Monday Quote: Flux


There’s something about the word “flux” that I’m drawn to. I like the way it sounds. Does that mean I like what it stands for too?…Change? Change is scary, but it’s good. Change can be a form of growth, and growing is healthy. Flux can be defined as “continuous change”, and if you think about it, continuous change is all around us. Every day there is the possibility of learning something new…meeting someone new…doing something new…you never know until it happens.

How do you feel about change? Does it scare you, or are you ready for the flux?

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  1. I always welcome change. Routine can be comfortable but after a while it seems confining, at least to me. I always welcome change and accept when it’s time to move on or start over. Usually, there’s something better waiting ahead.

  2. I’m usually very uncomfortable with change but this quote came at a good time in my life right now a lot of things in my life are going to be changing soon and I need to remember it’s important to grow, so thank you FP

  3. Change is good. Embrace it

    I follow this statement. I love change so I travel places. move around the country for my education and always expect a change in routine. I love it. I wait for it

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