How To Recuperate After A Long Day

It’s 6 0’clock pm. You just worked your ass off, and the day couldn’t have gone by any slower…or was it fast? You’re not quite sure because the brain is fogged up from stress, concentration, strain and exhaustion. We all have these days, and sometimes it might be hard to leave it all behind.

When I have a day like this, most of the time I will drive home pissed off, and immediately crawl into bed. I’ve realized that I actually hate doing this. I’ll go to sleep worrying that the next day will be just as long, which results in waking up to a mind that is already stressed. I forget to divulge in anything else that may help to blow off some steam, take a step back and just relax. You need more in your life than just work and sleep, and I’ve learned that even the tiniest of things can help you recuperate after a down day. Next time you feel like you’ve had “one of those days”, try one (or all) of these ways to help your mind and body recharge.

Drink Something Hot

holding tea


Coffee, tea, a hot toddy…anything will do, really. Even just a warm cup of water with some honey and cinnamon mixed in. Breathing in the warm aromas and steam can help open up your sinuses and help you feel refreshed. I love to find a big mug and wrap my hands around it, then slowly sip as I feel my throat and body being warmed. Instant relaxation.


girl writing in journal

Journal therapy is a good way to help with a lot of issues in life: relationships, illnesses, stresses. I’ve found that writing down the days worries or struggles can help you overcome them. I never used to be much of a journal keeper, but rather a “sketch-book keeper” if you’d like to call it. Instead of writing, I would doodle and draw to help take my mind away from things. Allowing your hands to flow and get creative helps to bring in clarity.

Listen To Music

listen to music

Listening to music might be one of my favorite ways to recuperate after a long day. Certain songs have the ability to transport me back to a specific time and place, and that nostalgic feeling I get is big enough to overcome any negative thought running through my mind. If you have a song or favorite band that reminds you of happy things, turn up the volume and let the good tunes play.

Work Out

holding tennis shoes

Growing up, whenever I had an issue, my mom would always tell me to “go sweat it out”, and I’ve sworn by this ever since. Even though you might be exhausted and overworked from the day, fitting in a little bit of exercise can actually help you feel less tired. You can sweat out bad toxins and burn away chemicals that are causing stress inside of you. Exercise also releases endorphins that help you feel good about your well-being.

Read A Book

reading book

There is nothing better than reading a good book after a long day. You’ll realize that after a few minutes, your mind has completely rerouted itself. You are now lost in the pages of a story instead of the busy pages of work.

Take A Bath

girl putting flowers in tub

I’ve found that when taking a bath, it’s important to set up the scene first. Buy yourself some flowers for the sole purpose of allowing petals to float around you on the surface of the water. Find all of the candles in your house, set them up around the edge of the tub and bring them to life. Do you have incense? Great, spark up the Nag Champa too. Creating a perfect atmosphere will make a bath that much more enjoyable. Now all you have to do is step in.

Put Away Your Cell Phone

no cell phone

Seriously though. Put it away. We look at the tiny bright screens enough during the course of the day, so let it fade to black when you get home in the evening. The work emails can wait, and do we really need to refresh our Instagram feeds 10 times in a row? Trust me, I am guilty of this one. Some nights, I’ll find myself staring at the technological rectangle for so long that the screen actually starts to turn blurry from eye strain. Put it down and leave it be. You may be surprised how much better you feel after disconnecting from the outside world to enjoy your immediate one.


girl doing nothing

Sometimes it’s okay to just sit somewhere and do absolutely nothing. Your body needs a break, so give it a break. You can take this time to focus on your breathing, meditate on good things, and  just let it all go.

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10 years ago

Thank you! it looking like I’m going to need this lol!

Roxy xox

10 years ago

I wish I could just “do nothing”. It seems I always have a list of “to-dos” for myself when I get home. :(

10 years ago

Drinking tea, taking a bath, while playing music and lighting candles is my perfect way to unwind from a long day. Baths are soo healing <3
xoxo Annejelina

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10 years ago

This. This is why I still do ballet/modern dance. Even though I will never make a career out of it, dance allows me to sweat it out, be creative, leave my screens behind, and concentrate on something totally different. Sweating it out also makes the bath seem so much nicer.

I know everyone is different, but I would also add cooking food to the list. I like to cook, so it helps divert me on the nights I do not dance. Besides, making up your own recipes is fun!

10 years ago

SO perfect, just what I need now that I am back in school!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

Amen. Amen to all of this.
Writing, exercise, and doing absolutely nothing (with my cat by my side) are always my go-to ways to relax. I really need to start taking more baths though…


10 years ago

I just love this post. Now I have such a busy and extremely stressful period at school, so it is great to read posts that inspires and motivate to don’t give up! Thanks!!!! (sorry for any mistakes,I’m Latvian (: )

Have a lovely day.

9 years ago

i love this post! Stumbled upon it on Pinterest and the mobile phone is a big one for me in the evenings! I’m going to work to try and implement some of these this week. Thanks for sharing. Kate, Wondrous

Isabella Grace
8 years ago

Oh my goodness! This really helps me throughout my days after college… I come home, have my hot Starbucks coffee, do some school work, then take a hot, sauna bath or shower. Also, I love to make DIY face masks and just pet my dog!