Trust Your Gut

It’s a phrase you’ve likely heard many times throughout your existence, and it’s one that I feel should not go forgotten: Trust your gut. Life throws all different possibilities in our direction every moment, and sometimes the choices we make just can’t be decided on reasoning alone.

You know that little feeling in your gut that, when a possible choice is presented to you, somehow urges you to either do it or not do it, regardless of what your brain may think? Oftentimes that feeling is so strong that it can totally go against all logic. But it shouldn’t be ignored. With around 100 million neurons, the gut is referred to as the second brain by many.

Have you ever had a gut instinct to avoid a certain situation, and then later found out that if you had been in attendance, you would have experienced something pretty unpleasant that popped up? Or have you ever just felt that you needed to do something, beyond any real reasoning, so you did it – and it ended up being one of the most positive experiences in your life? For me, personally, I feel that gut-instinct situations seem to hold value more often than not. So from now on… I’m going to listen to what mine has to say.

The next time you get that little feeling in your gut… that little tingling, twinge, or butterfly-esque feeling that urges you to go one way or another, try not to overpower it with thought. Let it in, let it simmer, let it be. Pay attention to it, and let it weave itself through whatever you may be experiencing in your mind. Your gut may just be smarter than you think.


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  1. I really love the photos that are in this article. I believe a woman intuition is such a power thing and 99% of the time it is correct with every situation in life.

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