Weekend Snapshot

The cold weather is beginning to take its toll.  I find myself daydreaming of summer, sunshine, and tropical escapes…vibrant prints, stacks of gold jewelry, and baring a bit more.  I listen to vinyl by candlelight, letting the music carry me away to warm weather and washed out beaches…

1. We The Free Go West Crop Top

2. In Fashion Pendant

3. Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac

4. Sunchaser Shoeboot

5. Sahara Printed Short

6. Nduramu Njarii Cuff

7. Fundo Cuff

8. Alma Mater Sunglasses

9. Electric Stone Hard Bangle Set

10. Coconut Coffee Body Scrub

weekend snapshot

weekend snapshot

weekend snapshot

How are you all spending your weekend?

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I’ve been listening to that album nonstop for the past couple weeks!

Wishing I could go somewhere warm, but fleetwood is really all i need. Love those shoes!

xo, Juliette Laura


Where is that beautiful tapestry from?

Fleetwood Mac ♥ :)

I wish I could send some of this California sunshine your way! And considering the drought we’re in, we could definitely use a little bit of your snow. (:


I spent it in the RARE Portland sun! Chilly, but bright. Took a 2 hour hike up Powell Butte.




I’m so ready for summer too! Here in the desert it has been sunny but cold, very anticlimactic. I love everything about this outfit comfortable and with attitude, but… I will need the bottom half of that t-shirt too, lol.

Those shorts and boots are TO DIE FOR! Beautiful outfit and pictures!!