Spring 2014 Trend Forecast

Winter only just began, so it’s hard to believe that in the fashion world we’re already thinking spring.  But the New Year brings with it a lightness, and the deep jewel tones and shine of the holiday season give way to palette of crisp whites, blush tones, and the return of bright colors.  It’s a rebirth, in a sense, and with that rebirth comes a whole new season of fresh fashion trends.  There are several trends we’re very excited for 2014, and today we wanted to highlight three of our favorites that we’ve resolved to take on in the new year.  This year, we’re promising to, among other things: tuck it in, take it easy, and bare a bit more :).  Take a look at some gorgeous illustrations depicting each trend and learn about the inspiration behind them from our fashion director!

spring 2014 trend forecast

What inspired this trend?

We’ve been in such an oversized top and tunic phase lately that when some of our more forward girls in the FP offices started switching to shorter length or slim tucked-in tops, we all took notice. It looked so current yet so easy and effortless. We got so excited to design into this, taking inspiration everywhere, from 1970’s Celebrity icons to re-imagining Mexican embroidered blouses in new lengths and proportions.

Which Free People girl do you see wearing this trend?

The key to this one is picking the boxy, blousey top that will end right around the waistband of your pants, or choosing a top that’s long and slim enough to tuck into your favorite jeans. Either way, the idea of seeing waistbands or belts as part of your outfit is the essence of the look. We definitely have this look covered for all girls this season!

Shop the look: Tuck It In

 spring 2014 trend forecast

What inspired this trend?

We started seeing a lot of images on social media of beautiful girls wearing really strappy back tanks and dresses, low armhole tanks with strappy bras peeking out, or showing a bit of skin with shorter tops. We all instantly wanted to integrate this into our own wardrobes as it felt so fresh and new, so we knew our customers would be craving it too.

Which Free People girl do you see wearing this trend?

I think any of our confident girls can integrate this look into their spring/summer style. The key is layering so you feel comfortable and bring along a hoodie or cardigan to throw on top when it gets chilly.  

Shop the look: Bare a Bit More

spring 2014 trend forecast

What inspired this trend?

I absolutely love this trend as I’ve always been into softer, fluid pants. This was inspired by the idea of how many ways we could interpret this concept to give all of our customer types new outfit choice. It really updates your look because you can pair them back to your favorite tops, but gives you a completely new silhouette. Plus they are SO comfortable you won’t want to wear anything else.

Which Free People girl do you see wearing this trend?

We’ve created so many choices this season; patterned and textured styles that will be the perfect fit for Meadow, some trouser and utility versions that Lou will love, and feminine lace and cut-work options for Candy. 

Shop the look: Soft Pants & Easy Tees

And lastly, out of these three trends, do you have a personal favorite, and why?

They are all favorites for me because they are fresh outfitting ideas that will give us new ways to have fun with getting dressed everyday! these trends are not about a certain era or type of girl, so you can keep the essence of your personal style but integrate these new details and silhouettes.

More fashion inspiration from the BLDG 25 Blog.

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I’m already now loving these trend forecasts and very excited about spring and summer! :)


Absolutely love these trends! I’ve already started incorporating some!

xo, Juliette Laura

I am all about baring a bit more. Hello, warm weather. :)


LOVE seeing the tucked in look! I’ve been stuck in tunic phase for quite some time. Tucked in looks more fresh now.

can’t wait for it! <3

Great trends!!!

I’ve been in looove with the loose tanks and strappy bras! I can’t wait for the warm weather again to try out that trend for myself!

I love the relaxed feel to these trends. Excited for Spring!

I love these trends. Especially the tucked in look!


I can’t wait for the new spring styles to come in! Its so interesting that designers are planning spring styles so early! Love them!


Pauline Taylor

Jillian of course….Jillian wears strappy bras..onstage and off.


The tuck-it-in look drawing with the denim shirt, shorts and the hat is sooo 70’s Jane Birkin!! Love!

oh how I love to be caught wearing free people clothing styles. everywhere I go I get complements on my style and I have to say it all free people from head to toe. Most people say I know but I love the way you style it.. I love to be caught in free people clothing because if I wasn’t I would be without clothes. My whole wardrobe is free people I am addicted to it from my first purchase of a $99 pair of pants that I still rock. I never cared about brands but now I am FP… Read more »

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Love these illustrations!! I need some prints of these in my closet area! I’m excited to try the drapey tanks and strappy/lacie bras this year. I sort of fell in love with it last year but was too late to the game to start wearing it…slash I was a little hesitant because it shows more skin than I am accustomed to. I’ll definitely play with these looks and pair them with my favorite Spring accessories! (see below!)


Kirstann Scaife

I am so ready for spring and summer. Ready for shorts. Tank tops and T-shirts. I’m sick of Jeans and Sweaters. Please Spring. Hurry up!!

So nice! ;-)

awesome style i love it…

I love all of these styles! Of course like all free people clothing will look great with sandals or spring boots