New Music We Love: Horses Heaven

I  have the pleasure of introducing you all to two very special souls. Bijou and Analise. Together, with their band, they bring you “Horses Heaven”. Vermont, their first single to be released, leaves love lingering on your every limb; an aftertaste you never want to fade. There is something special isn’t there? Watching two people who love each other also come together creatively and share themselves with those around them? Open, loving, in it for the love of the ride….. Real. Genuine. Honest. True.

Meet these two gems… watch the video and leave some love below!

Why ‘Vermont”…. ?<

Bijou: Summertime in Vermont – if you are in the company of someone you love, there is not much more you could need in this world.

Analise: Vermont is where it started, but the song is also about New York and Northern California.

How was this song born? A specific discussion/moment/sight…..?

Analise: We drove from Brooklyn to Poultney Vermont, through the unfamiliar hill sides, where we stayed and enjoyed the east coast heat. It was there that we began to write the song and even found the name for our band…. After Vermont we drove back to NY and spent the next week just walking endlessly for days….B seems to have tunes pulsing through him all the time, and had been playing the Vermont chords on a ukelele. Lyrics just attached themselves as we adventured together on our first trip away from home.

Your album is inspired by the love between the two of you….
Tell me about your relationship with music, and how it relates and illustrates that of a significant other….

Analise: B brings out a creative side in me with inspiration I’ve never really felt before.

Bijou: When Analise & I first got together we wrote our first song called “ain’t got no money” sort of as a joke to represent our plight, what we were feeling at the time. And to me writing songs with her has always been about representing where we are as a couple, & also as artists. So the inspiration of love & exuberance naturally came out in our music. I feel very lucky to be able to make music with my lady.

Whats the process for the two  of you when writing a song?

Analise: B will usually be plucking something on the guitar or tinkering on the piano and ask me how it makes me feel or what it makes me think of. The idea for lyrics will start to unravel…..and then, when I’m not looking he’ll bring it to life…he’s says he’s terrible at surprises and he is but, I’ve come to realize his ability to do this is always a wonderful surprise.

Your goals in the next year??

Analise: A west coast tour!

Bijou: Amen!

Biggest dream?

Bijou: As a songwriter, my biggest dream is to write a song that becomes a fabric to the world for generations. Like the music I was exposed to growing up, it puts you in a place of timelessness which I feel music in the right hands can be.

Analise: To live a happy and healthy life. I’m traditional at heart.

The video was shot in the beautiful town of Sebastopol where you two live… where did the concept come from… how does it make you two feel when you watch it?

Bijou– The concept came from Bonnie & Clyde, a classic. We wanted to depict if we were going to rob, it would be in our own unique way. So we picked up the essentials in our robbery jaunt of a video; food, jackets, books, a guitar, and lastly money. Watching the video it captures an innocence for me which I really enjoy.

The greatest gift to give the world??

Analise: Effort. With our families, education, treating the earth better, and real health.

Bijou: A kindness to nature, educated children, & pumpkin pie.

Your greatest daily challenge…

Analise: What’s for dinner!

Bijou: Staying away from all the screens in my life.

Tell me about Love… what it means to you… no matter how small or large….

Bijou: Love to me is all encompassing, it is unconditional and possibly far more evolved than we even know, yet it is so simple. I have found recently that my relationship with my partner, with the world, & art is all interconnected with love being the water that flows through it all. It can be easily forgotten in the midst of all we are expected as 21st century people, but you have to believe the Beatles knew a thing or two, right?




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10 years ago

Ahhhh, they seem so interesting! Wonderful music.

10 years ago

How sweet :3

10 years ago

love your music posts Amy. This song is so heartfelt! ♥

10 years ago

Is it possible to download this song somewhere? I tried ITunes. Love it beautiful song :)

10 years ago

such an incredible energy

10 years ago

do you by chance know where the dress she is wearing is from- is it free people??


10 years ago

Love. More please!