Local Gem: The Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop

On the corner of North Fourth Street and Fairmount Ave in Northern Liberties is a place that feels like home. Here, nestled off of the street, lives a little (perhaps random) tea room where I spent most of my time this past weekend.

tea cup watercolor

Sitar sounds play quietly as you enter a small, yet warm and welcoming space. I wasn’t exactly sure of the smell I got (a mixture of spices, herbs and florals), but damn was it good. Now I must say, I was definitely more of a coffee drinker upon visiting this place. I do love my chai tea here and there, and let me tell you, this place has THE BEST chai I have ever tasted, but I’m kind of dead eyed when it comes to tea. I really didn’t know too much about anything tea related before I sat down with Danielle, who has been working at The Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop for 3 years now. She pretty much gave me her version of “Tea School For Dummies” in about 2 hours, and I was amazed at how much this girl knew about tea.

She briefed me on the different types, gave me some samples to try, and even showed me a traditional Japanese Matcha tea ceremony. One of the funniest things I learned is the body’s ability to become “tea drunk”. After a chai masala and bowl of matcha green tea, I’m pretty sure I understood what it meant to be tea drunk by the time I left.

See below to get a peek inside of the tea room, and for a helpful little guide on different tea types!

random tea room outside

girl in a tea room

The decor is cozy, homey and relaxed. Natural light shines through the front glass window, leaving an atmosphere that welcomes you to stay for hours.

tea pots

tea timers

people ordering tea

tea definition

tea pot by the windowsill

brigette holding tea

peppermint tea

tea guide

danielle pouring tea

jasmine tea and journal

random tea room interior

Little trinkets, tea pots, and a variety of vintage jewelry and goodies are also sold here. Look carefully, because you never know what you may find on these shelves.

chamomile in jar

matcha green tea

light in tea room

mugs on the wall

tea poured over buddha

becky and danielle outside

Owner Becky (left) and “Tea Monkey” Danielle (right)

Before leaving, I was curious as to how the name of this place came to be. Danielle said that calling it “random” allows this little tea room to be whatever it wants to be. A place for peace, a place for quiet, and a place to get amazing tea, be sure to stop in The Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop if you are in the Philadelphia area!

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kathleen rose

Great! I lived in Philly for a few years and was always finding cute and quirky small businesses. I never found that one but it looks like I would have loved it!

Oh my goodness South American mate gourds! I rarely find these in the States. What a wonderful little shop. If I ever have a chance to visit Philly, this is my first stop.

I will never forget my first experience in a tea room. It was this tiny little hole in the wall and they had prepared a tea ceremony in these 100 year old clay pots. Each of the teas tasted amazing and I did experience this euphoric “tea drunk” experience when I left. It’s was so magical, unlike anything I had ever experienced!!! Thanks for the post, next time I’m in Philly I’ll be sure to check it out. Or if you guys are ever back in San Diego the tea shops in Ocean Beach and it’s called The Whole Leaf… Read more »

Oh my goodness this place looks ideal! I will seriously have to go there..

xo, Juliette Laura

healthy herbal tea…..its good for health