Song of the Week: “Busman’s Holiday” by Allah-Las

I’m a sucker for rock n’ roll. Raised by a father that used to manage rock bands in the 60’s and 70’s, my ears and feet gravitate towards the sounds that emulate Summer of Love in California. The Allah-Las are my favorite “nowadays” group, that still delivers the timeless classic rock I was raised on as a child. These guys are the road trip’s best friend – blast on high with windows down and best friends in tow. They give us all an eternal feeling of summer on the beach, surfing in the early mornings, and driving to nowhere in particular… just because.

This video for “Busman’s Holiday” paints a vivid picture of California in the summer (mmm, fall… winter… and spring, too), and hailing from Los Angeles themselves, they know it well…. it’s genuine real deal. Ok. Ready to go….anywhere, somewhere, everywhere…

Check out their entire album here.





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