Small Ways To Say “I Love You”

Love is a beautiful thing, and quite a big deal, I think. Hearing those three words can make you feel emotions you never thought possible. They can whirl around you, through you, and sweep you up into another world. What I love most about love, though, is that you don’t necessarily have to say it to let someone know you feel it. Showing your love can be just as powerful… and I think it’s so fun to come up with different ways to do it. It’s the little things.

Valentine’s Day is exactly one month away… so, yes, it is the season of love (although I think every season is a season of love). Even if you aren’t in a relationship, it’s fun to do little things for the loved ones in your life. Your friends, your parents, your co-workers… even random people you encounter throughout your day. There’s nothing better than a random act of love. Here are some small ways to show some love in daily life. What little things do you do to spread love?

Cat, windowsill, bed

Make the bed. Imagine this: You wake up in the morning. You have to go to work. You open your eyes and your loved one is nowhere to be seen. He or she must be up already. You fumble over to the bathroom to wash your face, and when you return, your bed is magically made! The actual action of making the bed probably takes less than a minute, but it can have such an incredible effect. Find a small chore that you can do for your love and do it when he or she isn’t looking. The simple action of doing something for someone, coupled with the element of surprise, is enough to melt anyone’s heart right then and there.

Coffee on counter

Pre-order that morning beverage. One of my very best friends orders the same coffee from the same café every morning before work. She’s in a long distance relationship, and one day her boyfriend pre-ordered her coffee, and paid for it by phone. When she got to the café, it was already waiting there for her to pick up. I love how much thought went into this little gesture. Such an adorable way to be there with her in the morning without physically being there.

Underwear drawer, dried roses

Leave a flower. Flowers are beautiful. There’s no denying that. When you give a flower to another person, you’re giving them a beautiful piece of life. Pick a flower and leave it somewhere for your loved one to see. Place it in your boyfriend’s drawer… tie it to the steering wheel of your best friend’s car… close it inside a library book for a stranger to find one day, pressed and perfectly preserved. Finding beauty in an unexpected place brings an immediate sense of joy to the heart.

Hand holding

Use codes. I used to have a boyfriend who, when we were holding hands, would always squeeze mine three times to stand for “I love you.” It was the sweetest thing – so simple, and I’ll never forget it. I love the idea of doing something three times, like a code, for this very reason. Flick the light switch 3 times, give 3 winks, 3 kisses on the nose… it’s an adorable way to get the message across, especially because it’s like a little secret shared just between the two of you.

We three sushi

Make a food they love… at an unexpected time. We all have our all-time favorite foods. The food we request when it’s our birthday or turn to when we’re having a rough day. But what about our second favorite food? That one never seems to get as much love! Take note of what kind of food your loved one enjoys a lot (but maybe not the most), and make it for them at an unexpected time. Imagine being surprised by a piping batch of vegan brownies at midnight? You really just can’t go wrong.

Note in cabinet

Hide a note. Handwritten notes are an incredible gesture – and they don’t have to actually say much. Maybe just a doodle, an inside joke, or just the words “you & me.” Hide it in a cabinet, a jacket, or even a suitcase if your loved one is taking a trip. As soon as he or she finds the note, you’ll be the first thing that comes to mind… followed by a huge smile.

iPhone, Mexican blanket

Charge their phone. This might sound silly, but how often do you find yourself with a quickly-draining phone battery and nothing you can do about it? I had a boyfriend who would always plug mine into his charger before we went to sleep. Even though his phone would die overnight, he knew I’d be leaving for work before he did, so he’d wait until the morning to plug his in. It became a little routine – but never one that went unappreciated. As soon as I’d see him reach for that charger at night, my heart would completely melt… every time. Putting someone’s comfort in front of your own makes him or her, in turn, want to do more for you. And the cycle of love goes on and on.

What little things do you do to show your love?

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Very sweet ideas, just in time for V-day. i think I am going to take some ideas.

Roxy xox

My husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, mainly because he usually has to work that evening and we are trying to save money since he is returning to school. However, these surprises are just the trick to having some of the fun, for none of the cost. I can’t wait to surprise him with little things. :)


These are adorable! I love the idea of leaving a sweet note somewhere random. My husband and I have a quirky little joke we play where we peel the organic sticker from our fruit or veggies and randomly place it somewhere fun when their not looking. It’s a small act of love but romantic. I love thinking of the fun little things we started doing when we were dating <3
xoxo Annejelina

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I love all of these! The one about the coffee seriously got me! SO perfect.

xo, Juliette Laura

I love all of those gestures! This post was perfect for me to read today especially because my boyfriend is super stressed from work! I will have to make sure I have pancakes (his favorite) ready for him when he gets back from his trip! Thanks a lot for the inspiration!!!



So perfect for Valentine’s day! Thank you, I am inspired.


These are great tips for showing your love in a meaningful way. I love that none of these things are about money or how ostentatious the gifts are.


my grandparents still leave sweet little notes around their house. I think its my favorite thing about visiting them. seeing that they still love each other and still put in an effort. it melts my heart.


I leave my husband a little sticky note on the mirror almost everyday. Sometimes its just an “I love you” sometimes its about something that happened that day, and other times when I know he needs some isnpiration I will leave an uplifting message. I know he really enjoys my little messages, plus it reminds me to take a moment each day to think about my husband (especially when our schedules are busy). And I’ve found that the more messages he gets the more he thinks of me too and does little things to show his love in return.