How To Make All-Natural Solid Perfume

More and more I find myself succumbing to the power of scent. I surround myself with things that smell of pure beauty, wherever I go.

Candles in every single room of the house, oil diffusers in my bathroom, incense in my bedroom, dried herbs in my car. A spritz or two of perfume and a dab of essential oil on my skin, and I’m ready to take on the day. Not only does scent just relax your soul, it can bring about positive emotions, energize and empower you, and so much more.

I think it’s really special to be able to have a custom scent; a scent that becomes hers and only hers, making her feel at home, and allowing others to smell her presence when she’s around. It really adds a whole new dimension to a person’s vibe. This homemade solid perfume does exactly that, because you can create a unique scent that becomes your own. Plus, you can put it in any container you like… and take it with you everywhere. And, it’s probably one of the easiest beauty products to make. I was absolutely stunned by how well this turned out.

Homemade perfume


Organic essential oils of your choice (I used jasmine, lavender, and sandalwood)
Natural beeswax (found at health food stores)
Jojoba oil (or other carrier oil, such as sweet almond or vitamin E)
Double boiler (or makeshift double boiler)
Small wooden stick for stirring
Small glass or tin container for storing


1. Grate 1 tablespoon of beeswax and melt using your double boiler.

Homemade perfume

Homemade perfume 5

2. Once melted, add in 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil and about 50 drops total of essential oil. Mix using a small wooden stick.

3. Pour into your storage container. You may want to first transfer into larger container to maintain accuracy when pouring into your storage container — but be quick! The mixture will start to harden almost immediately.

Homemade perfume

This amount wasn’t enough to fill my container so I quickly made another batch and poured it in on top of the first.

4. Let sit for about 10-20 minutes. Once fully hardened, your perfume is all set. How easy is that?!

Homemade perfume

*You can adjust the size of this recipe based on the size of your storage container, just keep a beeswax-to-carrier-oil ratio of 1:1. Feel free to adjust the ratio of essential oils in order to strengthen or dilute the scent.

Homemade solid perfume

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I teach yoga and I love making my own essential oils sprays and salves! This is such a fun diy, can’t wait to try it! Maybe I’ll try making something with rose and sandalwood/vanilla <3
xoxo Annejelina

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I love making my own beauty products, but I don’t know where to find those cute little storage containers!! Where do you get them? I’m absolutely in love with the one in the photos.

Thank you SO much for this! I am slowly moving into more natural, organic beauty and was looking for “healthy” fragrances! I’ll definitely be trying this one out, thank you! :)


Oh my goodness this makes me so happy! I have always wanted to do this.

xo, Juliette Laura

Thumbs up for home made natural products!

Welcome, where weird shapes happen:


I love the idea of making your own perfume, but as I´m vegan I´ll try making it with coconut oil instead of the beeswax :)


I was just wondering how long your made at home fragrance last on your skin?

sweet! could this double as lip balm too, since beeswax and jojoba oil are wonderfully moisturising? xx


is this really hard, or is it soft and easy to apply?


I use pretty much that exact recipe to make my lip balm. next time I’ll add a few more essential oils and start putting it on my skin! lol


Can you recommend where to buy the specific ingredients? There are so many options out there it’s hard to make a decision, thanks!


If you’re vegan- try using Shea butter. It’s very similar in texture to beeswax. Coconut oil would be a really messy substitute.


Could you substitute fractionated coconut oil for the jojoba oil?


Hi!! :) I have made this before, I played with the amounts to find the right combo, nice to see it online :) Anyway, I made mine in the plStic cute little ice cube trays, I have dickies, flowers and heart.. The pop right outworn cool, then I put them in the center of a sq piece of parchment paper and twist the ends..( like a hard candy ;))).. Know what I’m sayin lol? Then I put into a little jewelry tie top holder, drawstring… I do this for myself and friends… For sale I use lip balm tubes /)… Read more »


Is it safe to use the metal lid from the makeshift boiler again for cooking foods with, even after the essential oils are added? I would like to try this at home but this has been making me question it…


can I substitute coconut oil for the beeswax?

I have for a few years now been making my own cologne/perfume and would love to give the solid form a try. I do know that by letting your mixture of essential oils sit in a dark place for a few weeks it will intensify the scent.


I wonder what I could use as a vegan alternative to the beeswax.


Candelilla wax is a great alternative to beeswax and vegan


50 drops of essential oils is wayyyyy too much. In my knowledge, 1 drop of essential is extremely concentrated that it could be harmful if applied dirrectly on the skin without mixing it well with water. I can only imagine how harmful this perfum could be on long term use and frequently applied each day. I would look into using a much less amount of drops. my personnal experience. Otherwise, this recipe is very good :) will be something I would try (with maybe 10 max drops of essential oil), if I can get my hands on some beeswax (in… Read more »


Agreed! I would stick to 1 to 2% for essential oils (e.o) and even then you have to double check the dermal levels for individual e.o’s.


Can you subsitute the jojoba oil with coconut oil?


Can you substitute the jojoba oil with coconut oil?


Could you use this as a cologne


Could you use the Body Shop perfume oils instead of essential oils?

A great way of making this vegan is by melting 3/4 tbsp soy wax with 1/4 tbsp olive wax, then add your carrier oil such as almond / jojoba oil with 10 drops of your preferred essential oil :) I’ve used this method for a lavender solid perfume!


Where do i get the nice retro Container for the solid ?