DIY Hand Warmers

This guest post comes from contributor FP Naomi.

Talk about those polar winds… No matter where in the country you are, make that world, I’m sure you experienced the feeling of “I’m freezing” at some point during this past week. No matter the layers – sweater, jacket, gloves, hat, scarf – it has been nearly impossible to stay warm. A little extra ammo is never a bad thing. While spending more time indoors, you can recycle those old Free People bags to make hand warmers for the next time you brave the cold. Here’s a little DIY tutorial to show you how. Good luck staying warm, everyone!

diy hand warmers

You’ll Need:

–          Scissors

–          An Old Free People Shopping Bag (or fabric of your choice)

–          Thread

–          Needle

–          Rice


diy hand warmers

1. Cut four squares of fabric from your Free People bag that are the same size. You can pick the size you want depending on the need. I made one that is roughly two inches square, and another that is three inches.

diy hand warmers

2. Line your squares up with the right sides facing out. Blanket stitch around three sides, leaving one open. If you don’t know how to blanket stitch, here is a great video to show you how.

diy hand warmers

3. Separate the two sides of your hand warmer so that each is two ply thick. Fill the bag you’ve made with rice.

diy hand warmers

4. Blanket stitch the last side closed.

diy hand warmers

5. When you want to use the hand warmer, stick it in the microwave for approximately three minutes, until hot. Stuff the hand warmers in your gloves or simply hold them to stay warm!

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  1. This DIY is just the greatest✨✨ I started working on it today and even cut out and sewed on little flowers and added some ruffles onto one of the hand warmers! This is really such a great idea and I know that when I finish them, they will keep me warmer, and stylish too!

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