Bare A Bit More: Pairing Bras & Tops

With the launch of our beautiful intimates ebook At First Light, we’re all about gorgeous undergarments. It’s always a fun little secret to be wearing a bra you’re obsessed with — and being the only one who knows about it. But… sometimes it’s a little more fun to show it off a tad; to give just a little hint of it by pairing it with a top that highlights its best features. 

We can’t get enough of the Bare A Bit More trend for spring, and today we wanted to focus on just that. One of the things we love most about this trend is that what you choose to show off can be as subtle as you want it to be — making it suitable for everyone. I turned to our lovely stylist Mandi to give us some tips on how to make this trend work.

“The main rule for bra styling is that there really are no rules! Just decide which part of the bra you want to feature, and then go from there. If your bra has a beautiful back detail, pair it with a top that has a big cutout or scoop in the back. If it’s the side of the bra you want to show off, go for a tank with low arm holes. The object is to bare just a little bit more than you usually do, and have fun while you’re at it.”

Free People bras & tops

Get the look: Back Detail Bra, Free Swing Cami.

Mandi writing

Free People bras & tops

Get the look: V Bra, We The Free Sunkissed Tee.

Free People bras & tops

Get the look: Back Detail Bra, Free Swing Cami.

Free People bras & tops

V Bra

Free People bras & tops

Get the look: Biarritz Top, We The Free Sunkissed Tee.

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Those bras are absolutely stunning! I’ll be ordering some this summer for sure. FP, you rock :).


I am in love with this trend. Actually, I started doing back in June-ish when I got my first Free People bra – the Galloon Lace Halter in Caribbean. It is simply too pretty to cover with a high neckline. I love to pair it with a lacey slip like the Voile and Lace Trapeze slip. I can’t wait to try some of these bras with interesting back detail!

I love wearing a different colored bra under a open flowy top. It can look very feminine, especially if you pair a soft light pink or crème color with a white or black top. Or a bright neon color bra under a flowy maxi dress looks awesome too. Fun! <3
xoxo Annejelina

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I love this trend! I think its time for me to start trying it out more often :)


I would love to be able to wear bras like these, especially the red one, but this isn’t really a trend for the girls with bigger chests,

Ahhh I seriously love pairing fun bralettes with open tops. Seriously my favorite trend.

I love this trend!


Kirsten, have you tried adding some DIY touches to your bras? You can add straps & hide hardware to achieve this effect without losing support in the front. Macrame knots or some lace trim can make a big difference.

I love these ideas! I’ve been thinking about getting a back piece done & I like the idea of finding bras that show it off! This would be especially great for yoga class!

Perfect trend, would look so cute with a bob haircut!


I’ve fallen SO in love with beautiful bras and bralettes lately. Ironically, I think they’re really classy. This is one trend I really hope will last a while. xo


I’ve been obsessed with this trend for a while and have always wished I could rock it… FP bras are perfect for it! But I really wish you had sizes for bigger chested women, we want cute bras too!

OMG. I saw this trend slowly emerging last summer and I wasn’t too keen on it. But now I’m obsessed with it and I can hardly wait for spring to come so I can wear it myself! LOVE LOVE LOVE this trend!!!

xo Christine


I love the idea of beautiful bits of bra peeking out… and so many beautiful tops are impossible to wear without a bra, but if it has to be seen you want it to be gorgeous.

You guys really do have so many beautiful new options, but the problem is, most are really only suitable for small chested girls. Would love to see some of these intricate, interesting backs available with the support needed in the front for girls whether they be a 34d or a 42dd.


Why is the first shirt inside out 0_0


I wish Free People made better bras! All of the bras/bralettes I’ve tried on are horribly, horribly unflattering, and forget it if you have bigger than a B cup.

Love love love!!


Sorry, showing your bra is unattractive, period. Not classy.
Do the women you respect show their bras? Plus it’s actually more fun when gorgeous bras are your secret.


I didn’t think I would like this trend because, well, refer to sabrinas comment above. Also most bras are very utilitarian looking, not very sexy or attractive. But with the right bra, showing just a peek of lace, it works and I like it and I’ll be rocking this trend this coming summer provided that my husband doesn’t have a conniption when he sees it :D


Not only is this trend whimsical, subtle, and stunning…
As I was looking through the photos, I became very curious about Mandi’s tattoo on her back!
Please tell us what the image is of??



I just wanted to add a different view point on this. First, I love a pretty bra, all of these are just stunning. I love the Free People brand and the creativity flowing from all of you :o) But I need to disagree with showing so much bra for the reason that there really good men and husbands out there trying really hard to be good men and husbands. My husband came home last night from the grocery store and said, “Honey, I’m really sorry. There was a girl with a really good body and she had a turquoise bra… Read more »


FP. Love ur bras but some I had to return … the large are too small hopefully fP will make XL & XXL.
Love love FP Thank you : )