DIY Matchstick Coasters

This post comes from our contributor FP Naomi.

Here is an excuse to start saving every match you strike. Light a candle? Save it. Burn some incense? Save that too.

I’ve long been a fan of wood artists like Arielle Alasko and Aaron Moran whose wall hangings create beautifully simple patterns playing on the intricacies of wood. They are great to hang in any space, as it’s always good feng shui to add more earth element into your surroundings. But lacking both the skill and tools, I’ve never been able to replicate what they create. On a smaller scale, however, using matches, that everyone can do.

Here is how to create matchstick coasters that are rustic, functional, and add a bit of nature to your home.

diy matchstick coasters

You’ll Need:
Approx. 200 burnt matches (to do all three designs)
Glue Stick
Spray Can of Polyurethane Wood Finish
Black Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Water Cup
Paint Tray

A design of your own, or download one of the templates I created: 1, 2, 3.


diy matchstick coasters

Cut out the template along its outside lines.

diy matchstick coasters

Trace the outline onto a piece of cardboard, or draw a 4” square with a ruler if you prefer.

diy matchstick coasters

Now, cut out the shape and trace that onto your square. If you’re doing a design of your own, draw your shape instead.

diy matchstick coasters

Cut out the cardboard squares.

diy matchstick coasters

Fill in the outlined shape with matches, cutting them to desired lengths when needed. Once you’ve done so, brush over the matches with watered down black paint. Don’t worry about getting paint on your cardboard; you will soon cover it up.

diy matchstick coasters

Fill in the rest of your square with unpainted burnt matches.

diy matchstick coasters

Spray with about three coats of polyurethane, waiting a couple of hours between each coat.

diy matchstick coasters

Put them out for use on a coffee or side table!

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  1. Nice! This may sound weird but I love the smell of just stricken matches. Now I have an excuse to strike away.

  2. I love things that are functional and decorative at the same time- beautiful!
    These would make for an adorable house-warming gift. (:

  3. Nice idea with quite a rustic appeal.I have only just finished making one but found it a bit fiddly to work with the matchsticks. Perhaps it is a project more suited to all the ladies out there with delicate hands.

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