Coffee Shop Details

What is it about the details of a space that can make it feel so cozy? What is it about imperfection that does this even moreso?

This weekend I spent a morning inside the much-loved Rocket Cat Café, and loved it for its every detail… for its every imperfection. Every beautifully mismatched piece of antique furniture, every perfectly chipped piece of paint on the wall, every little hand-touched work of art over here, every little treasure hidden over there. When you come across a place that’s just overflowing with uniqueness, with character, with happiness… you never want to leave. This is the type of place where one can spend an entire day. And so one does just that.

Rocket Cat Cafe

Rocket Cat Cafe 9

Rocket Cat Cafe

Rocket Cat Cafe

Rocket Cat Cafe 8

Rocket Cat Cafe

Rocket Cat Cafe

Rocket Cat Cafe

Rocket Cat Cafe

Rocket Cat Cafe

Rocket Cat Cafe

Rocket Cat Cafe

Rocket Cat Cafe 11

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I adore the windows in this place. It seems so inviting. I think the imperfections in coffee shops tell a story. It makes the place seem lived in and loved. There is one here in Lexington that I visit all the time even though I have tons of coffee equipment to make great brews at home. It’s just inspiring to watch people pass through or to associate a story with every chip on the wall.

Very sweet, very warm and homie feeling

Roxy xox

Seems like a very magical place, would love to spend a day there just reading a book and hanging out. I also love the menu board, it would make an awesome DIY for a homemade chalkboard!

I adore going into coffee shops full of whimsical details.

xo, Juliette Laura

My sister used to live next to this place. I made sure to stop in every time I visited her!

very great details of coffee shop. It’s look very cozy for me. The designer must be genius


What kind of camera do you use?


First, let me say that the picture with the bagels menu had me salivating, especially the black beans Kalamata hummus one, Oh Lord! I love to explore new coffee shops and really enjoy all the details that make them unique. I went to Austin TX recently and hubby and I fell in love with Le Cafe Crepe. The place is tiny, but so quaint. It’s like being at a cafe in Paris. The mismatched china and chairs, the vintage posters and ads, the street signs in French it was absolutely perfect. Best darn cappuccino I’ve ever had, too.


I love a good coffee shop. I love to read a book, write in my journal or just people watch. There is one in Charlotte, NC near me called Amelie’s. I could easily spend a day or night there. They are open 24/7.

This coffee shop is so cute, it reminds me of the little shops in ski villages to cozy up. Ahh, my favorite things! Those little diamonds in the windows are SO CUTE! I would love to try and make one out of some card stock and xacto knife!




My friend Sarah made the diamonds on a string & did all the menu text!

I just love the dated look of this place, the rough walls, the scuffed walls, the chipping paint – a charm of its own. A lovely, homey feel that makes a house a home, no matter how it looks. Something to make you want to come home every time. My friends from Charleston SC Contractors would agree with me on this, since they often work on homes like this. How could they not? The place makes you think of warm afternoons spent on the porch with a plate of warm homemade cookies and a glass of milk.

great coffee shop, I expect to visit there

These are truly inspiring photos that have really lifted my day!