Love Stories: Omer & Kiki

There is nothing more captivating than seeing people who are genuinely in love, and hearing about the unique circumstances that brought them together. Here we bring you real life love stories – no two are the same.

Omer and Kiki.

A story of love at first sight, yes… but past that intuitive carnal knowledge some are so blessed to witness,  these like-minded souls realized they shared a deeper dream. Leave everything behind in LA , to start again, together, in Central America. They are in the midst of moving to Panama now, to start a sustainable beach community, raise children, surf, and ground themselves and those around them in the beautiful simplicity of beach life. Soft spoken, sweet, and with smiles that reveal all that they hold dear; one another, and a lust for the adventure that lies ahead.  Looking forward to finding you two beauties in Panama and doing a video… round 2… with naked babies at your feet! Good luck you two. Thank you.

fp love stories



fp love stories

fp love stories

fp love stories

fp love stories


fp love stories

fp love stories


fp love stories

fp love stories

Do you have a love story to tell? We’d love to hear it – leave a comment, or send it to, subject line: FP Love Stories. We’ll seek out those that move us most, to be featured right here on the blog!

Check out Omer’s beautiful line of towels, Fresco Towels.

Videographer: Nick Walker

Photography: Rus Anson


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This is so sweet! You can tell by the way they look into each others eyes that their in love, deep love. I loved the quote: “True love teaches us to be great and how to appreciate the amazing and simple beauties of life. How to care for others and be the best version of ourselves.” Beautiful post, getting ready to open my heart for Valentines day, and everyday after that <3 xoxo

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I think I just fell a little bit in love with them <3 beautiful love.

Brittney Lauritzen

I love this couple for the love you can tell they share. Love is not perfect but it is also blind and I think that is where happiness grows. I love how I met my husband because I have yet to hear our story anywhere else. My car broke down (who knew you needed to put oil in those things), Insert public transportation here. My bus driver was a very polite guy. I always said by and thank you while getting off at my stop and he always had a smile for me in exchange. One day, he took out… Read more »

Everything about this post is beautiful Amy! Love this. Keep up the great work love :) xo Quinn

This is simply gorgeous… everything about it. The story, the people, the photos, the video… a beautiful dream that thrives in the here and now! Thank you for sharing and in such a dynamically beautifully visual way. Mad Loving this!! xxxx

I love when people are inspired with other’s love! It’s so amazing! Love lift us up where we belong!

You should reach out to Mylee Grace and Ozzie Wright – amazing artists, surfers, musicians, vintage-shop owners, and more, from Australia. They just had their second child, named Goldy Grace Rainbow Wright. Their son is named Rocky River. They’re an amazing, creative, beautiful, inspirational couple.

You may have seen Ozzie’s ANTI BAD VIBE SHIELD painting floating around the internet! (


I love this!! It’s so cute!!
It gives me hope <3

How sweet! I love that they both found someone who wanted to move to a completely different country and start a new life. Makes me think of my eldest brother… He’s a missionary in Africa. For a while, he was the single guy in the bunch because his buddies were getting married and settling down. Then one day, while in Mozambique, he met a girl at a wedding. Turns out, she was from Washington State, just like him. It took him going halfway around the world to meet a girl who lived only a few hours from him back in… Read more »


This video made my heart so happy. Can you tell me where the wetsuit she wears in it is from? Thanks XX


So cute! Seriously love this!


Aw “she asked me if i would float in the sea for her because she loves to float”

Could this be more perfect? No it could not.

xo, Juliette Laura

Someone i lost had the name kiki, thank you for bringing back much lovely memories

Roxy xox

My dream as a child had always been to move from the tiny little town in Utah, where I grew up to New York City. Soon after I turned 18 I found a nanny job online and with $30 in my pocket, took my first airplane ride to The Big Apple. I learned my way around the city and met a few friends, dated a little. The summer was over and I decided to move from NY back home for a while but felt like I was missing something in NY and needed to go back. So, in 2006 I… Read more »

I had my peace with being a lonely spinster for the rest of my life at the tender age of 25. And then I met Daniel. We met through a mutual friend and it was love at first sight. After our first date we texted each other constantly and saw each other everyday. In the first week of dating Daniel said to me “You know how I feel about you, right?” and I said “I feel the same way.” Which really meant “I love you” and “I love you too”. There were no games. We both knew what we felt… Read more »

Ha, mine is not nearly as conventionally romantic as some of these stories. I was actually engaged to someone else who cheated on me a month before our wedding. My best friend of 5 years, who actually lived in a different city from me, took that as an opportunity to tell the truth. It’s funny, because he never really proposed. He basically told me that he thought we should get married so we eloped later that year at New Year’s and I moved up here to Lexington. Best New Year’s Eve ever. Of course, my family flipped out, at the… Read more »

*Please note, I did not mean “conventionally romantic” to sound snobbish – just that my story is unusual and would make an awful movie!

Aw, your story is sweet!! Thanks for sharing :)

Beautiful love these pics, so inspiring!


This is lovely! I myself am quite lucky to have a fella who is not only handsome, but his creative energy, silliness, and love is my favorite thing in the world. We met when I was 13 and he was 16 and have been together ever since. I still have all the cute and cheesy love notes he wrote me back then and he still has all the ones that I wrote to him and as we grow together through the years it’s always so fun to look back on those and see how far our love has come. We’re… Read more »

I’d like to share my love story, I just celebrated my two year yesterday! I met Michael my sophomore year in High School. We were both in the same history class and sat next to each other. I noticed he was very tall and very skinny. He was a year ahead of me and had recently transferred to the school. We never really paid any attention to each other, but I did notice he was a close friend of my friend Joey. The following year I was doing a dance show at my school. It was early december 2011. He… Read more »

This is adorable.. it is a beautiful thing to celebrate and share true love with these pictures and words and videos. Since I am such a romantic and wild at heart I recommend my own story: Mark and I met in Joshua Tree, where we later recorded our first album together (and his 9th album) under Mark Matos & Os Beaches, and where we will be living as of April Fools Day. We met at our friend Pearl Charles house called “The Boulder House” which is just outside of Pioneertown in Joshua Tree, CA. Pearl is the daughter of Larry… Read more »

My story, where to even begin. 2 hearts, 2 bodies, separate worlds, and life. Both just gotten out of a awful relationships. I got an add one day on facebook from a farley handsome man I had never known before. He had told me I was the most beautiful person he had ever seen, we had contiuned chatting back and fourth for a couple weeks. Lust and mystery over the computer. He was in Vegas and I was in La. The anniversy of his brother dying, he decided to drive out to La because there was no one else he… Read more »


Ok surely this will only be stumbed upon, in a fate-determined sense, and hopefully not by the wrong people. I like to express my feeling in text. A: its easier B; once explamted, ones words change another person’s perceptions, ideas, goals, paths and how they act. Not always a desirable thing to do when you cant cash the checks that your mouth is writing. and C) it fits in with my quirky ways of doing things. I suppose a mini confession is in order. It’s a story of frustration, sorrow, amazement and discovery. (its a relationship, it is, only never… Read more »