Honey Is The New Shampoo: Week 1

Earlier this month, I wrote a blog post about going no ‘poo, where I asked all of you seasoned experts to help me decide whether or not I should ditch commercial shampoo and conditioner in favor of more natural options.

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who shared an experience or piece of advice — I was overwhelmed by all of the comments, in the best way possible. After going through all of them, I decided against washing my hair with baking soda. It just seemed that a number of you had negative experiences with this, so ultimately I concluded that it wouldn’t be worth it for me. I did decide, however that I still wanted to try ditching commercial hair products… and there was one suggestion that stood out to me: honey washing. (Thank you, Tiana!)

Honey washing

To try out this method, all you need is raw honey, water, and a container. Just mix 1 tablespoon of honey in about 1/2 cup of water (use warm water to help melt the honey) to make the shampoo. Make sure you use raw honey — non-raw honey may sometimes be processed with other ingredients that can harm your hair.

day 0

On my last day using commercial shampoo, I took the above “before” picture, just so we have something to compare to! I recently chopped off about 4 inches of my hair (eep!), so I’m happy to be going into this with fresh ends! I didn’t use any styling products or tools on my hair this day — just let it dry naturally.

I’ve been keeping a daily diary of the process, so I wanted to share my experience from the first few days!


Day 1: This morning I washed my hair with honey for the very first time! I combined 1 tablespoon of honey into  about 1/2 cup warm water in a mason jar, and mixed until well-combined. In the shower, I wet my hair, and then slowly poured the mixture over my head, trying to get as close to the roots as possible. I flipped my head different directions to reach different parts of my scalp. I gently massaged my scalp for about a minute, combed, and then rinsed. The best part about honey washing is that if you happen to get some in your mouth… it tastes delicious.

After washing, I let my hair air dry. I’m not a huge fan of the way it looks, but I always feel that way when my hair has dried naturally. It feels soft and doesn’t appear to be greasy. It doesn’t feel as clean as it normally does after washing with commercial shampoo, but no complaints here.

Day 2: Saturday… I didn’t wash my hair until this afternoon. I found a new way to apply the honey that’s easier than dumping a mason-jar-full of it over my head. I created the honey/water mixture, and then poured it into an empty honey bear container. This way, I can squeeze it out little by little, right where I need it. I used about half of the mixture for one wash. After washing, I dried and then styled my hair with heat tools – I was pretty pleased with the results. A little greasy, but looks and feels pretty good overall. (I wasn’t able to get a photo today — my apologies!)


Day 3: Today, my hair was pretty greasy, but no different than a “normal” day without washing. It actually looks pretty good in the photo above. It seems slightly greasier in person. I’m going to wash my hair before bed, and I’ll wait until tomorrow to see how it comes out.


Day 4: This morning I styled my hair with my usual routine: took a straightening iron to the pieces around my face, and a big curling iron to the rest. It looks similar to how it looked before washing yesterday, but the grease is starting to get to me. It’s probably not too noticeable to the outside world, but I’m not liking the way it feels, and I even think my hair smells like… hair. You know that smell. It’s not a bad smell, but I wouldn’t say it’s good, either. Today is a day I would have normally reached for my can of dry shampoo without a doubt, but I had to resist. I want the oil to start being produced less, and I fear that the dry shampoo would trick my body into thinking it needs to produce more.


day 5

Day 5: I washed and styled my hair this morning… this is getting to be a little tough. Overall it looks similar to how it’s appeared the past 2-3 days, but feels a little greasier. I’ve also noticed my face breaking out over the past few days. I have sensitive skin and have always been prone to breakouts, so this could be due to a number of totally unrelated things (maybe stress?), but I’m also thinking it could have something to do with the oil on my hair — or the honey — coming in contact with my skin, and clogging my pores. I must admit, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m documenting this shampoo-less journey for you guys, I probably would be very tempted to switch back to commercial shampoo — and it’s only day 5! Must keep going. Thank you all for being my motivation!

I’ll be back next week with another week’s worth of entries! Wish me luck as I continue to endure this transition period, and please let me know if you have any advice! Thank you all!

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  1. Very interesting – I may try this. I just got into a groove of making my own beauty products, so why not try with hair? The shampoo I use doesn’t have any sulfate, which I’ve heard is better for my curls. My only problem is that after the third day of not washing my hair, my scalp itches SO much. Imagine a zillion bug bits all over your head, and thats how it feels. So annoying. Anyway, I really like how your hair looks on the fifth day. You can tell that its slightly greasy, but it’s honestly not the gross greasy, you know? It almost looks like movie star hair! Well, I’m excited to keep seeing your results!

  2. It can be a tough journey to figure out, but it is SO worth it!

    Remember that honey doesn’t have much “grease fighting” power, so your hair has to get used to producing less oils. In the meantime, a dry shampoo made out of plain corn starch is amazing! Just sprinkle over hair and brush out. It will help you during your transition time :)
    If it gets to intens, and the honey doesn’t clean your hair well enough, there’s plenty of other options you can add occasionally to thorougly clean. Egg masks are great, as is rasul clay (thats what i use once a week). Great cleaning without stripping the oils of your hair. Also, i would be careful with using too much heat styling – without silicones to protect you can end up with damaged hair.

    Think your hair is so lovely and love you’re sharing your journey with us. Keep it up!

  3. I find with my natural made products that are supper simple in the ingredient area usually need a couple other treatment options added to the mix/routine. Usually one ingredient is not enough, honey repairs and heals and is an antibacterial, but not so much a “cleaner”, you may need a deep cleanse once a week to balance out the properties the honey does not have. I would look to a diffused water with your favorite aromatherapy oil to mist your hair if I are looking for a scent…… like I said, when it comes to my experience with home remedies, it often takes a couple steps in the routine to create balance.

  4. So happy you posted this! I recently started using honey shampoo as well and am so happy with the results. I too am occasionally having oil issues, but usually when I go 3+ days without washing. A little dry shampoo made of baking soda and cocoa powder has worked wonders on those grease days. I’ve also been using peppermint oil when I finish shampooing. I just towel dry my locks and then spread 2 or 3 drops mostly on the ends. It smells amazing! Thanks again and can’t wait to hear how this method continues to work for you!

  5. I had totally forgotten about the breakouts until reading this- it is the oils in your hair! I started twisting my hair into a tight top knot before bed (also helped me to stay away from heat styling the next day) and washed my pillowcases twice weekly to combat this situation and it worked! Now that the “transition period” is long gone, so are the effects of the overproduction of oils and I can sleep with my hair all around my shoulders again :)
    So excited for you!

  6. I am very tempted to try this… the hubby is going back to school and it could save us a little money. Obviously not a whole whole lot, but every little bit counts! I exercise so much that I think I would alternate with a vinegar rinse. IDK, I am kinda terrified. I am glad you are trying this!

  7. I still recommend a mud based product! like Bentonite clay or rhassoul mud so you don’t get that greasy feel in the hair.
    ….or AVC rinse before or after the honey

    ….Or mix the honey with 1 egg

    Well done so far thou, love your hair!!

  8. I tried the no poo thing for almost a year, first with baking soda and acv then with just acv then with coconut milk. I have thick curly hair and by the end of it had just gotten so frustrating with having bad hair days for weeks and months on end that I gave up. My hair would be super dry for a couple days, then super greasy then back to dry! Since then I’ve found some really lovely products at Sprouts that are all organic. The trick with buying packaged beauty products is to look at the ingredients and see how many there are and if you recognize all of them (like with food!). Right now I’m using the argan oil shampoo and conditioner by acure, with a little argan oil after I get out of the shower. I just started so I’m not sure how much I like it yet but it smells amazing from the almond extract!

  9. Keep it up, maybe after your body adjusts it will start to feel less greasy to you. It doesn’t look greasy it all. In fact your hair looks very healthy. I’m really considering doing this myself. I have very very long hair and go thro shampoo/conditioner very fast. Looking forward to seeing your results!!

  10. You should try honey instead of face wash too. I don’t know about the no ‘poo thing, since my hair is fine and gets very greasy, but I have been using honey for my face for about a year and I love it. I use to break out like I were 16 years old (and I’m 28) and it doens’t happen anymore!

  11. I have just started the no poo thing too and I’ve been noticing that my skin is just a little irritated and breaking out as well. I have found that it helps to wash my face a little more often, also sometimes a bit of coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree oil mixed together before bed seems to help with the acne and redness (but remember to wash your face in the morning and don’t put on too much of the oil mixture or it will have the opposite effect. Just enough to balance the tea tree. Less is more, so to speak). I also have an obsession with Moroccanoil that I am not ever willing to give up and that has helped tremendously. I just put a little Moroccanoil on my ends and smooth over the length of my hair after each shower and it leaves my hair silky smooth and smelling great. When I have a really greasy day I will give in and use a low-poo shampoo or add five drops of lemongrass essential oil to my apple cider vinegar hair rinse to clear away dirt and build-up and soften my hair.

  12. Honey is actually pretty good for your skin it helps the skin relax if you ever break out mix honey with nutmeg and cinnamon and apply leave for about 25 mins the longer the better! You might be breaking out because of the oil residue from your hair getting to your face in the shower, if you plan to keep using honey for your hair, after you shower apply baking soda with a lil water wash your face with it, then use a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil and WaLa!

  13. If you want to try an organic honey shampoo that leaves you feeling clean without the work of mixing I use Fair Trade Honey by Lush and it’s amazing. Rinses out, no oilyness and smells amazing.

  14. Have you tried Dr Bronenrs? Dilute it with some water and massage that into your hair a couple times a week for shampoo and rinse with apple cider vinegar for conditioner. You can do deep conditioning treatments a couple times a month too with coconut oil.

  15. Just wanted to recommend that you try the JASON Biotin shampoo. It is amazing… seriously. And all ingredients are healthy for hair. It is only “commercial” in the sense that it is mass-produced, but it is the best shampoo i’ve ever used and the big bottles are reasonably priced and last for a very long time!

  16. I’ve been wanting to go no poo since your last post talking about doing it. I have thick curly hair and I think i’m going to go for it!

  17. You should try using natural bentonite clay as a shampoo in combination with the honey. It’ll leave your hair feeling especially squeaky clean as well as moisturized.

  18. I’m sure your breakouts aren’t from the honey. I have very acne prone skin (and am in my 20s) and actually wash my face with raw honey every day. It has helped my breakout tremendously!! And as an added bonus it acts as an anti-inflammatory and makes my skin much less red as well.

  19. Honey is a true natures gift, what you should do is add some herbs like mint to the process
    That way the ph of the mix would be better and you will provably have the clean sensation after
    The wash.
    It should work I am a bee.

  20. Wow your hair looks incredible! Did you know that using honey in your hair actually causes it to lighten, so if your planning to do this in the long run, you may end up with natural highlights!, I think your hair looks great, the honey also is known to strengthen the hair, so you may also end up with strong roots with non-splitting ends, lucky lucky!

  21. I’m sure the raw honey isn’t causing breakouts. I’ve heard stories of people that use raw honey to treat acne. It’s probably just the extra oils in your hair. ..but isn’t the honey expensive? This hardly seems like a reasonable alternative to commercial shampoo to me. I switched to baking soda because I’m a poor student that needs to save money.

  22. I’ve looked into going no poo a couple of different times now, but the happiest I’ve been is using LUSH products. They don’t have any harmful chemicals in them, but they still get the job done. I use their beer based shampoo and my hair is light and super shiny. I’ve switched off using all their liquid conditioners, and even their bar conditioners rock. My hair is kind of a pain in the butt because it’s curly under and wavy on top with a tendency to get greasy, but I love my LUSH products. They also are fighting against animal testing! :)

  23. I’ve washed my hair with baking soda and acv the past year. It did work for me, I was able to use less and less baking soda. I heard some people were able to only wash it once a week or decrease the baking soda so much that they eventually could clean their hair with just water. Though after a year of using it I’m not really convinced it was good for my hair, but for me the baking soda didn’t make my hair worse.
    I tried the honey once after reading it here in the comments, but I didn’t have the patience to try it for a few weeks. So I’m very curious about your posts.
    Now I’m experimenting with washing my hair with egg, so far so good. I beat an egg with enough water to use it on all my hair, wet my hair, put the egg in and wash it with it. Then I rinse it out with lukewarm/colder water, so I don’t get scrambled egg in my hair ;)

  24. i’ve been no poo for about half a year, and let me tell you the best way to do it is in the summer if you are swimming in the ocean. i’ve always cut back on washing my hair in the summer because the salt naturally cleans it, but this summer i decided to stop completely. i normally only washed me hair twice a week anyway, so i just washed it less and less and looked for an alternative to shampoo. bronners was too drying, acv and baking soda didn’t work…i finally found jr liggets shampoo bar which is 100% vegetable oil and super affordable. now i only wash about 3 times a month and every time after i get out of the shower i apply coconut oil to the tips of my hair (a fingernails worth) instead of conditioner. my hair has never been better and grows about an inch a month!
    btw i have super thick unruly hair. i have to braid it at night or i get a huge nest in the back, and i used to be very greasy until i switched. and i’m still on my first bar of soap that’s lasted me months

  25. I love the idea of using natural products and those that are also not tested on animals, my hair tends to be on the oilier side anyway so i couldn’t imagine surviving this…but i do use all lush beauty products. All are vegan and have never left me disappointed, the price may be a little on the higher side but totally worth it! :)

  26. You may want to try going multiple days without washing at all. I’ve been doing no ‘poo for over 6 months now, and noticed that my hair gradually got used to not washing. I can go 4-6 days now without my hair getting greasy (during my days of commercial shampoo, I needed to wash every day or risk having a greasy scalp). I, too, switched to honey after having a bad experience with both baking soda and Dr. Bronner’s. My scalp got so dry and flaky..gross.

    Right now, my routine consists of washing with honey every other day (maybe once every three days), and then every once in a while I treat my scalp to a dime-size amount of “real” shampoo to get rid of build-up. It is working very well for me. I’ve recently added a rosemary oil scalp massage into the routine since it is known to stimulate hair growth.

    The “adjustment period” sucks, but right now is the BEST time to be experimenting with this since it is winter time and a hat or headband can easily cover up a greasy scalp.

  27. Honey is really wonderful for skin so I wouldn’t be too concerned that it’s causing your recent breakouts. Of course, all skin is different and you know yours better than anyone but I have extremely sensitive skin too and am highly prone to breakouts and I actually use honey (mixed with a little bit of baking soda) to wash my face and remove my makeup every night because of it’s incredible cleaning and healing properties. It is antibacterial and antimicrobial so it removes any lingering nastiness and dirt etc. from your skin before it can turn into acne. It’s also slightly drying which helps when your skin over-produces oil and causes breakouts. It’s also incredibly moisturizing and full of beneficial enzymes. Anyway, keep trying the honey shampoo wash! But if you don’t like it, you can always purchase a shampoo that fits your needs–organic, plant-based, synthetic fragrance free etc. I was making my own shampoo mixtures for a while but found it to be sort of a pain so I did some research and found a line (John Masters) that I can purchase and still feel fully confident putting in my hair. Still only shampoo once a week or so but when I do it feels clean and I know I don’t have to worry about it. Good luck!

    No-poo is one of those process that does not give you fast results. I have curly hair, and a lot of it but it is thin strands rather than thick. I have been shampoo free for 3 years now! I had started with Aubrey products but they left my hair too greasy. After that I just went straight to no washing just rinsing and combing in the shower for the first 5 months…. which was so hard to go through!! It took a while for my oils to balance out i comb in the shower, so i think the lack of brushing slowed the process. After those loong 5 months, I found Apple Cider vinegar. I would mix that with water and WOW what a difference! My hair already had reached a point that when combing in the shower it was silky, but the vinegar wash made it even more silky and it felt clean clean…. something I hadn’t enjoyed in a while. I hardly ever get a dry scalp and I tend to do the wash 1-2 times a week, lately its been 3 since I’ve been having some intense gym sessions. But for the greasy battle I had at first, I wouldn’t go back to shampoo ever again. My hair always has a shine to it and my curls bounce like they never had before. I love my shampoo free hair, and how minimal my shower is! I am tempted to try your honey-poo specially once your trial is done. Best of luck, stay strong and be well!

  29. A bit of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar may help combat the greasiness. Mix a few tablespoons into a spray bottle and spray into your roots. Good luck and I truly look forward to seeing your progress as I have yet to find an all-natural shampoo/conditioner that actually works (that doesn’t cost a million dollars). Thanks for doing the experiment for us!

  30. Don’t give up! I went no ‘poo over a year and a half ago, and I now have the best hair I’ve ever had in my life. Personally, I use rhassoul clay (not bentonite!) mixed with aloe vera (or honey), essential oils, and water. It takes a bit of work to get the amounts right for your hair; I use 2-3 Tbsp. clay, 1 Tbsp. aloe, 4-5 Tbsp. water, and around 8 drops of whatever essential oils I wish. I feel like an alchemist every time I mix it up. I rinse with diluted ACV. I only have to wash my (previously seriously greasy hair) about twice a week now.
    I have tried honey, and while it could be a could hair mask, it didn’t clean my hair like the clay does. The clay has a more basic pH, but when mixed with something acidic, like aloe or honey, and watered down, I find that the pH is perfectly balanced for my hair.
    I don’t use baking soda because the pH, even when diluted, is waaay too basic for hair. It completely wrecked my hair when I tried to use it. It breaks down the protein of hair and makes it weak and brittle. ACV is the perfect pH when diluted, because hair and scalp pH is slightly acidic.
    A tip to avoid the transition period: go more natural in steps. First, I switched from drugstore shampoo to a natural, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Then, I tried a shampoo bar, which worked okay for my hair. Then I tried baking soda/ACV and it didn’t work. Then I decided I would try clay. So because I went natural over time, I never had a transition/oily period! I think the shampoo bar helped a great deal.
    Sorry I wrote so much! It’s just that I had a lot of trouble finding what worked for me, so I’d like to help others avoid that trouble.

  31. Thank you all SO very much for your comments!! I’m reading every single one and soaking it all in. Lots and lots of great suggestions… and motivation. You’re all so helpful & I would NOT be able to do this without you!! :) And, Sophia… HAHA, cracking up.

  32. I feel that no-poo is only for people with curly hair or hair that is not fine and smooth. My attempts at it were all failures… my hair never got less greasy from not washing it, I just had terrible hair and got breakouts from it being oily. It was not cool! The one thing I do love is rinsing with vinegar between shampooing and conditioning. It makes my hair look amazing.

  33. I tried the baking soda shampoo but never stuck with it because I got sick of making it. So I switched to the shampoo bar from lush and it’s amazing! Super convenient, natural, vegan and my hair grows alot faster now.

  34. Your hair color is GORGEOUS, exactly what I’ve been looking for. Do you dye it yourself or is it your natural color?

  35. Apple cider vinegar (diluted). Good for your skin and hair, and definitely worked better for me than honey! Treat the acv as shampoo, and then use whatever conditioner works best for you (avoid using too much on your scalp area though)

  36. You need this:

    Its a honey shampoo – with other natural products. It makes your hair feel clean like normal shampoo but it make your hair so so so shiny and so soft. It also helped my hair grow significantly faster than it usually does.
    Its over 50% honey and mixed with only natural ingredients – no preservatives either. All the ingredients are sourced ethically and fairly traded and the bottles are !00% recycled/recyclable.
    It would be very similar to what your doing but it would still leave your hair with that clean feeling. SO WORTH IT!

  37. I think people are way to caught up in this “no shampoo” trend. The truth is it isn’t really necessary to eliminate shampoo & /or conditioner from your hygiene routine. There are some really great safe & organic professional products out there that give you all the benefits of natural hair care without the side effects like “grease head” or flat , stringy hair texture. They even include honey &/or vinegar, but in a balanced formula. The no shampoo method really isn’t right for everybody, so listen to your body & your opinion of your hair condition. Don’t let people make you feel like you’ve lost “green points” because you have to wash your hair normally! The only people that really benefit from using a “no shampoo” method are those with kinky or curly hair that does not get very oily. For most others, the outcome is either not beneficial, or doesn’t make enough of a difference to be considered beneficial.

  38. I just started using baking soda & apple cider vinegar… and I must say I love it. I mean I’m only on my 5th day and washed it twice in those today. I’m on day 2 hair and it’s not oily at all. I maybe talking too soon, but I love it already.

  39. i have never heard the term “no-poo” before, but i have been commercial shampoo free for about 4 years now. i have found that no one thing works perfect forever, if i stick with one thing too long my hair gets too dry, or some sort of build up. i regularly use coconut milk/castille soap ( which works great on pets too!) acv, honey,coconut oil, baking soda, or a body/hair soap bar (Always Native makes great ones. I used to use LUSH products, but i dislike their use of artificial fragrances). After a while, you start to know what your hair wants. I tend to vary my routine day to day based on the season and my hair’s mood :) my hair is never greasy, and i tend to only wash it 1-2x per week (this said, in the past i had horrible dandruff,which has ceased to be a problem, but i can go over a week w/o washing my hair and not have it get greasly.) Another big consideration is what you expect out of your hair. personally, i don’t use any sort of styling products, so i have no idea how hair washed with these sorts of things might style. for me, my objectives in hair care are simplicity and cleanliness, and rotating between several natural options has been going great for me.

  40. This is the first article of this blog I’ve read courtesy of Facebook, and I must say how much of an inspiration you are! You have beautiful hair! I suffered with cystic acne for several years back in high school and what I found that a lot of your ingredients worked for my skin.
    For example, 1 cup baking soda with 3 tablespoons salt and 1 tablespoon baking powder made a great facial scrub. And warm honey mixed with water and mashed carrots makes a great moisturizing facial mask.
    The list if amazing natural remedies goes on and on but you have inspired not only for me to carry this knowledge to the shower with me for my hair, but also in a strange way to be more of myself. Being stuck in several relationships that made me “sacrifice” who I am to a degree I swore only dumb girls could go, it has been a struggle to find my true self again.
    Strange how something as simple as washing your hair can touch people, huh? Kudos to you and i look forward to reading more from your wondrous journeys of beauty, style, and life :)

  41. Super article ! Justement, j’ai traité un sujet similaire sur mon blog avec autant difficulté et de questions que toi !
    En tout cas, belles photos et bel article !

  42. OMG I can’t believe how beautiful your hair is, I’m not kidding you have the prettiest hair I have seen in awhile and your fashion is 2-die4. I wash my hair with organic ACV and a drop of vitamin E oil and OMG my hair went from wavy to super curly and I rinse it out with distilled water and I can honestly say it took me 36 years 2 love my hair it looks better now than it did when I was in my 20’s. I just wanted U 2 know how beautiful your hair is you remind me of that supermodel Angie Everheart I think that’s her name.

  43. I’m a little late to the party, but lately I’ve been putting a thin layer of raw honey on my face and hair while I make breakfast and then rinse it all off in the shower around 20-30 minutes later. My skin is starting to clear up, and my hair is greasy, but I take care of that with some cocoa powder. It’s like a daily deep conditioner and mask without any of the ill effects of store bought masks (dry out, irritation, damage).

    Oh and I hear honey lightens your hair, so to combat that I add some Rosemary Oil.

  44. Does anyone have any opinions to share on the lush solid shampoos? I love them, and I was under the impression that they are all natural. Would they be a good way to go au natural, or at least make the process smoother?

  45. It looks like we are at the same stage of the honey shampoo method! I’m not having bad results necessarily, but not too good yet either. I’m wondering if you, or anyone else has experienced dandruff from using the honey shampoo? I’ve never had dandruff before, but now my scalp seems to be flaky! Maybe it is just build up and I haven’t been rinsing enough? My rinse is super watery though so I don’t see how I would get much build up from it….Do you think this is just part of the ‘transition period’?

    ***I am also doing the ACV rinse, but maybe I will just do that once a week from now on…

  46. Hey!

    Its so exciting that you’ve taken that jump into ‘no poo’ land :) lol. My best piece if advice is to be patient. It can be so frustrating when you don’t see all the changes right away but they will definitely come! You gotta remember that you’ve bombarded your hair with chemicals and detergents for like 20ish years, so its going to take a minute for your scalp to recalibrate itself. My hair looked like a hot mess for like 7 weeks until all of a sudden it became amazing. Now my hair is manageable whether I style it or not, it NEVER gets greasy, and I get crazy compliments. Not to mention when I heat style my hair? It’ll last like forever looking just as fabulous as it did when you styled it the first time :)

    Personally as far as recipes go I’ve found that using a baking soda rinse with honey and lavender essential oil in it is the best for me but it took me a long long time till I got the recipe right. Just keep experimenting till it works!

    Sara <3
    No Poo since May 2013*

  47. I am about to venture into the honey shampoo realm and I am terrified haha ! Ok maybe not but since the other no poo methods have not quite worked out, I am definitely not going to give up quite yet ! Sounds like we both have the same amount of determination

  48. I suggest trying rye flour for washing hair – mix 3 tablespoons of rye flour with water/some aloe vera juice to form a paste and spread on your scalp – wait for 5 minutes- rinse thoroughly. If you manage to get all out, it’s a perfect shampoo and from the first wash.

  49. With raw honey’s antibacterial qualities, it’s very good for acne prone skin, it also acts as a daily exfoliant. I use it as a morning face wash and it works wonders.

  50. I’m trying the honey-poo menthod. So far it has been leaving abit of some greasiness. Perhaps you should try a couple of drops to a teaspoon of lemon juice in the mixture or aloe gel.

  51. hey guys I have tried a lot of different methods I think almost all (I have naturally wavy, slightly oilly hair) and I have had great success with doing the Tea Rinses. Using teas like Rosmary and basil leaves as the shampoo and oats steeped with green tea leaves for the conditioner. I noticed results the first try. Ever since I started I love the way my hair feels and smells (I get a lot of complements) my hair is bouncy, light and not greasy. If you have waves it brings it out beautifully. If you have dry ends just rub a tiny bit of sesame oil at the ends.
    It’s non expensive plus I also get to make my own teas to drink!
    I highly recommend trying it. Hope this helps :)

  52. Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 part to 1 part water, spray through from roots to tips, leave on for a few minutes, rinse…cuts the “oil”, not your own sebum. Great for a facial toner as well, especially if you are acne prone.

  53. Hey. I’ve been using the honey poo method for three months and it doesn’t clean the grease out very well because my hair feels alil greasy and or flat. However I do like it. What can I do to get rid of that slight oily texture?

  54. I use 2-3 tablespoons of rye flour in enough water to make it about the same consistency of shampoo, a diluted acv rinse. So far, it works really well. My hair gets very clean and it’s soft, silky, and shiny. I recommend NOT using baking soda, because even when it’s diluted, it has a ph much higher than that of your hair, and in my experience, it dried my hair out like crazy.

  55. And a tip for rye flour: if your flour is not finely ground, sifting it beforehand will make sure no flakes are left in your hair. I have heard from some people that the flour does not clean as well when it’s not course, so if that’s a problem for you, a fine-toothed comb (after your hair’s already combed out and detangled) works wonders at removing any flakes of flour that weren’t completely rinsed out.

  56. Try rinsing your hair with ¼ cup apple cidar vinager in a big glass measuring cup of water and dump it over your head after your rinse out the honey. Then massage that in and then rinse it out right away. This will help cut out the grease on your hair and stop your breakouts. You can also use a tea rinse but apple cidar vinager is my favorite!!! It took a month for my hair to transition but I would never go back now ! Good luck

  57. One tip to help with overly oily hair is to take a boar brush to it every night. Divide your hair into sections and brush through them a few times. Helps distribute the oils to the ends..I’d also recommend not washing every day.

  58. As far as your face breaking out. I went from cleansing with something from a dermatologist to honey and my face has never been clearer. Hair takes time to transition.

  59. I started the no shampoo method on July 21st, 2014 and have been and am still doing it a year later! I had very thick curly hair and a pixie cut. I still have a pixie cut that grows super fast, I have just been cutting it off to avoid the mullet stage. Over the last year my hair has been growing faster and has straightened out to a point that I can brush and dry and it’s good to go. Commercial shampoo is a nightmare on my hair, and my hair won’t even absorb it properly because it’s so bad. I will NEVER touch shampoo ever again.

    I transitioned from honey, then went on to diluted baking soda for about five months, then added honey and ACV, and now I am using 80% honey with just a little bit of baking soda in it to really clean my hair. I also use this on my face and body and what a difference! My face is acne free with just honey, baking soda, ACV, and a tumeric mask and my body feels nice and clean and purified. I could do this for the rest of my life!
    Oh, and I also use coconut oil hair masks, and only have to wash my hair when using the oil mask or every three days. Whoot whoot! :)

  60. ok so i am totally new to the no-poo thing. I have really thin fine hair so it is really hard for me. I tried the mix that is castile soap, coconut oil, coconut milk, honey, water, and rosemary/ lavender essential oils but it would leave my hair greasy and waxie. So i figured i would try the honey poo. so far i like it a but better my hair does feel much softer than the other. so my question is how often should i wash? do I wash just the roots or all of it? thank you for your help!!

  61. I’m dedicated to the idea of not putting money in the pockets of shampoo companies that make chemical loaded products. The no poo journey is just that however and I still haven’t found my solution yet. The bs seems to not be working like it did at first. My hair is long, fine, frizzy, wavy, very prone to get greasy but dry and splitted on the ends. I only need to wash every three to four days now but my hair and scalp don’t seen very happy. I will try the honey and continue using acv on my scalp too and not just on the length. Also interested in trying Castile soaps. I’ve been reading success stories about it and it is inexpensive. Honey is certainly pricier than bs so that’s a bummer but still less than Lush products which I tried too. I was shocked and disappointed apon reading the ingredient list on the conditioner I bought from them to find that they use sulfates in some of their products and I still couldn’t pronounce some of the ingredients. I didn’t have an ingredient list for the shampoo bars I bought so I stopped using them. They weren’t jacking that much of a difference to my hair anyway. Be careful Lush lovers out there. It’s not everything they say it is.

  62. I’m dedicated to the idea of not putting money in the pockets of shampoo companies that make chemical loaded products. The no poo journey is just that however and I still haven’t found my solution yet. The bs seems to not be working like it did at first. My hair is long, fine, frizzy, wavy, very prone to get greasy but dry and splitted on the ends. I only need to wash every three to four days now but my hair and scalp don’t seen very happy. I will try the honey and continue using acv on my scalp too and not just on the length. Also interested in trying Castile soaps. I’ve been reading success stories about it and it is inexpensive. Honey is certainly pricier than bs so that’s a bummer but still less than Lush products which I tried too. I was shocked and disappointed apon reading the ingredient list on the conditioner I bought from them to find that they use sulfates in some of their products and I still couldn’t pronounce some of the ingredients. I didn’t have an ingredient list for the shampoo bars I bought so I stopped using them. They weren’t making that much of a difference to my hair anyway. Be careful Lush lovers out there. It’s not everything they say it is.

  63. The honey is definitely not clogging your pores unless maybe you are using honey that is processed. As long as you are using RAW certified organic unpasteurized honey that is solid in form, you are actually working to benefit your face. Raw honey has natural probiotics that does wonders for your face especially if you have dry, greasy, or acne prone skin. It also has antimicrobial properties, and works as an antiseptic yet it doesnt strip your face of its natual oils. I highly reccommend using raw honey to wash your face during this trial as well. I do it morning and night, except it doesnt work to remove makeup so I reccommend raw coconut oil for that. I reccommend Y.S Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey on Amazon if anyone is looking to snag a 3 lb bottle for $25.

    Also, I have yet to try this this honey hair washing method so I look forward to seeing what happens with you. My best guess is that your scalp is adjusting to this conversion period, and it will soon stabilize. This is normal and tends to happen when one stops using chemical laden shampoos.

    I hope this helps.

  64. I use 2 tbsp. raw (must be raw, I tried non-raw and it did nothing) honey dissolved into 2 cups warm water and pour it onto wet hair, but then I take another tbsp. or 2 of straight honey and massage directly into my scalp to combat the grease. You can also mix a little baking soda in there too, if it still feels too greasy. Rinse with water really well: Part your hair down the middle to get the back of your scalp, and flip your hair upside down to rinse the underside of your scalp. Then pour 2 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar mixed into 2 cups of water over your hair and rinse that out too. My hair doesn’t usually get greasy again til day 5 (I only wash once a week), and at that point I just put a little cornstarch in my roots and brush it out. Also, if the ends get dry (it’s hard to get nourishment from your scalp the ends of really long hair) put some aloe gel with a couple drops of glycerin and work it into the ends. It will just look like you used mousse or hair gel, but once it drys you can brush it out and it will look shiny and clean. I don’t heat my hair because I’m not using heat protector, so I just let it air-dry before brushing it (your hair is weakest when wet) and then I spritz it with a bit of water and twist it into a bun. It comes out in really nice waves. You can also youtube “headband curls” or “no heat straightening” to get other ideas. It’s an adjustment to figure out what works for your hair, but once you do it saves -so- much time and money from buying 11 different hair care products and washing/styling every two days.

  65. Thank you for such a wonderful article dear and from my side I want to say that i am using hair care products from long for my hairs and its really effective.It will improve your hairs for sure so try it once people because it is the best way to ensure that your curls are soft, smooth and tangle free even on the go!

  66. Thank you for such a wonderful article dear and from my side I want to say that i am using wash & go shampoo for my hair Because this antioxident rich shampoo helps to perfect and renew vibrancy to dull, lackluster hair. When used in our 10-IN-1 RENEWAL SYSTEM it provides Sulfate-free cleansing, anti-aging benefits, color protection, hydration, nourishment, rejuvenation, anti-stress, manageability and softness without build up.

  67. I am facing an untold condition with my hair skin. I stopped using shampoo 4 months ago and still surviving the same condition before. I surely apply this idea because of natural honey. Surly your hair looks prettier than before as well as you. Thanks for sharing with images.

  68. Hi
    I am so glad to read your post, I think it is one of the nice and intresting blog ever. here are you share the great idea about how to use honey for washing hair, also it is actually pretty good for your skin. thanks for sharing this creative idea.

  69. It’s really a great and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing!

  70. I am so much allergenic of honey. It was not so easy to take care of my hair after office and household works. But believe me, I stopped using shampoo and after 3 months my hair got back all the natural oils back. I just love the way I maintain, but appreciate any natural ingredients to apply once. Thanks for sharing this new and appealing formula…

  71. I found this blog 4 years ago and tried it. I’m still doing it and my curly hair feels great. I had to find the correct portions that worked for me. My hair is a little longer than shoulder length, so I use 3 tablespoons of hot water with about 1/16th teaspoon of honey. Then I rinse it out with one tablespoon each of hot water and Braggs apple cider vinegar mixed. If I feel like it, after towel drying it, I’ll add a little essential oil to my hair.

  72. Some lemon juice or perhaps apple beer vinegar could help combat the particular greasiness. Combine a few tablespoons into a squirt bottle and also spray inside of your roots. All the best and I genuinely look forward to discovering your development as I have got yet to locate an all-natural shampoo/conditioner that truly works (that doesn’t expense a million dollars). Thanks for doing it experiment for people !!!

  73. Boar bristle brushing will help TREMENDOUSLY. Look it up…you brush on dry hair and make sure your brush is clean after you do a hair rinse. It will take care of what you can’t get out in the shower. I just recently added cocoa powder 30 minutes prior to showering and it got my hair SO much cleaner than just water only and bbbrushing. I use raw honey and water to clean my brush so just thought to myself, why not use honey as a shampoo? I also use honey and yogurt for exfoliating (cleansing; the lactic acid in yogurt is an exfoliant though) my face twice a week but am cutting back a little. And safflower oil and aloe vera gel as a moisturizer. I’m going to try honey and water in a squeezie bottle I have and see how I like that but I’m telling you bbbrushing will help you tremendously.

    Cocoa powder works great but I wonder if honey would be even better because it is more acidic and has humectant properties…

    And of course you don’t NEED either if you have a bbbrush but your hair will not be nearly as clean without the addition of a cleanser ie honey or cocoa powder.

  74. Replying to post 56 I have tried chamomile tea as a rinse and it did nothing but I like the idea of a tea rinse if you could get it to do anything. Now I use my tea in ice cubes for under eyes when I have leftover otherwise I enjoy drinking it with honey when my throat is dry or soar or when I have an upset stomach.

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