4 Ingredients, 3 Ways

Just by being a part of this here blog, I’ve learned lots and lots about the uses and benefits of different foods. This time around, instead of listing off all the benefits of a particular food or sharing a particular recipe, I thought I’d give it a little spin: 4 ingredients, 3 ways.

Oatmeal, apple, honey, almond milk
Oats: In terms of eating, oats are full of fiber, protein, and antioxidants. They’re also excellent for heart health. For the body, oats are incredible for adding moisture to the skin and hair, and the’re great for exfoliating as well.

Almond milk:  Almond milk is free of dairy, high in antioxidants, and excellent for heart health. It’s filled with vitamins and minerals like copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium — which are beneficial not only internally, but when used externally, as well!

Apples: Yet another antioxidant-filled ingredient! Apples can also help boost your immune system, satisfy cravings, boost your memory, and even help fight cancer. Apples offer up vitamins A, B, and C, which keep your skin healthy and fresh.

Honey: Honey is a natural sweetener with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It can help with coughs and stomach issues, and can even help prevent heart disease and cancer. Honey is also excellent for the hair and skin when used externally, drawing in moisture and locking it in where it belongs.

And now… here are 3 ways to use these 4 delicious ingredients!

Oatmeal and apples

1. Have them hot

I love enjoying these 4 ingredients in a classic winter breakfast. Prepare the oats over the stove or in the microwave with some almond milk, add in some cut up almonds, and drizzle some raw honey over the top. Delicious, easy, healthy, and warm.

Apple oatmeal smoothie

2. Try them cold

This is my new favorite thing. Please, please try it — you will not regret it! Toss all 4 ingredients into a blender with some ice, and blend until smooth. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top if you wish, and enjoy! This is such a treat to the taste buds. You’ll have a hard time believing that it’s made of all healthy ingredients.

Oats for face

3. Put them on your face

As mentioned above, these ingredients all have incredible benefits when used externally, as well. Mix them up in a blender (without ice this time), apply on your face, let sit for about 10 minutes, and then rinse off for smooth, purified, hydrated skin. If you’d like, add some extra whole oats and use as an exfoliating face wash instead.

Have any ideas on how else to use these four magic ingredients? Let us know!

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7 years ago

I love using ground oats as a simple exfoliant and honey as a face mask to seal the moisture in. Homemade skincare is the best <3
xoxo Annejelina

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7 years ago

This is SO perfect. I am definitely going to do all three!

xo, Juliette Laura

7 years ago

Is there an almond milk brand that you prefer?

7 years ago

I have to try that drink, it sounds delish.

7 years ago

Odalis – Trader Joe’s Almond Milk is delicious and very affordable since almond milk is usually a bit expensive. Provided that you have a TJ’s near you that is.

7 years ago

Thanks, Milka!

7 years ago

These are 4 staples in my kitchen so I’ll definitely have to try these. The mask sounds amazing!


7 years ago

As I read this post, I looked down at my breakfast & realized I was eating just eating just that: oats, almond milk, honey, & baked apples. (I add some almond butter as well.) A lovely coincidence!

Xo, Amber

7 years ago

Nice! this is honestly my biggest way of eating healthy—pick some staple ingredients that are good for you, then find multiple ways to cook/combine them. It makes changing to a healthy diet much easier

7 years ago

can i use something else instead of almond milk? unfortunately i cant find a place that sells it near where i live
xx Helena