The Right Red

I’ve always admired women that wear a red lip; fearless, strong, confident,beautiful, timeless, classic… While I admire it greatly… I admire from afar.
Why? I haven’t the slightest clue as to what red is my red… Blue tone? Orange tone? Pink? My head spins. Past the right shade… what to wear with this bold lip? Here we demonstrate with 3 beautiful girls, each styled head to toe in the perfect fit for any red lip combo.

Enjoy the video!

Get the looks:

Myla: Limited Edition Ethereal Mini Dress.

Chrissy: Twisted Leopard Harem Pant, Classic Biker Jacket.

Shannon: Cha Cha Dropwaist Fit and Flare, Matador Hat.

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This video is really good and a hot topic for many people who really want to love red. I like how you used a lot of MAC since MAC has the bed reds IMO… Ruby Woo and Viva Glam I will never be replaced. If you’re scared of red though, I recommend trying Revlon Really Red. It’s cheap, pretty good, and is not too blue or too orange. Wear it around the house by yourself so you can get used to seeing it on you. I used to be terrified of reds, then I realized I was just shocked by… Read more »

Ahhh such a perfect video.


I can’t stress enough the importance of this video! You have to get the undertone right! For some reason it matters a lot more with this than any other color. I wish all the girls in my hometown had seen it, because the ones who need blue reds all wear orange reds that make them look seasick. I do have some additional tips for anyone who wants to use red lipstick. If you are going to wear red lipstick be careful with the rest of your makeup! Such a bold color needs to be paired with subtle makeup elsewhere. Even… Read more »


A few more pointers. You may have noticed that the girls in the video didn’t have any red in their outfits. There was however, red in the background of the videos. Since in real life a complementary background won’t (usually) exist, I still say have a little red something with you, like a ring gem or a flower. Although this video does help a lot, be aware that not everyone can wear every tone & look good. These are great guidelines, but some people will need to choose their reds based on their skin instead of the mood of their… Read more »


what are the lipsticks used in this video?

Love this! My favorite staple red is a matte lipstain by Sephora!!! It never fails to get compliments everytime I wear it and it looks amazing on my skintone.


Great video – thanks for sharing!
I wear red hair, or variations of red hair and I’ve always struggled to comfortably wear the right red lippy for me. Is anyone able to share some advice?


This video was wonderfully done, from the music to the effects it brings a small joy to aspiring film-makers, including myself…. On that note, I was wondering what video-editing application or website was used in the making of this video? Everything was perfect, and I am always looking for ways to advance my film-making skills. Thank you and as always- stay wonderful! xx

Such a fun video! Thanks to all those who commented above me for the great tips re. the importance of skin tone. I’m still a little afraid of red, but I might be tempted to give it a try!


In my opinion MAC Russian Red is very universal is a true red, not blueish, not pinkish or magenta-ish and not orange, just red. When in doubt go with Russian Red