A Dream Of Every Color

I rented a hotel room the other night. It was just for me. Me alone. I dressed up and ordered room service. I took a long bath and read half of my book. I wrote short stories and listened to the news. I laughed to myself out loud about jokes that have yet to be told. I sat in the richness of color. Primaries on top primaries… Complimentary aside their complimentary. I sat in the color wheel of life, turning the arrow to make my own shades and hues for the moments time. I dreamt — of travel — of faraway places that made me feel. Feel rich with experience and bursting expression. FEEL. Feel, even without doing a thing. Strangers would pass in this foreign land and I would know them none the less. I would ask about their sisters and brothers, they wouldn’t question how I knew… they would simply smile and say “She is fine, thank you,” “He is happy”… I would nod knowingly, “Tell them hello.” I would work the land and make food I’ve yet to ever taste. I would fill up on languages so foreign my tongue has trouble twisting the necessary corners to enunciate properly… but I would try… and soon after I wouldn’t stop. I would read old books never bought in my land about events and moments in time I never knew existed. I would laugh with the elderlies of great experience and wisdom. I would be living. I dreamt of living in a land full — full of vibrancy, of every color chaotically dancing with the next… and after I wake, I will be changed… this faraway land will live within me, and I will never see through the same eyes — eyes that didn’t travel my own dreams…

Even eyes closed can live a dream of every color.


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a dream in every color



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a dream in every color

Photos: Annie Edmonds

Hair and Makeup: Emily Nickrent

Model: Christina Dunham @ NEXT

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10 years ago

breath taking…she is so beautiful, the clothing and her hair! perfection…I love your post Amy! I know exactly what you are saying and could not agree more. Soon my husband and I will be traveling around the word discovering new people & places…it has always been a dream and will become a reality. I am so excited!

10 years ago

Such gorgeous looks!
I think the red pants are my fav. ;)


10 years ago

Love the bohemian accessories! I want that red dress! Looks so comfortable!


10 years ago

I love every look!!! This model is killin it too! So awesome to see some girls of beatiful diversity, and her hair is beyond incredible. Making me want to go travel, now!

10 years ago

Oh my gosh this photo shoot is beautiful!! I love every outfit the model is wearing, and the Moroccan vibe is rad. That printed halter top dress is stunning, thanks for the post! xoxo
<3 Annejelina

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10 years ago

This model is beyond gorgeous. This photo shoot made my morning. Thank you.

10 years ago

I LOVE this shoot! The model is beyond gorgeous and the pieces are to die for.

10 years ago

Tremendous photos, insightful, inspiring words. Such outer and inner beauty on display. Thanks for touching my day! xxo

10 years ago

These prints are stunning, and this model is perfect for the clothes! Lovely post!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

You all should use women of color more often in your editorials not just when you want to allude to world traveling, cultures or hint at MLK Day “dreams and colors”

10 years ago

what a beautiful model. these clothes were made for her!
and I agree with kim!

10 years ago

Agree with Kim. Diversity is needed not just for special “exotic” editorials!

10 years ago

Beautiful writing, beautiful photos, I love this whole post. Probably my favorite yet, and I’ve been following the blog for years. What is the dress in the last picture?

10 years ago

I love this post!
And the model is absolutely gorgeous!
And I agree that there should be more women of color modeling Free People.

10 years ago

these words described my every feeling for this new year. Thank you for sharing. Very insightful and much needed for my Soul!! xoxo

Bria Spivey
10 years ago

My cousin is gorgeous!

10 years ago

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10 years ago

finally! a beautiful woman of color. they are few and far in between in this space.
beautiful piece amy.

10 years ago

I love every image of this post <3 { http://www.sunshinedaydreamphotography.com }

10 years ago

WOW i loved this. I have always wanted to rent a room to myself to do exactly that :)


10 years ago

Love the intro to this wonderful collection of photos very inspired and enchanting

10 years ago

I agree with the comments above. This is my favorite post yet! Every outfit/picture is just… perfection! And that girl must be one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen on this blog yet, absolutely beautiful. I hope to see more of her. I loved that all the looks are very exotic and different, very 70’s, right down my alley. I’ll be recreating every single one of them this spring/summer. Thank you for a beautiful post!

10 years ago

exotic (used in the comments section) is a very problematic term to describe women of color… BUT… wow you finally have women of color in your posts, good job, congratulations.

10 years ago

This is the very first time I am seeing this blog and I am truly blown away. The clothing is amazing…and OMG the model chosen to portray the uniqueness of the clothing is exquisite! I am now a fan and hope to see more of this amazing, beautiful woman. Her loveliness definitely accentuates this wonderful bohemian style.