The Escape

The Great Escape. Leaving all you know behind and taking that ride, the ride… riding on over the borderlines. Packing that bag – full to the brim – with all things leather and lace, fringe and weathered cowboy boots…. and of course, that dear ol’ faithful hat to top it all off.

Ending up in a no man’s land seems suddenly… not quite so…  it’s every man’s land. A new frontier. A frontier for open minds and dancing stillness.  Opportunity to explore and create without haste, without doubt. The everything’s and the nothing’s are vast, much like the rolling hills and endless skylines they dwell within. Suddenly, quiet has its own sound. A sound  every man will begin to move to, as long as they give patience its rightful time; for it’s this great escape, in all its unassuming nature, that will truly set us free.

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Mexican Wedding Dress, Fringe Gilet Vest, Embellished Band Brimmed Hat, Drazen Mid Boot, Matador Hat, Boho Tribal Kimono.



Lady Tangier Jumpsuit, Goodnight Moon Sunglasses.




Marla Dreams Dress, Matador Hat.


Laurel Canyon Lace Robe, Janis Velvet Flare.


Matador Hat, Embellished Band Brimmed Hat.




Storm Tassel Kimono.


Faded Love Fringe Pant, Shibori Siren Buttondown, Ikat Hooded Poncho, Matador Hat.


Wrapped Paisley Dress, Matador Hat.

Photography: Chrissy Piper

Models: Kelley Ash & Sabine

Hair & Makeup: Emily Nickrent

Shop The Escape.

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9 years ago

These photos are all so stunning, I need to go on a Free People road trip.

xo, Juliette Laura

9 years ago

California is so beautiful to photograph, and I love the wrap paisley dress. Beautiful pictures, wild and free. Thank you Amy <3
Xoxo Annejelina

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Sweet Pea
9 years ago

I love these pictures – But 6 of them are the models wrapped up in blankets and wraps…. A little variety of the poses would have been nice. Other than that – a great spread. Love the outfits.

Hannah Wilkinson
9 years ago

These photos truly are stunning; so ambitious and inspiring.

9 years ago

These hills remind me of the hills by my house, great place for pictures!

9 years ago

These photos are really great and have their own unique atmosphere :)

9 years ago

I suddenly feel like going on a road trip….

9 years ago

These pics r so beautiful

9 years ago

These photos are beautiful! This embodies the Free People bohemian vibe!
I love this. So inspiring!

9 years ago

Thanks for inspiring me to wear what I *desire to wear to where I want to be, it’s simpatico !

9 years ago

Creativity is great. Ripping off the creativity integrity and innovation of originality. This catalog and shoot is 100 percent a rip-off of a store and company called Honeywood Vintage, owned, created and photographed Vanessa Dingwell. This woman took vintage fabrics and created her own dresses, and styles and photographs in a field and has been doing so for years. This is crap and NOT Original!!!

9 years ago

I know Vanessa from Honeywood and can honestly say, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Vintage and fields are not copywritten. Get a Pinterest account and see how much of an idiot you sound like.

9 years ago

Wow… I just stumbled upon this. I’m flattered that anyone on here knows who I am! Yes, I have been shooting Mexican wedding dresses, crochet, floppy hippy hats and block print Indian textiles in the California landscape for years, I have to agree with AJ. No one has a copyright on bohemia and outdoor photography. Its a gorgeous spread! Cheers Free People!

Vanessa Dingwell

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9 years ago

I absolutely love the dark fringe vest with the white angelic dress! Heavy and light unite!

9 years ago

This is what I look for in the designer collections. Classy and sophisticated.