Exploring Your Energy: The Svadhisthana Chakra

This post is part of our chakra series from contributor Kristen Hedges. To read the introduction to this series, click here!

Today, we’re going to focus in on the second chakra – the Svadhisthana.

I always find myself quite impressed by how absolutely brilliant our bodies are. They know so much more than we’d like to believe.

chakra series

chakra series

As a Health Coach, I would receive countless emails from women who were trying to conceive their first child, but were struggling for months with infertility. They were doing everything “right” – eating all the proper foods, having sex often, & taking their supplements. Even their doctors were stumped. And yet, when I would ask, “Well, how’s your relationship with your husband?” there was silence on the other end of the phone, followed by a quiet and elongated “Well, it’s been complicated…”

We tend to harbor our emotions within the supple confines of our skin. Just as general stress will rip and tear us apart, blocked & excessive emotion may cause specific ailments & imbalances that can often be reversed with a bit of recognition & targeted healing.

chakra series

Name: Svadhisthana / Swadhisthana {Sacral; Sweetness}

Location: The lower abdomen.

Colour: Orange.

Consider this the place where all sexual & sensual energy, all passion, trust, pleasure & desire, flows freely, like a great river. This is the center of feeling – of pure, raw emotion.

chakra series

When the Sacral Chakra is open & clear: You’re feeling flirty, fertile, trusting, feminine, loving and willing to enjoy all aspects of your relationships – including those with friends, family, and lovers. You feel like a Goddess; you feel confident.

The Sacral Chakra can become blocked by: An unsatisfactory sex life, a past sexual assault / abuse, feelings towards a loved one that have been left unspoken, a past relationship that’s still nipping at your heels, feeling uncomfortable in your body, overall poor physical health.

Imbalance can lead to: Low sex drive, feelings of un-satisfaction & boredom in your relationships, feelings of unworthiness, endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, painful menstrual cycles, & infertility.

To check for a cause of imbalance, ask yourself: “Am I feeling fulfilled in my relationships? Am I comfortable? Am I receiving pleasure in all areas of my life?”

chakra series

Things that make the Svadhisthana happy: Making love, taking a warm bath, swimming in the ocean, slipping on a cute dress, recognizing the Goddess within, taking a dance lesson, trying Tantra Yoga.

Food & spices to heal & balance the Svadhisthana Chakra: Sweet potatoes (try this sweet potato hummus recipe!), oranges, rose hips, cardamom & cinnamon.

Yoga Asana: Baddha Konasana {Bound angle pose}.

You can find Kristen here, and at facebook.com/withonlylove.

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Ha! I will try the fancy undies route! :)


What’s funny is that some people have tendency to do some of those happy things anyway. I know when my self esteem drops a little, a bath and lacey undies change everything.

I wish there was an edit button! I meant to say do those thing anyway, whether you know about chakras or not. It’s like our bodies just guide us. :)

Lizzie, that totally happens to me, also! xo

Ohhhh I adore this! So happy about this series!

xo, Juliette Laura


Ahhhh so helpful, thanks! I’ll be trying everything.


Great post! Are there any crystals you might recommend that might help with opening and supporting this chakra energy?

Can’t wait to read all of your posts on this topic xo

Jaimie, quartz, amber, orange calcite, & haematite can all be placed on the second chakra for healing! xo

I’ve been waiting for for this since the first chakra! I love this series!


As a health coach, would you be able to help me out? I am trying to tone my stomach and not sure which machines to use at the gym or for how long and how many times a week to get proper results. I am 5’1 and 100lbs, I’m not overweight, I just want to tone my abs. Please let me know, thank you!

Hey Allie! I actually work more with internal issues – balancing the diet, the energy, lifestyle, etc. I’m absolute rubbish when it comes to the gym (;


Maybe as a health coach (and a woman living in this century) you should recognize that “frigidity” is a pretty offensive term to women and something entirely made up by victorian male doctors to explain sexual problems in oppressive and often abusive relationships.


a post on tantra yoga would be awesome! I’m slightly confused as to what it is.

This is lovely! I’m thrilled to see the Chakras become more mainstream.

Citrus essential oils are also helpful to balancing the 2nd chakra. I love to diffuse wild orange or lemon for a pick-me-up.

Thanks for sharing the 2nd chakra love! <3