, which may delay funds from outside sources such as a tax refund, loan or grant, and if you have a partner, his or her income may be slow. But Jupiter goes direct March 6, righting the ship. With your lucky planet in your sharing sector since last summer, you’ve been supporting someone else in their efforts to make money or helping someone to get what they want. Hopefully this has also been a positive time for your sex life and your psychological wellbeing. But you may like Jupiter’s next move even better. On July 16, it enters its natural house in your chart, the house that relates to all matters Jupiterian and Sagittarian. So it gets to do its thing and do it where it’s at its best. Expanding your horizons through learning, travel and new experiences will be favored, and you’ll start to gain a strong sense that your life is heading in a good direction. You can meet luck halfway through your actions, and with Mars in your group sector until July 25, networking, philanthropy and teamwork of all sorts are the way to go. But Mars is retrograde March 1–May 19, thwarting everyone’s efforts. Don’t let a lack of progress frustrate you too much, because arguments with friends are one of the likeliest results, and the sign that Mars is in can make us all extra reactive and passive aggressive. Use this time to slow down and review your friendships, professional contacts, affiliations with organizations and newest goals, then redirect your energy if need be when Mars gets back up to tempo later in May. In any case, your social life will be active for several months, with lots of group activity, so enjoy being out and about with people. There’s something more serious going on inside you, however, since Saturn entered your subconscious sector in October 2012, where he’ll stay until December 23 this year. You’re learning not to self-sabotage, getting closure on something, developing a disciplined practice that centers you, taking your imagination, dreams and spirituality more seriously, working through something in the unconscious and allowing something to end so you can grow up and move on. Another subtlety with you is a quiet yearning for, or idealization of, home or family. A relative may seem sensitive lately, and it’s a good idea to be gentler with them. You may also feel like your living situation is vulnerable or confusing. Since this is oceanic mystical Neptune in your domestic angle, bringing the water element into your home or creating a space for spiritual practice may bring comfort. Speaking of comfort, you may be anxious or insecure with Pluto in your money house slowly tearing down and rebuilding your finances. Oftentimes wherever Pluto is, we describe that area of life as killing us. Understand that turning things around financially will happen over a very long span of time. You can align yourself with this process by reducing waste in every way possible and purging possessions. Jupiter may help you to attract investors or get out of debt in the first half of the year. Helping others to succeed will enrich you too, now. If you’re figuring out how to control your finances, you may be able to teach someone to do the same. On a livelier note, unpredictable Uranus is in your enjoyment zone, stimulating spontaneous fun and creative flashes. Your love life probably seems sporadic lately. If you’re single, that means someone could show up suddenly, and if you’re in a relationship, that means out-of-the-blue romantic moments. May this year put you exactly where you need to be on the path to becoming your authentic whole self.


zodiac sign illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

Half the planets start the year in Capricorn, with Venus lingering there longer than usual due to her retrograde, which ends January 31. For the first month of 2014, things don’t feel entirely right to you, and love and money aren’t as forthcoming as you’d like. But in February (and until March 5), the law of attraction is in effect. Your desire is strong, and you’re able to draw in what you want. Your creativity and beauty also surge, and you’ll feel more affectionate than usual. Plus you’re gifted with another visit from Venus this calendar year when she lands in Capricorn again on December 10. You’ll need to call on Venusian charm with aggressive Mars in your ambition angle, getting you amped up to reach goals. This is Capricorn’s natural house, so it probably feels pretty good to have the doer planet here. But you don’t want to push so hard that you step on an authority figure’s toes. There’s plenty of time for accomplishing things—Mars is hanging at the top of your chart until July 25. He’s there for so long due to his retrograde March 1–May 19. If you’re frustrated by a lack of progress during this period, be careful about showing it. Your ire will be hard to hide and may leak out through passive aggression. Work on bringing your ambition into equilibrium, balancing worldly achievement with other parts of life. This is also the time to revive an old goal or passion. Pluto in Capricorn could be making you compulsive about success. You’ll feel the effects of Pluto more intensely than other Caps in 2014 if you were born in the first four days of January. All of you are undergoing a major personal transformation from the inside out, and although this detoxification process is surely painful, the end results will be positive. You’re ever so slowly reinventing yourself, and Pluto decrees that this reinvention is imperative. Pluto is retrograde April 14–September 22, during which time you might feel him easing up, giving you a chance to evaluate what’s going on. Jupiter should be lifting your spirits through lucrative partnerships and rewarding relationships, especially after March 6 when it turns direct. Since last summer, you’ve been learning from people and feeling more hopeful about making meaningful connections. You may also be drawn to foreigners, mentors and teachers. On July 16, Jupiter moves into your sharing-and-depth zone, improving outside sources of funding like a partner’s income, tax refund, inheritance, grant or loan. Between then and August 2015, you’ll have more luck borrowing or paying off debt, and you could dive into intensive learning like a research project. You’re learning in a more intuitive way with Neptune in your cognition-and-communication house. Your thinking and speech are being softened, not sharpened, so you’re better at calling on your instincts than recalling facts now. But your methods are more traditional when it comes to networking, setting new objectives and contributing to causes, with Saturn in your hopes-and-humanity zone. Pause and reassess while Saturn is retro March 2–July 20, then kick it back into gear for Saturn’s last five months in this house. You may be off balance from the last few years of Uranus rocking your foundation—probably either via volatility in the family or instability in your living situation. You might be moving around sporadically, and you’re almost surely breaking from the past in fits and starts, feeling more emotional distance from your family or childhood or hometown. You crave freedom deep down, and your moods may seem to change on a dime. The best you can do is to be aware of your own feelings and recognize the role you play in disruption. May this year put you exactly where you need to be on the path to becoming your authentic whole self.


zodiac sign illustrationAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

You may be itching to travel as 2014 begins with let’s-go Mars in your journeys zone. He’s there until July 25 (compared to his usual two-month visit) because of a retrograde phase March 1–May 19. Although the retro will be frustrating for all of us, for your sign it could be associated with heated differences of opinion and education and travel foul-ups. Try to be patient with delays and detours, and take advantage of the slower pace. Work on getting more balance in your worldview if your beliefs are lopsided, pursue the full picture, weigh the pros and cons of a class, a trip, a personal philosophy—in short, get some perspective. During the months that Mars is traveling direct, seek a worthy quest such as fighting for your belief in fairness, going on a trip that will broaden your mind or excelling in your education. During the retrograde, you may find yourself wanting to revisit a place you’ve already traveled to, and that trip could happen between May 19 and July 25. Traveling with a companion becomes more appealing after July 16 when Jupiter crosses your relationship angle. Between then and August 2015, you may also become attracted to foreign cultures and people. You’ll meet more people in general, have more luck in love and grow and learn through one-on-one connections. Your faith in humanity should increase, and a current relationship may improve due to better understanding, or possibly because of a romantic trip. You may meet a significant other while abroad or meet people closer to home who will open up a new world to you. Before July 16, Jupiter is keeping you busy in your daily life. Since last summer, you’ve taken on more responsibilities or gotten involved in more fulfilling work. Hopefully you’ve landed a bigger, better job if you weren’t satisfied before, and if not, that can still happen in the next six and a half months. Your office might be expanding, and your health should be improving. All of this is muted by Jupiter’s current retrograde, but that ends in only a couple of months, on March 6. Your ruler Uranus has been in your mindset zone the last few years, bringing outside-the-box thinking and shifts with your siblings. You change your mind a lot lately, but your brain will steady when Uranus retrogrades July 21–December 21. The days around April 21 and December 14 will be trying, as Uranus continues his war with Pluto. Pluto is in your subliminal sector, putting your unconscious through a long-term purging process. You’re sifting through very deep, very dark stuff, and you’re doing it privately. Pay attention to dreams that feature intense emotions like rage, jealousy and passion, because they can help you to comprehend that these feelings are within you. Only then can you really begin to work through them. Speaking of work, you’re working hard to reach your goals, with Saturn in your ambition angle from October 2012 until December 23, 2014. You may have a strict boss, but your discipline is maturing you and ultimately you’ll gain some authority or recognition. Saturn doesn’t hand things to us, and he’s forcing you to earn your success. The money-making aspect of success may be confusing to you lately, especially if your funds have been depleted by dissolving Neptune’s visit to your worth zone. Stay savvy enough to avoid deception, including self-deception. Neptune wants you to consider your spiritual values, the metaphysical aspect of attracting what you want, how you might use your talents for a higher purpose and your deeper definition of wealth. Your sense of self-worth needs to come from a deeper place, too—your soul. May this year put you exactly where you need to be on the path to becoming your authentic whole self.


zodiac sign illustrationPISCES

February 19–March 20

Provocateur Mars is keeping things interesting the first several months of the year while he’s in your hidden-matters house, steering your energy toward things people tend not to talk about. This house is half-jokingly referred to as the house of sex, death and taxes, but there’s more to it. The messy things we share with those closest to us, such as secrets, a joint bank account and our sexuality, belong here. So, too, do the feelings that such matters call up, like trust, mistrust, closeness, rage, possessiveness and jealousy. Additional concealed subjects that get filed here are mortality, other people’s money, investigation, psychology and our darkest emotions. So until July 25, emotional intimacy, obsession, grief, insurance, taxes, your partner’s income, loans, grants, debt, investors, sex, research, difficult private feelings and psychological issues will be emphasized. But March 1–May 19, while Mars is retrograde, these things may not be moving in the right direction. This is a time to pause and correct energy imbalances. For instance, maybe you’re sharing too much with the wrong people and becoming mistrustful. Or perhaps you need to delve into an emotion that causes you to obsess, and find out what’s underlying it so you can heal. Any number of scenarios could play out, but if you’re excavating intense pain from a deep place, know that psychotherapy is also ruled by this house, and talking to a professional now will likely be cathartic. On a lighter note, generous Jupiter is still in your joy sector until July 16, bringing you luck in love (and fertility, if you’re trying to conceive), optimism about personal fulfillment and inspiration for creativity. You’re taking more chances, exhibiting your affection and expressing yourself with enthusiasm. Jupiter is retrograde until March 6, so use the first couple months of 2014 to revise a creative project or rethink what you truly want. When Jupiter enters your time-work-and-health zone in July, you’ll aspire to get more out of your day. That may add up to finding more meaningful work, taking on additional responsibility or launching a self-improvement campaign. You might marry the morals of Jupiter with the wellness of this house by starting to eat more ethically. You’ll probably get busier when Jupiter is in this part of your chart July 16, 2014–August 11, 2015, but the main objective is for your daily life to be more fulfilling—not just for your calendar to be more full. Neptune continues its long stay in its native sign Pisces in 2014, so you’re extra intuitive, imaginative and spiritual but also extra sensitive, spacey and indulgent. The very best and worst of the sign is on display, because Neptune is not being modified by another sign’s energy, and Pisces is not being filtered through the jurisdiction of a different planet. Those of you born between February 22 and 26 will feel Neptune the most this year, although it is retrograde June 9–November 16, during which time the effect will be subtler. You Fish are quite permeable, especially now, so make a point of not taking in negative energy, or at least not holding onto it. Release it, and expose yourself to as much positive energy as you can. Neptune wants you to heal and purify yourself. Saturn is maturing your belief system and structuring your vision from October 2012 until December 2014, and he’s reminding you to complement inspiration with concrete planning. Fluctuations in finances and confidence may be rattling you lately, but Uranus is suggesting your money strategy and self-image could use a change. Shifting goals, professional affiliations and friendships draw your attention to the need for strong ideas and an empowering support team. May this year put you exactly where you need to be on the path to becoming your authentic whole self.

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9 years ago

This was wonderful. I am excited for the year ahead!

xo, Juliette Laura

9 years ago

2014 is looking like it will be a GREAT year!
Thanks for sharing!

9 years ago

Sooo excited for this year!!!!!!!!!!

I just made a blog, if you want to look at it here it is!!!

9 years ago
9 years ago

Love it. It’s not all roses but that’s life. I’m ready to rock in 2014. :)

8 years ago

Oooo! can’t wait for 2014 !

Ella Wild xoxo,
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