Floral Obsessed: Temporary Tattoos

Every day our eyes are graced with tattoo inspiration with every glance. Beautiful artwork… symbols, words, images, lines, colors… it’s everywhere.

Although I have not found myself yearning for a permanent work of art on my body, I can totally get down with some temporary artwork. We have the most beautiful floral temporary tattoos available on our site right now. They have a handtouched element to them — nothing that seems too clean cut or overtly faux. The colors are pretty yet subtle, almost as though they were made to be on your skin. We love experimenting with them in unexpected places. The back of the neck… the hands… the fingers. An extra little pop of fleeting beauty to add to your permanently beautiful self.

Free People floral temporary tattoos

Floral temporary tattoos on arm

Floral temporary tattoos and bangles

Floral temporary tattoo on foot

Floral temporary tattoos and jewelry

We also have these adorable Symbols and Sayings Tattoos, which I’m equally as in love with.

Moon temporary tattoo

Escape temporary tattoo

Shop our Floral Tattoos and our Symbols and Sayings Tattoos.

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  1. they’re very beautiful and i’d love to decorate myself with them, but paying over 20 dollars (18 +shipping&handling) for TWO temporary tattoos that’ll wash off in a matter of days doesn’t seem worth it to me, sorry.

  2. Does Free People sell the shirt the person is wearing in the first picture? I have been looking for one just like it… Thanks!

  3. Flowers are always a beatiful adorment for a girl. They emphasize femininty, gracefulness and individuality. When a girl makes a flower tattoo she wants it to reflect her inward. Seeing such a tattoo one can guess its owner’s habbits and character.

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