Alternative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day will be here in just two weeks! It’s a day for love, a day for happiness, and a day for being yourself.

Just because the idea of Valentine’s Day brings about the notion of flowers, candy, and expensive meals, that does not mean that you must incorporate these things into your day — unless, of course, you want to. Valentine’s day is about sharing love  — whether with the love of your life, a new date, a friend, a family member, or that little animal of yours — and it’s about doing so in a way that feels right to you.

To get some ideas flowing for how you’ll spend yours this year, Jana and I have come up with 4 unique ways to do it. We’ve included where to go, what to wear, and what to give as a gift!

The Fort

girl in fort

Remember when we were kids, and one of our main goals was to somehow, always find an excuse to build a fort? Well, flash forward a few years, and now you have one. Gather all of the sheets and blankets you can find, make a cozy space for 2, and spend hours reading books, telling secrets and enjoying the intimate time you have with one another.

What: Build a fort. In your bedroom, in your kitchen, in the basement… wherever you want to create your own little secret hideaway for you and your love.

Wear: Something cozy, cute, and comfortable!

Give: A letter… or a poem. You can put it in whatever form you want, but give words… kind, meaningful, and true words that let him or her know they are special, and read it out loud by candlelight in the fort.

lounge vignette edited

Karlie Eyelet Soft ShortFree Swing CamiLaurel Canyon Lace RobeAran Tall SockLaser Engraved Necklace.

The Abandoned Adventure

Long hair, mustard beanie, fringe jacket

How about going on a Valentine’s Day adventure? If you and your boo are feeling a little badass, grab a camera, go find an old abandoned building, and spend the afternoon exploring every little crevice. There’s nothing that strengthens a bond quite like the slight possibility of danger — it’ll be quite the thrilling way to share your love.

What: An abandoned adventure. Go to an abandoned spot — a broken-down building, a vacant town… somewhere that’s bursting with mystery.

Wear: Something badass. 

Give: A vintage (but working) 35 mm camera and 2 rolls of film. Preload the camera with one roll of film and take a few surprise photos on it before giving it away. :)

What to wear - abandoned adventure

Keep Me TeeCody High Rise SkinnyFringe Suede JacketCapsule Slouchy BeanieHeart CollarJericho Backpack.

Free People + Modern Vice boots

The Art Collaboration

art table

painted pictures

Painting by yourself is relaxing, but painting with someone is fun and surprising. Why not try an art collaboration? Find a canvas and gather your mediums. Paint, watercolors, pastels, charcoal… anything! Start with just a mark, and paint away until you create a collaborative masterpiece.

What: An art collaboration. Work your separate creative minds to create one special piece you can share.

Wear: Something casual.

Give: Hand painted paintbrushes. Find some plain wooden paintbrushes, and give them a personalized touch by drawing, painting or wood burning onto the handles. Bundle them up with some twine and you have a perfectly hand touched gift.

date outfit

Stephens Relaxed OverallNorthern Star TeeRaw Edge Motif Scarf (try wearing this wrapped around your head!), Adaynn BackpackBrooks Ankle BootAll In A Word Leather Bracelet.

shoes and paint

The 5-Course Meal

Fancy restaurant

Take the traditional dinner date to the next level — or the next few levels, ha! Enjoy a 5-course meal, but split each course up so you two end up at 5 different restaurants in total. This is a fun way to try out all those places you’ve been dying to try. And the best part is… if one of them isn’t as great as you’d expected, it’s off to the next spot!

What: A 5-course meal… at five different restaurants — one for every course!

Wear: Something dressy but playful. 

Give: Something to commemorate the night. Take one picture of your date  — and have him/her take one of you — at each restaurant, making a face that represents how you each felt about that particular meal. Take every photo at the exact same angle and make sure to get the food in the shot! At the end of the night, get the photos printed and put them all together in a mini scrapbook.

Maxi skirt, crop top, kimono

Maracana Silk SkirtSmocked Crop TopRory Lace RuanaBelmont Leather Clog, Jewel CrossbodyFundo CuffCaged CuffHenna Statement RingTear Drop Stone Ring.

Clogs and jewelsWhat will you be doing on this day of love? Tell us your ideas!

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10 years ago

Thanks for really great ideas. Its wonderful to be able to have something fresh this year.

Roxy xox

10 years ago

I love the fort and 5 course dinner ideas. I might incorporate the fort into our plans, which currently include us eating an entire box of chocolates and watching B movies!

10 years ago

As I’m living in England and my fiancé lives in Ireland, for some strange reason we arranged to be together on the weekend BEFORE Valentine’s Day…I think it’s because neither of us has really enjoyed Valentine’s Day in our previous relationships. But now as we realized we won’t be together on the 14th we’ve regretted it, so we decided to celebrate it in advance on the previous weekend! The fort is such a great idea, we’ll try it ;)

10 years ago

I’m not a big fun of Valentine’s Day… but I must say it the 4th alternative is so great that I’m really tempt to try it!!

Thank you!!

10 years ago

These are cute ideas. The 5-course sounds like a fun idea, but also a great way to snub 5 servers. Please be mindful that they gave up their Valentines day to help make yours awesome, so make sure you tip them well. Especially if you are only getting a soup!

10 years ago

Great fun ideas! I love them all! Now I need to decide which to do :). Thanks FP!



10 years ago

These are perfect. There are so many restaurants I want to try in the city, so the 5-course meal would be the best way to try them all without going broke. I can’t wait to surprise my love with a fort night!

10 years ago

I love the fort idea! But I’m not sure about the 5 course dinner thing. It’s hard enough to find a table on one restaurant on V’s day let alone 5. Maybe if you do take out from 5 different places, that could be fun.

10 years ago

Oh these are all such lovely ideas!

10 years ago

“Instead of making Valentines Day about expensive gifts and meals, let’s make it about our expensive clothes!”

10 years ago

These are all some really great ideas for valentine’s day. They aren’t too cheesy but still have that romantic vibe. I especially like the idea of the abandoned adventure. Its perfect for when money is a little tight but you still want to have some fun.

10 years ago

Check this out as a romantic way of showing your loved one you care whilst supporting children with cancer

10 years ago

Loved your alternatives to vday post! we had a few similar ones on our blog! check it out!

9 years ago

A good idea for the 5 course if you don’t want to go out is either cooking your loves 5 different favorites to go along with each course or to pick up the courses ahead of time so that you don’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle of going out to dinner, still dress up but have the cozy ness of being at home :)

This is my first time go to see at here and i am truly happy to read
all at alone place.

These ideas are awesome…. i will definitely going to wear jumpsuit like shown above.. my partner will be happy to see to in this kind of attire.. m so excited.. happy valentines to all……

9 years ago

I just want to point out that the Abandoned Adventures heading says “The Abandonded Adventure.”

9 years ago

The other best alternative day for valentines day will be only wedding day lol