Vintage Decor Heaven

Vintage decor. These words together make my heart flutter in an instant — they always have. There’s just something so alluring about the way things were.

The way things looked: different. The way things were made: different. The colors, the materials, the typography: all totally different. When I find a spot that houses these things, I can’t let it get away. And that, you guys, is Jinxed. This place is overflowing with incredible antique eye candy from all different places and time periods. It isn’t just filled with everything you can think of… it’s got everything you can’t, as well. Here’s what it’s like to step foot into this piece of vintage decor heaven.

Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

There were many many old Polaroid cameras for me to feast my eyes on. Yum.Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jana spotted this old chemistry set my favorite piece we saw all day. How cool?!Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

There were so many vintage photographs, which are incredible to look at. Immediately you’re taken away to another world… another world which you know nothing about. It’s totally left up to the imagination.
Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Vintage Yahtzee! Look at the colors on that box. <3Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

I love love love old tins, like this ground cloves tin. I also couldn’t get over this “Harmonic Snapshots” booklet, which was filled with bits of sheet music.

Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

It doesn’t really get any better than a vintage typewriter. One day I’ll snag one for myself.Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

I am so in love with the cover of this sewing book. The image, the colors, the typography… it all just tugs at my heart.Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jinxed - Fishtown, Philadelphia

Jinxed has three locations in Philadelphia, and if you’re in the area, you must check them all out! Want to know something else that rules about them? They post some of their best gems on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr multiple times a day. Just be the first to call, and that treasure will be yours for purchase!

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Really love vintage/antique furniture. It is always way better quality than new stuff & has much more style.
Everything except my mattress is has history.

Roxy xox


was that a chair made of bones?! god this place is awesome…. even though i don’t live in philadelphia, i’m still gonna follow them haha

Love this! Especially the chemistry set and the photographs. Old photographs can really capture you in a moment. I love to create a story for them whenever I go to a vintage shop – it’s a nice little escape from the “real” world.

Love this, my entire house has some sort of vintage or thrift item in it. I love taking an unwanted item and giving it new life by reusing it or repurposing it.

Oh my god this IS heaven.

This place looks so magical! I love vintage shops! When I was in Florida last summer my sister and I visited a ton of vintage shops because I was on the lookout for a vintage surf board..didn’t end up with a surf board but did take home some vintage skeleton keys. I have an old typewriter that my mom has had forever and I love everything about it..I actually use to play with it when I was younger, and the best part is it still works!!

love this!


Like all the fp things, I LOVE this and the shop seems amazing. It has so much character and everything has it’s own story. I adore the things posted on this blog and love looking to see what is the new thing on but I live in England and where I live I hardly ever see these amazing places so it’s great to find somewhere with so much inspiration!!! <3


Laela- The Lanes in Brighton have amazing secondhand stores. Snoopers Paradise is my absolute favorite vintage/thrift store ever, I only wish I was able to ship things back to America when I was there. It’s worth a trip to Brighton if you want to go to a great vintage store.

I grew up around rag time music, vintage Gibsons, musty leather jackets and closets full of yellowy paper treasures… this strummed my heart strings. thanks freebies <3

Goodness! I am totally in love with that floor runner!! Like Roxy (above commenter), our home is completely comprised of pre-loved items. I love imagining what times were like when all these treasured items were new. Life was so different just 5, 6, or 7 decades ago, and those photographs give us just a glimpse of those times.

Just think about what items from today will be in vintage shops tomorrow…

I’m a sucker for those vintage photos too! There’s definitely something special about being able to look into the past and be there for a moment. Beautiful photography btw!


I totally know some great shops for stuff like this! I am seriously vintage obsessed!!

That store has all the best finds!

This place is amazing. Look at all those goodies. Ugh I would love to have so many vintage pieces in my place. There’s no better decor then the ones that take you back, even to the times you weren’t born in.


Love vintage shops. Wish there were more in my area. I could spend hours there!

So incredibly gorgeous! Wonderful shots! Its so funny because I LOVE taking photos and I was planning a trip to a local antique shop to take photos just for fun. Thank you so very much for the wonderful creative inspiration!

Wow!, great post! Is this place amazing or what? I think going inside is like stepping into a different time or dimension. I would have to say that going in there will be an adventure waiting to happen. I’ll have to tell my friends from Charleston SC Contractors about it, since a lot of their clients ask them about shops where they could buy antiques to decorate their home with. This seems like the perfect place. What adds to its charm is the fact that the shop itself looks as vintage as the treasures it contains. The brick walls and… Read more »

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I love the jug in the bottom picture!!

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