Blogger Diary: A Day For Yourself

Last week, I took a day for myself. One day to do as I pleased. Mostly, I cleaned. I cleaned so very much. Yes, I cleaned because I needed to, but I also cleaned because I wanted to. I did so at such a slow place that, I can honestly say, it was enjoyable.

I cleaned to the gorgeous scent of burning candles, to the calming sounds of my favorite music. I cleaned with pauses in between… pauses to play with my cat, to make soup, to lay down and close my eyes, while the sounds and scents that swirled around me lifted me up and away. I cleaned and I rearranged, taking pieces of decor and displaying them in new ways that made my heart happy. I hung a shirt on my wall… a shirt that I got in Thailand, and then I paused for a moment to reflect on that trip… as well as the other memories that came flooding in along with it. I may have shed a tear.

On this day, I mostly cleaned, but cleaning was the furthest thing from what this day was all about. It was about being alone, hanging out with myself, and just being. For hours on end I communicated with no one but my darling cat. It was one of the best days I’ve had in a long, long time. It was refreshing, relaxing, and rejuvenating… and I urge you all to do the same. Take a day for yourself. A day to do something, or a day to do nothing. A day to spend how you want, to be really productive or not at all. A day that’s sole purpose is to make you enjoy every moment. Because it’s days like this that make you realize… you can find enjoyment in every moment of every day; in everything you do.

Candles, crochet, wood

Gold spraypainted eucalyptus

Boots, wood floor

Cat, bed, ukulele

Tiny decorations

Homemade soup hovergram

Tank top on wall

Boho jewelry decor

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  1. Love your layers in the 1st photo. I’m doing a lot of grey scale clothing lately.
    My colour theory instructor called me boring. i told him that if he couldn’t see the beauty in the absence of colour he’s is leaching the wrong class… that went over well…it resulted in me getting many days to myself without the class.. lol… anyone else willing to fight for art? i hope so, i’d love to hear about it. Head to my Etsy shop and leave me something in my tumblr Qs box. all the info is there.

    Roxy xox

  2. This is beautiful. I am not going anywhere I don’t have to this weekend, so hopefully I can arrange my room too. I want to hang more hooks and display clothing and jewelry. Helps keep better inventory and makes everything look classy.

  3. I seriously find myself gravitated toward everything you post and then I see “FP Brigette” in the corner and I giggle. You rock gurl.

  4. Way to go Roxy! This post gave me a new perspective on cleaning, which I needed. Now I see it doesn’t have to be a frenzy of dusting and sweeping. It can be therapeutic. Some candles, music and a slow pace. No hurries. I makes me want to clean now, IT’S A MIRACLE!

  5. Truly beautiful post Brigette, thank you! I can completely relate to that, I make sure I have that kind of day from time to time, it feels so good! A bit like a holiday.

  6. Hi there! love the feeling of your bedroom! and also love the idea of finding time to be with yourself, we really need that from time to time…I started my own blog recently…I devoted a post to you, It’s called ”Hello there 2014”, because you inspire me so much every day.. It is a thank you post! hope you can read it!

    best wishes!

  7. Sounds wonderful. I recently did something similar. I tried to find joy in everything I did all day. I even stopped in the middle of the day to drive to a coffee shop and treat myself to an iced caramel macchiato.

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